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  1. Cheers, when I was looking, my main criteria was 'not silver' but was quite flexible on other colour combinations. When I saw that one appear on Autotrader, I absolutely loved the colour and interior so rang the garage. Unfortunately, it had already been sold. A week later, the garage rang me to say that the guy buying it hadn't managed to get ahis loan in place and was I still interested? Deposit paid over the phone, I took a train trip iwn to the west country a few days later, had a good look round the car and drove her home. The following week, my friendly local mechanic put it up on his ramps and pronounced it perfectly fine, which was good news. Since then, she has had 4 new tyres and been in to Lexus Derby for the airbag recall but otherwise given 3k miles of trouble free motoring. A touch more V8 burble wouid be nice, but that's my only observation. So far as I can tell, the only people who knock them are those who have been unduly influenced by Jeremy Clarkson.
  2. I bought mine last summer as a second car alongside my RX. It's an '09 with now 68k on the clock. It had the cam belt and water pump done when I bought it and since then it's done nice day cruising but also some horrible wet winter motorway trips for various reasons - not what I planned but it performs brilliantly at that too. I'm really pleased.
  3. 11.7 hours, according to the invoice they have sent to the warranty company. Plus £151 for the pump and £26 for coolant. Plus VAT, obviously. That 2 year extended warranty has paid for itself.
  4. I agree. Internet forums do give a very distorted view of the world. The fact that it's all been sorted with minimal fuss is the main thing.
  5. Given the state of the roads just recently, it was so filthy I wouldn't have wanted to work on the car unless it got a good wash first. Likewise, I was very surprised that a car with 50k on the clock needed such a repair. The fact that a 2017 RX at 24k miles had needed a water pump does make me wonder whether there is an inherent weakness there. Add in the recent airbag recall on my SC which was done in December, and I have seen a lot of Lexus Derby recently and drunk a lot of their coffee without paying them anything, although I am conscious that Lexus UK will have paid them for all the works.
  6. By way of update, my car went back last week for a further inspection after 6 months, as instructed, and it is now with Lexus Derby again to have the water pump replaced under the extended warranty, no quibble, no problem. Current mileage is just over 50k. They do, however, want it for 2 days.
  7. Another emphatic vote for CrossClimates. Quite, nice ride and good in last winter's snow (not seen any yet this winter!).
  8. First trip of 2020. I might even put the roof down later....
  9. I am going to take a guess: the bottom of the Rest & Be Thankful on the Cairndow side.
  10. The alarm on my SC went off unexpectedly while I was visiting my dad last week. I think the muddy cat paw prints which went from the bonnet, up the windscreen and over the roof were probably to blame.
  11. As others have said, it really is a non-issue. The RX is not at all like a small CVT automatic and while the revs do rise on hard acceleration, it is not intrusive. In fact, I have become so accustomed to the eCVT in my RX daily driver that I now have to recalibrate my brain to cope with driving the conventional torque converter box in my SC.
  12. My car was booked in to Lexus Derby tomorrow and Friday for the airbag job. But they have just rung me to say the parts are on back order and they have no delivery promise. So the appointment is cancelled and will be rearranged once parts are again available.
  13. I find the card a bit too bulky to carry in my wallet, so mine just lies at home in safe storage.
  14. According to Michelin UK, who I rang this afternoon, they will be available in the 235 55 19 XL size from 29 November.