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  1. Well its been a winter of up and downs ups were i got new apex springs on, lightened flywheel and a new clutch too. The downs were a cracked screen during defrost and getting towed to work because of the snow lol. But the winter has backed off and today filled the tank then went out onto the yorkshire moors. Went threw castleton and all the back roads sun out dry roads just brought the smile back i loved it. People say the 200s are underpowered but i think there just right not too slow and not too fast to get into trouble..just right. I got into a valley and the cat back exhaused was exhagerated with a deep rumble spot on. Perfect handling and ride too. Couldnt ask for a better car and its certainly made me want to evolve it over the years to come. overall a brillent day thanks to the lex :D
  2. might look into that pal cheers is it a track day?
  3. the new site layout is ace!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi guys is there going to be any club meets this year apart from the shows? be nice to meet up have a chat and a laugh photo shoot ect :)
  5. looks good so much choice and simple to look through top marks i say!!
  6. did u remove the throttle body off the manifold if so did you se a new gasket they can normally split causing a air leak and a fast idle. You normally get a system lean code too.
  7. very similar to the lexus but the manifold is different also use a hoover to catch the loose carbon dropping into the manifold on clean up because you dont want it getting into the valve ect. But other than that very simple but effective repair for lack of power ect
  8. hi there the screens are bonded in so it will be a new screen as you cant remove them without damaging it.
  9. Its quite normal for the ls to emmit a rich smell on cold start up Its basicly a rich mixture to ensure smooth idle and quick warm up. Hope this helps
  10. hi guys ive mangaged to sort ot a charger off a slk230 which has had a good front end smash at a local salvage yard im going down on saturday to remove it i was just wordering is there anything else that i need to remove with it ie cables or pipework?? Also were would be the best place to get pipework for the setup? Many thanks for you help guys :D
  11. Welcome to LOC mate. My my friends got a red is hes got black powder coated wheels on it with red calipers will try get a pic ov it on here for u. :winky:
  12. there should be a little white sticker under the bonnet saying when it was changed and what milage they come with the timing belt they are normally applied on the front of the engine (camshaft covers) or the front panel Hope that helps
  13. Ormi is right there the same at the end ov the day. I worked on both brands before lexus and toyota seperated its all the same. I sit the same courses as ormi as its the exact same tehnology applied. I work on a joint toyota/lexus site so i understand the difference in labour rates and the way they are one brand at the end of the day. I do know the there are going to be big AFTERSALES changes in lexus next year. And as some of you are aware ther is no more Lexus GB its called lexus division its back to a division of Toyota. But if you want to get lexus service just try ringinging them for ideal price you like to pay i know where i work they do price matching now and its certinly attracted a lot of attension But i dont see any reason not to get your lexus serviced by toyota but its always worth trying a bit of (banter) for a lower price you want. If you ring up and say my cars done for example 30k and its 4 yrs old you will get a fixed (matrix price) But try calling and saying i want to have a custom service then you can say wat you want and what your prepared to pay. Then what happens is the service advisor will get the price of the parts and work out the labour rate to et it into your ideal price range. My works offer this and as far labour rates go the ball will be in your court. :winky: But its totally up to you and what your happy with guys Hope that helped
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