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  1. J44Y

    Hi Bezza, Just read your message on the battery issue you had back in April. I am having the same problem now and just wondering what your outcome was. Was it just the battery or did your altnernator have some sort of issue? I have bought a new Toyota battery, just waiting to fit it.

    Kind Regards


  2. What do you think of this one? Item: 120268785094 The guy says he can make one to fit the IS200 size exhaust (80mm?)
  3. I have been advised its the heat shield rattling around. My mechanic is gona bend and fiddle about with it to secure it properly. If it persists then I will change the whole damn thing.
  4. Hi everyone, My Is200 (53 plate) has developed a rattle in the last week under the car from around the front passenger/driver area. Its only after the car has warmed up and done a mile or two, and only when moving and at low speed (10-30mph). Its not loud loud, but if windows are open, you can hear it. There aren't any weird smells coming either. I have asked a few local garages, who have ramped the car up and checked underneath and nothing is moving about physically with the whole exhaust system front to back. One garage, say it could be the gaskets for the manifold and another said it is the cat is knackered and is rattling inside itself. They checked the brakes and it defo isn't them sticking, etc. The car has only done 44k miles. Is it common for a cat to go so early on the Is200? Has anyone else has this same rattle problem arise on there lex? If it is the cat, I'm probs looking at bucks to sort. I'm getting no lights or anything flashing, which when I did a search on the forum said may come up on the dash. Any advice peeps?
  5. My routine was : Washed with a basic turtlewax shampoo (2 bucket method with a meguiars wool mit and a bug sponge for the front end, big bugs are out now its warm :( ), then terry towel (dabbed) dry. After that it was out with a meguiars clay bar using their quik detailing spray. Halfords do the kit for a (unusually) reasonable price Then did the interior (hoover and a dose of 'dry clean foam' which was quite good. That was last week. Today I washed again, then used the quik detail spray with the microfibre included to remove an streaks. Then gave the whole car a going over with the cleaner wax sample thats included in the kit, which i was impressed with, went on and came off really easily. All polished by hand. For the glass i used Autoglym glass polish, which I find always works a treat. Going to borrow my brothers mop in a few weekends and try for a de-swirling treatment. I am gona get a few basic bits for cleaning and have a go at this. Will let you know how I get on.
  6. That is looking very neat. Which particular products did you use? I am completely baffled as to what to go out and buy to get the same results. My car is the same colour as yours... but cant stand the swirls on mine!
  7. I found it on Yahoo when I started looking for a lexus a few months back
  8. LoL. I thought so. I will try and get hold of a new basket from somewhere.
  9. This is what I found where I believe the boot light is meant to go. Picture attached
  10. Yup, the car is a 53 plate with the TTE trimmings. Looks like yours but in Strathcaron Blue. I have asked a couple of the peeps breaking there cars on the forum for the part probably connects to the plug which holds the bulb in place.
  11. Nope, no cage. Just a small wire with a plug on it which I pulled out of the hole which is just hanging now.
  12. Nothing at all. Is there something that needs to connect to it, holding the bulb in place or should a particular bulb slot straight in to it, bearing in mind that it is just dangling loose.
  13. Just went to check in my car and all I found was a small grey plug!
  14. Ok thanks. That will be much appreciated. Jay :)
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