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  1. Hi Everyone, I have had my Lexus IS200 for 18 mths now, it has been a nice car so far. Yesterday when driving I started to hear a water sound coming from the dash, then sure enough the smell of radiator water. Doing the right thing I stoped by a car shop to have a qoute, needless to say $$$$ouch just for the labour. I was once in the auto trade myself and wasn't happy to be screwed, so DIY. I looked online but found little info on how to change it, and the info I did find told of stories of having to remove the dash etc. NOT TRUE!! It took me 5 mins to remove and 45 mins to install. Here is how you do it: Tools required: phillps head screw driver Torch or some form of light Pliers Hacksaw Hose the same dia as the heater hose 4 hose clamps Proceedure: Removal 1. In the engine bay, Losen/remove both hose clamps on heater hoses. 2. Disconnect Both heater hoses (if they are stuck on try to twist them). 3. In the cabin, Remove the pannel below the stering wheel (three screws), then dissconnect fog lights, dimmer, air temp senor and unlatch bonnet cable. 4. Remove the 3 screws (these hold the heater and the heater pipes in place). 5. Slide the heater out, as it is broken anyway just yank the pipes out, they will bend very easy. note: you may want to have some rages on hand to catch any water that comes out of the matrix or pipes. Install 1. On the new Matrix, cut the frist pipe (higher pipe on matrix). Make the cut in beetween the two mounting positions on the straight section. Be gentle and take your time. 2. On the new Matrix, cut the second pipe (lower pipe on matrix). Make the cut before the mounting position on the straight section. Be gentle and take your time. 3. Cut two lenghts of hose and install both on the matrix side of the pipe. Be gentle when installing. 4. Place losely two hose clamps on each hose, fasten the clamp close to the matrix. Keep in mind the positioning of the clamps for easy access later. 5. Gently side the matrix into place. You may need to rotate the pipes to clear everthing for a smooth entry. 6. Once in place, re-latch (screw up) the frist mount and tighten. 7. Starting with the lower pipe (it goes throught the top hole in the firewall), once though the top hole insert it into the hose to connect it to the matrix. 8. Once in the right position tighten both mount for that pipe and also second hose clamp. 9. repeat above step but though the lower hole in the firewall. 10. In the engine bay, reconnect hoses and hose clamps. 11. Top up water. 12. In cabin, re-install pannel below steering wheel. 13. Start car, top up water again Note: it is allways a good Idea to check no water is leaking from the re-installed pipes and matrix Done.
  2. Do you mean the front light in the haed light *****, or on the fender? Don't do it in the rain!!! this only adds to the fustration!! Who the hell Designed this!!!
  3. Why a sports grill......... I would go for a 2JZ twin turbo hahaha. But I i live in Hong Kong, no where for the speed haha. Could be an easy swap
  4. I am going to try to hook up the new head unit using the existing amp, wish me luck. Ibby, if you can use the orignal wirring it would be better and save alot of time.
  5. I just had a look at the pics in now it is alot clear, The Amp bypass lead does bypass the amp, I remember reading in somone post that it doesn't bypass the amp only the "air" inbetween the amp and the head unit. but what this lead does is just takes the speaker connections from the amp. the outputs from your headunit run dirrectly to the speakers and not through the amp. Correct me if I am wrong
  6. I live in hong kong, most poeple when selling their car leave it as is, I not talking about a full custom install, just a new head unit. If I can soilder it into the existing harness it shouldn't take to long, It is just a matter of knowing how the speaker wires connect on the "bypass cable"- Most aftermarket head units have a +ive and a -tive for each speaker, while with the standard only seems to have +ive imputs, and a shared earth
  7. If i can find an easy way I will post it up!! save any wasting money on the lead, if it is not nessasary
  8. OK well i might be able to help as i did actually make my own one back in 2006 before they were made and distibuted by another company, it is reletivly simple to there is a quick root, if you have the existing AMP still assuming you do Open the AMP up unsolder the big connector block as this is the one that conects to the speakers inside the car, i think from memmory that each pin is marked on the PCB so you can make a note here and remove the pins you dont need the only additional thing you may want to do it piggy back the rear speaker wires on to the WOOFER wires on this connector as you can imagine standard headunits out put front and rear at speaker level but no sub i do have the wiring list at home in a file so i can tell you which wires go where later if this will help as you have the wiring diagram already you might get this done before i get a chance to open up my black book That would be great
  9. on the lead, how do the speaker wires join? do all of the -tive go to a single wire? and if so dose the cable use doides. I have the Radio and amp wirring daigram, my question is, the Amp & Radio has only four wires for speakers and what looks like a shared ground wire. So, if I connected all four of the +tive speaker wires to the correct channel wire (on the amp) and the connect all of the -tive speaker wires to the shared ground, would this work?
  10. True it is more easy, but it is Cheaper to make one. If you are ok with a solidering ion it shoudn't be to hard. has any one had a close look at the item on ebay?, or even better dose anyone have one they can make a diagram of?
  11. I have searched, but I have no found a clear answer. best answer so far was: Instead of using pre amp out's can you use the speaker wires (+ive) to connect? and the connect all of the speaker wire (-ive) to the brown wire? Mine is a 2002, so the wirring is differant again
  12. can any one give me a diagram of their Amp bypass cable. I want to make my own. don't mind solidering my wires in. Thanks, I am sure this will help alot of poeple
  13. Ok, if I get a headunit, is there any point of running it though the IS200 amp or should I just get the speaker wires from the amp?