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  1. The book does say 10 years or 100k, but this was revised due the fact that belts were waering very thin by that time, to the point that it was rather risky. Hence why I think that a lot of dealerships now should be quoting 6 years or 60k. I had mine done at 7 years and 55k. And yes the service was pricey at £550.
  2. I lost my dad in january due to prostate cancer. It was all very sudden.
  3. Ok, but how many were Is 300 sportcrosses ?
  4. Has anyone noticed the recent drops in px ex values for the old shape IS ? I checked parkers only last month for mine, and this week it seems to have dropped the price by around £1k. I was wondering if this is due to; 1) new reg out, 2) recent talk of higher road tax prices or 3) There are more IS220/250 now on dealer forecourts and people would rather have a new shape as opposed to the old shape ? I guess all of these factors are hitting used prices hard. I spoke to my local dealer who is now trying to not stock too many used old shape IS cars. Your opinions please ?
  5. Hi all, Due to a 3rd child on its way, my much loved IS300 has to go. Any of you with kids know too well that you can't get 3 baby seats in the back of the car. Which is a right royal pain :tsktsk: So she has to go.... The car is an Is300 sportcross, on a 52 plate in blue with black leather. It's done 45k miles, with full dealer service history. The water pump was changed under warrenty late last year, and whilst that job was done the cambelt was replaced also. So any new buyer won't have to worry about that. All the history can be verifed with my local dealer. The car has everything fitted under the sun, and also has the optional DVD sat nav fitted. It is standard, so no mods of anykind. Apart from light curbing to the front alloys and a parking ding in one door ( thanks to some dunce who opened his door into mine in a car park and then left promptly ), it's all clean and drives like it should. If anyone is interested then pm me and we can discuss it further. Cheers.
  6. Hi all, I'm looking to sell my IS300 sportcross soon and was wondering how much to pitch it in at. The car is in very good condition, has covered 45k miles, full lexus service history, DVD Sat Nav as standard with all the usual mod cons. Its on a 52 plate and I've owned it for 2.5 years, no prangs etc. Due to the soon to be arrival of baby number 3, I need somthing that can take 3 baby seats in the back now If anyone can let me know roughly what to expect as a private sale, and how much to haggle for if trading it in, that would be great... ... even better if one of you reading this is actually looking for one Thanks.
  7. Just a quick question. I had the rear tyres on my car replaced on the weekend. So whilst the wheels were off I had a quick look at the brakes. It seems to me the pads are low and need replacing. I've replaced them on most of my other cars so, is it really simple to do ? Looking at the caliper it looks as if there are two bolts that need to be taken of, I then presume the caliper slides off. Replace the pads with what looks like shims, grease with copper grease and compress the piston ? Then re-assemble and bleed ? Any gotchas that I need to keep in mind ? Are mintex pads good enough ? Also, does anyone know what size the wheel nuts are.... my torque wrench didnt fit it, so I need to get the correct size bit for it. Thanks.
  8. They are nice to drive.. and practical...
  9. I have a possible answer. My Is300 suffered with the same issue. Mind you it would sit in the garage a few days at a time before I would use the car. The battery was checked as were the electrics and they all came back ok. So... for the last 3 months I have been using 97 ron petrol... and guess what... first time starts everytime, even if the car hasn't been used for a few days. ... try a higher octain fuel, it might be the answer.
  10. Is that right ? 300 miles equates to 20 mpg ?
  11. An interesting post. Please DO NOT assume that mosques are actually run like that all over the uk. Some may have extremist views, but, many do not. A pity that dispatches decided to highlight this particular one, and seemed to ignore all of the others. A lot of mosques now have second/third generation people running them who are born and bred here in the uk. Things are certainly not as bad as they are shown. As for leaflets etc. Loads of organisations do hand them out... and unfortuantley breed on the propaganda wagon ie Iraq, Palastine etc. Many ignore them, some don't.
  12. As with most things... someone always comes along and says the opposite ! I had the Bluevisions but swapped them for the Silvervisions. They were far better, to me anyway.
  13. Not impressed. Stopped for shopping in a parking bay, left the wife and kinds in it as I popped into the shop and guess what A superstar reverses his people carrier into the back of the car. Towbar hit the bumper and made a small mark in it, about 50 pence piece in diameter. Guy was apologetic etc. He doesn't want to go through the insurance company and wants to pay for it. :tsktsk: So i'm wondering what to do. If I claim on the insurance I'll have something on the records for the next 500 years. Or get someone like Chipsaway to sort it out and get him to pay for it ? What do you guys think ?
  14. My old IS200 sport did it. Under warrenty the release bearing was replaced...and they did the clutch whilst they had it in bits :D You might find that it's noisey first thing and after a good run it's less so.