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  1. With out even looking at the link you have answered my post as i imagined. The app needs blue tooth equipment to be plugged into the car. so you need a phone and app and a device to plug into the car. You can buy code readers for a tenner a quick look on fleebay reveals I have one simular to this that i use all the time If a car comes in with an obvious fault i fix the fault and turn the light of using the cheap argos kit as the car doesnt need a full scan and read if its a simple obvious misfire. I also use it on my Range Rover which has a gas conversion and developes lamda faults every few weeks running on gas. So i just lean over plug in turn of and away i go again. edit+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ just looked at your link it appears to do the basics but looking at the reviews it gets very mixed ratings. from doesnt work to very slow and glitches to doesnt work on android phone. When fault finding you need an osiloscope as many times this is the only device that registers fast enough to see things like lambda sensors switching. Be very aware of any code reader as its only as good as its program i recomend any item is bench tested before changing. I also had a quick look for the odb bluetooth kit required the one i saw was $70.
  2. A clutch wont burn out a dmf any more than it will burn out a ss (solid state/one piece/standard) flywheel. The only way i have ever seen a flywheel burn out is due to continued driving whilst the clutch is slipping/worn out or driving like an idiot slipping the clutch therefore causing heat the flywheel wasnt designed for. I Know luc now do a ss flywheel to replace most dmf as they appear to have been failing at high miles. Although i wouldnt recomend fitting one. I have fitted a few on transits with no ill effects up to now they are certainly cheaper and the ford dmf seems to be failing at 60k miles. I have heard horror stories within the trade of the vag group dmf failing on high mileage skodas. Usually taxis, when a dfm is replaced with a ss on these they appear to mess with the varmonics of the engine and snap the crank shafts. this information was given to me by luc themselves at a recent seminar on the dsg gearbox and how to fit/change/and service the clutches on these. Ok back to the lexus as i mentioned on my previous post my lexus doesnt have a dmf, i believe some were fitted with them but i have no reason why one would be needed on a car with so little torque the clutch is perfectly capable of taking up the torque. Mine has doen 175.000 with out a dmf and managed just fine.
  3. Mine doesnt have a dmf. Changed my clutch last year and it deffinatly doesnt have one. If you understand what a dmf is for you will understand that the is200 doesnt exactly need one. A standard clutch is perfectly capable. I belive some where fitted with a dmf though so if you send me your reg number i will check with my suppliers thursday morning. As a mechanic of over 24 years be aware of the above comment of no warrenty if not bought with a dmf. If i had to buy a dmf with every clutch i would find a new supplier. Its not the parts factor that cover the warrenty anyway and i know luc and blue print ,the 2 biggest suppliers of jap parts dont have this no warrenty nonsence. I have, when needed, claimed for faulty parts and labour.
  4. There isnt a phone app to fault code read cars. You need equipment to plug into the car. Either way dont guess what the fault is. At last look theres over 2000 fault codes that can make the light come on. Was the car ok before service ? if so go back and check everything you have done its clearly that. If it was ok before the service my guess would be wrong plugs but dont take my guess as fact
  5. I have hids with dc ballasts. Been on about 2 years other than the first set i had where a ballast died after 2 months i have never had a problem with them. Always have the lights on auto setting as well. Never blown a bulb or anything. Put a sett on my wifes car as well (imported toyota fieldtourer) never had a problem with hers eiither. One bulb has blown cuurrently but never a problem with them. both set where cheap ones from japan as well.
  6. My header tank is always low doesnt leak, the rad never gets low. Your sensor could have been pickign up a bad burn from the car being stood for a few months fuel goes off with time being the post cat one could have been pickign up small faults with the cat. if its of then dont worry about it.
  7. po300 is random miss fire 301 is cylinder one misfire 302 is cylinder 2 misfire and so on so it would seem you have a misfiire on cylinder 2 and cylinder 5. if you have changed to plugs the correct ones not cheap ones then i suggest a you have 2 faulty coils. number 2 and number 5 . easy to check change number 2 coil for number 1 and change number 5 coil for number 4. road test again if the light comes back on and fault codes change to 301 and 304 then its 2 faulty coils. simple as that.
