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  1. Imagine my surprise this morning, when I spied an RX on the hard shoulder of the northbound M1. However, it soon became apparent that it was one of five vehicles with flat tyres in a space of only a couple of hundred yards. Unfortunate for the RX driver but understandable - something had obvious happened to cause so many blow outs in such a short distance. Coming back down the M1 this afternoon, I was even more surprised to see another RX, this time a black 57 plate, on the back of a breakdown truck. Hopefully, that's a rare sight. And if you were either of the unfortunate RX drivers, hope everything's soon sorted for you.
  2. Yes, perfectly fine on everything except precast concrete motorway surfaces, but that stuff is ridiculously noisy for any tyres. I'm happy with the Cross Climates.
  3. I came south on the M1 about 2000 last night, it was the first time I have seen Tinsley viaduct completely white, no black surface at all. My RX, on Michelin Cross Climates, felt sure footed and safe the whole trip.
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  5. My car is a 3RX Premier, becasue I did want the sunroof and a black interior. Pretty much every car with that combination was a Premier and I did do a bit of research on air suspension. My conclusion was that the 3RX didn't seem to have any massive problems and generally any issues were sensors rather than the air system itself. So I went for it. The deal I did (my car was a 62 plate with 23k on the clock) got 3 years warranty and I am now 7 months into that with nothing whatsoever having gone wrong and no arising work on its service in January either. It's a great car, I am very happy.
  6. My 3RX on Michelin Cross Climates has really impressed this morning, not even a hint of wheelspin getting up the hill out of my Dad's place and equally composed coming back in down the hill. Very happy. I still haven't figured out how to do a handbrake turn though. 😁
  7. Looking to get a RX 450H

    I too bought my secondhand RX 100 miles away from home, from a Lexus dealer. Mine's a 2013 model, and I had to travel to get the spec and colour I wanted. Even after 6 months in my hands, it's still only at 29k miles. Personally, I would want to establish very clearly what servicing had or had not been done at the sort of mileage you're looking at.
  8. I am quite keen to go and see how the Cross Climates are in the snow..... but there's not that much yet and a G&T before Sunday lunch seems like a much more tempting alternative.
  9. "LEXUS has ditched traditional pedals in favour of steering wheel mounted hand controls on its latest luxury SUV." That certainly qualifies as revolutionary! Years and years of learned reactions would need to be un-learned!
  10. There was a promotion on, which required a claim to be made via the Michelin web site, with a scanned copy of the invoice. All very straightforward. But I can't find the offer now, so I guess it was time limited. The cash back came as a pre-loaded VISA card, so I did 2 £50 fuel stops which seemed the simplest way of spending exactly £100.
  11. No, the price hasn't gone down! I had 4 fitted in mid-November by Extragrip in Nottingham (at your recommendation) and they were £192 per corner (although I did get £100 cashback from Michelin through an offer). I am impressed with the Cross Climates in the wet and greasy which is normal at this time of year.
  12. Mine behaves similarly, but the thing I really don't understand on this thread is why nobody has commented on those fluffy dice. So '70s...........!!
  13. Spot on. I hope the Cross Climates will mean getting out of my dad's place is no problem when it snows. He lives at the bottom of a long but gentle hill which gradually steepens towards the top. It defeats almost anything on ordinary tyres unless it's got next to no power, front wheel drive and super skinny wheels.
  14. Are you sure yours are 20"? My 2013 model RX has just had Cross Climates fitted this afternoon, 235 55 R 19 is the size on my car.
  15. Thanks for the recommendation. I was at Extra Grip Tyres this afternoon to get 4 Cross Climates fitted. As you say, very good pricing and it was nice to deal with an old fashioned local firm. My only slight reservation was that they didn't seem too impressed by my request to refit the wheel nuts with a torque wrench rather than the windy gun. But to be fair, they did do as I asked. As to the tyres, well I have only done the trip back to Derby via the A52 and they certainly seem quieter than the Dunlops which were on before.