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  1. Naturally. Neither of them is getting much use at the moment though.
  2. There was a cat theft just a few doors away from me one night last week. Strangely, the 3RX on their driveway was untouched, but their 51 plate Yaris had its cat cut off. Later the same evening, there was another attempted cat theft 2 streets away, but it seems that the miscreants were disturbed since no theft occurred on that occasion. Very worrying.
  3. Yes and yes. Certainly the compressor starts if it's been left a few days, and it's especially noticeable while everything is quiet before the engine starts. The other place I occasionally notice it is if I have to stop at traffic lights at the end of a motorway slip road. Remember that at higher speeds, the air suspension lowers the ride height to improve the aerodynamics. So if you stop very shortly after a higher speed cruise, the engine won't be running either but the compressor needs to run to bring the ride height back up to normal. All that said, what you are describing d
  4. Like Steve, I ended up with a burgundy coloured 3RX (actually it's code 3S0, Garnet Red) with the black interior which is very smart, if somewhat dark. I don't think there was another red colour for the 3RX anyway. My SC is Mesa Red (paint code 3R1) and they are very different colours.
  5. Just wondered about the significance of the Manx flag.We are over there every year visiting relatives & holidaying.

    A thing of the past now with this damned covid & the island closed to visitors.GUTTED.

    Good taste displaying that.👍👍

    1. Ian M

      Ian M

      Manx family here, although living in England.  I haven't been back on The Island since early March either. 


  6. I too am a Crossclimate fan, they're on both my cars. Interesting article, but I am struggling with this bit: "It also argues that in many places emergency braking is carried out in dry conditions. For example, citing Met office data, it points out that in London, roads are dry for 71% of days per year (106.5 days)." When I was at school, there were 365 (or sometimes 366) days in a year. 71% of that is about 259 days. Someone's got their figures wrong somewhere.
  7. "Meets Lexus standards" sounds like the first email response. I'd pick the phone up and talk to the salesman, then consider going in to see him and the sales manager so they can see the car and understand your concerns. I certainly wouldn't be emailing head office just yet.
  8. Too late, the Ford Anglia (Harry Potter Special Edition) has already claimed that title.
  9. I see the ad has disappeared. Have you done the deed?
  10. Correct, it is Matador Red Mica and I have just looked on line to confirm it's 3R1.
  11. Can't remember and it's pouring with rain, so not going out to the garage to check just now. ☔
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