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  1. I agree. If I am leaving it somewhere like an airport for a few days, I use a steering wheel lock, but otherwise I don't worry unduly.
  2. Another vote for CrossClimates. Miles better than the previous Dunlops both in terms of noise and grip.
  3. Welcome to RX ownership. As I am sure you're discovering, they are a nice way to travel. 31.4 is my average mpg over the last year or so, so you ought to fall nicely within your expected range.
  4. I use one too, prevention being better than detection.
  5. Welcome aboard, the RX is a fine choice and I am sure you'll not regret it. I have a solution to the short journey to the station problem.................. leave the RX on the drive where it's safe, the diminutive toy motor is my station hack:
  6. Welcome aboard, nice car.
  7. I bought my RX Premier from Cambridge about 16 months ago. If you are talking to Charles, give him my regards. He is a star and it was unfortunate that he was on leave the day I was supposed to have collected my car. Upon his return, Charles really sorted stuff out for me when some of his colleagues were, shall we say, less than effective and certainly not very customer focused - a surprise at a Lexus dealer. Funnily enough, it is the only time I have ever not had a feedback questionnaire after a dealer visit and I have had Lexus cars since 2006. Exceptionally poor hand over experience aside, the car itself is perfect. Mine is a 62 plate and has been totally problem free, as I would expect.
  8. I've had my 2013 model (62 plate) RX450h Premier about 15 months now and still love it. My criteria were fairly particular (proper opening sunroof, black interior and anything but silver outside) which limited the options to Premier and Advance models, with only the premier having the air suspension. Like BlackCat, I did the research and concluded that the problems were much much less with later models, so went ahead. I got 3 years warranty with my car: 15 months in, I've not used it which probably isn't a surprise.
  9. Exactly what I did to mine this afternoon, having worked out it wasn't going to change itself (and forgotten what I did back in the Spring when we went the other way). It's not very intuitive though, and I am sure it'd not be too hard to design it so that it could change itself.
  10. Gen 3 RX, 1300 mile holiday in Scotland at 31.6 mpg overall, which includes 2 x 450 mile days there and back. The car's on Michelin CrossClimates at 33psi.
  11. That's a very kind offer, but the RX is just perfect for me at present.
  12. Welcome aboard! Enjoy your new car. Derby is my local dealer and I have been generally very impressed since I bought my first Lexus from them in 2007. However, to get my current RX450h, i did the opposite to you - it came from Cambridge.
  13. That's not great. I've been in to Lexus Derby today, only becasue it's MOT time. Fresh coffee when I dropped it in this morning and the car's come back washed and hoovered inside for no extra charge. All with the usual friendly service so I am very happy with Lexus Derby today. I hope they sort things for you.
  14. I too wished there was an estate version of the IS. had an old model IS300 Sportcross, which I loved, but the replacement wasn't obvious: CT200 - too small IS300h - pitifully small boot and impossible when you have to transport an elderly parent's wheelchair NX300h - too new and out of my price range at the time. RX450h - probably bigger than I wanted, but I have grown to love the car.