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  1. Just to be clear, this is not the position. My car is to go back in 6 months for a further assessment at which time we will see what the outcome is.
  2. That looks like a gorgeous car, and as someone who only recently became the owner of an SC, I congratulate you on your purchase.
  3. It's steady red whilst the roof is moving.
  4. My thoughts too, and I am not a fan of such a mixed selection either. It now sits on 4 nicely matched tyres, all of which are the correct specification and load rating.
  5. I too am at a loss to see how a water pump problem at 45k miles (as in my case) could be classified as fair wear and tear. Such clauses ought to be applied to things like brake pads/discs, tyres etc - the stuff which is designed to wear.
  6. That is very interesting, David Foster, thank you.
  7. The warranty has another 14 months to run, the dealer wants it back to re-inspect in 6 months, so there'll still be plenty of life left in the warranty then. But you're right, next time, I will be pushing to get it done.
  8. My RX has been in for a service and MOT today. All fine except that they have reported "slight play in water pump" and quoted me £395 for replacing it. Since my car's still covered under the Lexus used warranty, I asked that the repair be done under the provisions of that warranty, at which point the dealer decided that the correct course of action was to do nothing just yet and to re-inspect in 6 months time, rather than replace it now. Given that I have another 14 months to run on the warranty, I am happy to go along with that for the time being. However, I wondered whether anyone else had had similar issues and came here to check. A quick search doesn't reveal anything. My car is a 62 plate, with just 45024 miles on the clock.
  9. Likewise about 32 mpg for me, a bit less in winter but still 30.5 or thereabouts.
  10. Just a quick update, after a fortnight of ownership. The car has been to my friendly local mechanic and up on his ramps. Clean bill of health from him, which is good news. The only issue we spotted was some corrosion on the input to the rear silencer box, but that's not entirely surprising on a 10 year old car so I am not worried. New tyres have been sourced, and with 4 matching tyres, the car runs straight and handles nicely. I have also sourced a new can of tyre goo (the old one was missing) and a couple of carpet clips to replace broken ones on the driver's side. The driver's side windscreen washer nozzles have also been unblocked (not sure how it passed that element of the MOT the state it was in) and new wiper blades fitted. Detailed examination of the bodywork reveals a couple of scratches, but nothing too serious, and a small dent in the bumper just under the rear numberplate. Not sure why I didn't spot that one before I bought it, I guess it's only obvious when the light catches it a certain way. Looking at it, I guess the dent is a parking incident with another vehicle which had a tow ball, it is exactly the right size and height. I will get them all sorted sometime. Driving it with the roof down is great, and since the weather is so good, I have hardly driven it roof up! All in all, very pleased.
  11. 2017? That's not good news for whoever's footing the bill.
  12. The only issue is that the Falken is a W rating, whereas Lexus specified Y for the SC. Not that I am expecting to get above 168mph very often....
  13. I have been to collect my SC today, and after a 210 mile drive home, I have to say I am impressed. Very comfortable on the motorway and, if the on board system is to be believed, I averaged 32.2mpg. I haven't re-brimmed the tank, so that figure hasn't been checked, but it is not bad for a steady 75 cruise up the M5 followed by a stop start crawl up the M42. The car has a full Lexus history until 2 years ago but since the June 2017 MOT has done less than 1,600 miles. It was serviced last week and the cam belt/water pump were done, so it should be good to go. My only minor quibble is that it has 4 different tyres on it, one brand new Falken, one Pirelli with only a few miles on it and two different Dunlops both of which are down to about 4mm.
  14. Cross Climates on mine too. no issues whatsoever getting to/from my dad's house in teh odd snowy days we had last winter. His place is at the bottom of a hill on a suburban estate, hasn't seen a snowplough or gritter in living memory and consequently gets pretty slippery. Fresh snow as not even noticeable, days 2 and 3 is always more fun becasue that's compacted snow and ice, enought to have defeated me with lesser cars, but the RX just wafted up and down with the heated seats on full. Not sure I'd tackle A 2 foot drift though.
  15. I have just taken the step of putting a deposit on my 3rd Lexus and whereas the last 2 have been owned sequentially, the plan now is to become a 2 Lexus household by adding a lovely SC to my RX. The SC is an '09 with ~ 65k on the clock and is getting its cambelt and water pump changed before I pick it up from Exeter next week. Hopefully, the rain will have stopped by then! Very excited about becoming a double Lexus owner!