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  1. many thanks for all your suggestions. Since the interior is beige Lipari Cellensia, I was a bit hesitant to give it the local car cleaners. I will shop around and see if there is something better. I assume local car valet will probably do a good job, if not better than the dealers? the dealer's valet includes both interior and exterior.
  2. Hello everyone Just wondering if anyone had experience using lexus dealer's valet service. I have been quoted approx £120 and they will require a good one day to complete the work. Please let me know your thoughts i.e. is it worth or are there better professionals around kent/london. many thanks
  3. Hello everyone After reading Al's thread regarding the engine tapping noise/rattle, I took my car to the dealer in Kent (T Wells) and explained the situation. They said they have the answer to it - the engine had to come out and be stripped. Its 25hour job and they assured me that the job will be done to perfection.... Thank god, I have the extended warranty...
  4. Exactly the same problem here. Took it to the dealer who said they have to replace the unit. Apparently it costs £900 but he said the extended warranty will cover this. Also if you have an extended warranty, please note that the dealer will say you have to pay for the bulbs (£160) since its wear and tear even though the problem is with the unit. only the unit will be replaced by the warranty. This is not true, speak to the Head of service and they should sort this out...
  5. Hello all I have a similar issue with the dunlop sport maxx - The car came with dunlop sport maxx and I got a good 40k from all four tyres without any problem. I replaced the front ones in January 2009 with the same brand and had to replace them again in August (inner edge worn out - only 10000 miles). I was told its best to keep the same brand since the rear ones were fine. This was all replaced by lexus dealer. I have just realised that both the front ones have worn out again (only 9000 miles)....The centre did ensure that the alignment was done correctly at the time. Surprisingly the rear ones are fine. They were replaced by Kwikfit! I am just wondering if anyone had any thoughts/ it better to change to some other brand?
  6. The new hybrid (I think its the one shown on the website as concept car, yellowish color) is due November 2010. no major changes on the IS yet, but the new hybrid (priced similar to the BMW 1 series) will be out next year (courtesy - lexus dealer)
  7. I recently negotiated the PCP and they refinanced the baloon payment over a period of 3 years. I think you have an option of 2/3/4 years. You can refinance the baloon payment or final value of the car for 3 years(so that monthly payments are less) and by all means return the car after one year without any penalty. (they will calculate the diff between market value and the outstanding finance on the car when you return). The revised agreement gives you the flexibility to return the car without any conditions i.e. no restrcition on mileage..BTW, this was with Lexus Financial Services... Javz
  8. Dear All Many thanks for your response. The car has been regularly serviced by Lexus since new without fail and its the first time I was told that the brake discs need replacement. I missed the point about 'wear and tear' and thought the dealer was trying to recover the costs of the service (he brought it down by £250). Its now been all sorted and probably my fault not trusting the dealer! The extended warranty can be taken any time, even if there was a lapse between the two policies. For peace of mind and the unexpected rattles, I think its worth it.
  9. Dear All I have just given my car for 60k service. Negotiated hard to get the cost of the big service down however I was told I need to replace the front brake discs and pads; its below the minimum/legal limit. I got a final price of £310 all inclusive for the discs/pads - this is the first time I had to replace since I bought the car (new) couple of questions: a) Now, my warranty has expired and with all the issues with Lexus (rattles, recalls etc) I am planning to take the extended warranty. Going through the forums, i realise that the warranty covers brake discs? I havent taken the extended warranty yet, but was wondering if its best to take that on Tuesday and claim the brake discs work through this. The only problem is that I have already paid for the brake discs on Saturday. Is it possible that I buy the warranty and claim it back if i speak with the dealer? B) Suede Interior - Lexus charge £120+VAT for professional valet service whereas the Car cleaning specialists up the road charge £60. However I was not sure about the local cleaners with the suede interior. What do other members think? Sorry if this has been covered before. Many thanks in advance. many thanks
  10. Hi there Here it is... As expected, he was critical - but I went ahead and bought mine just after the review and the same color!
  11. sorry to deviate - but can anyone tell me how much would a 60k service cost for IS250 sport (3yr old). I have been given a quote for £540 from Lex Twells. I think thats a bit too much.... thanks in advance
  12. Matt Speak to Noel or Andy at Lexus TWells...they are very helpful
  13. Matt I realise you live in Kent. If you are near T Wells, take it to Lexus TWells. They are pretty good and I dont see any reason if the car is still under warranty. When I bought mine, I was there with my IS250 every fortnight!
  14. Hi there Yes, it was 25k exactly and the contract had a Voluntary termination clause in it...
  15. Hi there - I financed for 25k, this was during June 2006 (3yrs) and I had the option of terminating it after 50% was paid, (which I did) the exact figure was stated on my pcp.
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