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  1. I see the ad has disappeared. Have you done the deed?
  2. Correct, it is Matador Red Mica and I have just looked on line to confirm it's 3R1.
  3. Can't remember and it's pouring with rain, so not going out to the garage to check just now. ☔
  4. This one has just popped up literally the other side of the city from me. It's silver but it's a face-lift with a cream interior and very low mileage. May be of interest. https://www.cargurus.co.uk/Cars/l-Used-Lexus-SC-430-Derby-d3399_L965137#listing=143594238
  5. I've had mine about a year now, and spent the previous year looking. Condition apart, my two criteria were not silver or grey outside and not black inside. There are very few which meet both criteria. My only real complaint is that, being a 2009 car, mine has ridiculously high road tax (It’s worked out at about 16p a mile over 12 months, which is more expensive than the insurance!) Good luck with the hunting.
  6. Not for sale! It's done a load more miles now lockdown is easing a bit and on a couple of occasions I have had to put the roof up just to keep the sun at bay.
  7. That is a secret I'd love to hear about, along with raising the rear windows with the roof down (which so far as I am aware isn't actually possible, but you may know better).
  8. I had to google that. No, it appears that Last Tango in Halifax (which I have never watched) involves an IS250C, but in a similar colour combination.
  9. No, it's Osmaston Park in Derby
  10. It's actually not a bad spot to park, the car park has a very gentle slope down towards the store and there is only one space above my car at the top of the car park. My 'dynamic risk assessment' reckons it's about the best option. Just under 4 miles round the ring road is hardly a pleasant trip out, but it's the best we can get these days.
  11. The current tank of fuel is 8 or maybe even 10 weeks old, I really can't remember now and all it's done in that time is a few shopping trips - 38.2 miles, averaging 18.8 mpg according to the on board system. 😭 4.3l V8s weren't really designed as shopping cars. Shame we're not allowed to go anywhere more interetsing.
  12. The sat nav in the SC is pretty poor and I confess I haven't used it in anger yet. But most of my SC driving is for pleasure and accurate navigation is either by proper planning with a good old fashioned paper map or simply not required - getting a bit lost is all part of the fun. On the other hand, the Sat Nav in my 3RX (which is a 2013 model so several generations newer than the SC) is quite straightforward.
  13. Gen 3: water pump replaced under the extended used car warranty at 50k miles.
  14. Cheers, when I was looking, my main criteria was 'not silver' but was quite flexible on other colour combinations. When I saw that one appear on Autotrader, I absolutely loved the colour and interior so rang the garage. Unfortunately, it had already been sold. A week later, the garage rang me to say that the guy buying it hadn't managed to get ahis loan in place and was I still interested? Deposit paid over the phone, I took a train trip iwn to the west country a few days later, had a good look round the car and drove her home. The following week, my friendly local mechanic put it up on his ramps and pronounced it perfectly fine, which was good news. Since then, she has had 4 new tyres and been in to Lexus Derby for the airbag recall but otherwise given 3k miles of trouble free motoring. A touch more V8 burble wouid be nice, but that's my only observation. So far as I can tell, the only people who knock them are those who have been unduly influenced by Jeremy Clarkson.
  15. I bought mine last summer as a second car alongside my RX. It's an '09 with now 68k on the clock. It had the cam belt and water pump done when I bought it and since then it's done nice day cruising but also some horrible wet winter motorway trips for various reasons - not what I planned but it performs brilliantly at that too. I'm really pleased.