  8. i dont want the full body kit just the front bumper. I have never liked any side skirt for the is it just doesnt look right to me. I have however aquired a 997 front bumper and a spare is bumper now to find a body shop brave enough to tackle the job. Thanks for the pic
  9. Does anyone still have a picture of the 200 with the 997 front bumper it was a white car. I think there was a possibility of a group buy but stumbled over having to buy a full kit.
  10. He hasnt got a traders policy he hasnt even got a policy on his own car let alone one to drive everyone else car. His car his daily driver isnt even taxed it ran out in May. Even if he did it still doesnt allow him to drive a motorbility car for his own use it certainly doesnt make him legal to drive whilst drunk.
  11. The engine management light is not in the mot i am an mot tester ITS NOT IN THE TEST. plain and simple. To issue a fail certificate you have to select a reason to fail of a list. There isnt a box to tick to fail engine management lights. There is no generic "warning light fault" tick box either. You cannot actually or physically fail an mot test for an eml.. Your also incorrect about other warning lights, theres nothing in an mot test about airbag/srs warning lights coming on and going off either. The fail criteria is if "the light indicates a fault" it fails. Theres nothing that says it has to come on in the first place. You cannot fail on on airbag/srs for not coming on. The fail criteria clearly says "light indicates a fault" if the lights not on theres no reason to fail. its also not up to the tester to decide what is and what isnt the test, what passes and fails. As a tester its your job to check that the vehicle meets the criteria set out in the guide nothing more. As i have mentioned before i dont agree with things that are in the test and not in the test but its not up to me to change the rules to suit my own personal thoughts. once again engine management lights are not int he mot test.
  12. My story of getting out of the way of sirens was made public a few years ago so i have had dealings with police mis use of power if thats what it is. I roll 3 feet through a red light making room for the blues and twos and got a ticket for doing so. I was informed "police are highly trained to get round me and i dont have to move" I went to the press and the ticket was thrown away in the end. The copper i moved for was in a rush to the local station as there was a problem with a prisoner. My local station is part time and doesnt have cells but he was going there i saw him going in after i followed him being nosey after the lights changed. Amy way thanks for the links and the pm,s on this topic folks will take action on it.
  13. Its not open to interpritation at all my friend. Please feel free to send me details of anyone or garage that has had a car fail on an engine management light. The rules are very very simple. The engine management light is not in the test. Its not even mentioned. Theres alot of the mot test i dont agree with, things that should be in the test things that shouldnt be but bottom line is rules is rules. Tyres pressure warning lights are in the mot test, but with out a quick look on exact date, only on cars registered after 2012 cant remember the exact date in 2012.
  14. So sorry still no mot light in the test this is copied from your link ............The MOT test now includes a ‘Malfunction Indicator Lamp’ check. This requires the examiner to visually check that warning lights for electronic stability control, safety restraint systems, anti-lock braking systems and tyre pressure monitoring systems are not permanently illuminated. and this is a link to the most upto date testers manuel i can find still nothingn on engine management lights. theres certainly no reason to fail for an eml being on. lill0021 is my mot id number i have been testing 20 years and unless an update came out after 12;30 today the eml light isnt in the test.
  15. Firstly the eml light isnt part of the mot test never has been so ignore that comment. Secondly do no guess as to what is wrong with your car even having the fault code will only give you a rough idea of what the cause of the light coming on. i can saftely say that if you were told its a cat fault the lambda/oxygen sensor, post cat, has detected a fault. theres 3 lambda/oxygen sensor and 3 cats. So which do you change the fault code could would give you a better idea. There could very easily be a small hole in your exhaust after the first sensor, the second sensor could easily pick up unburnt air from this leak and decide it must be a cat fault as the unburnt air shouldnt be there and therefore there must be a burn fault or a cat fault when infact neither would be the problem. Get it checked properly guessing is pot luck even the autodata (at over £800 a year) gives 3 or 4 reasons for every fault code.
  16. Firstly if any copper wants to inbox me for more details please do so. Secondly this is not sour grapes between 2 people its a simple matter of saftey. I work with a lad who currently has no carof his own so has no car insurace. He does however work at he same garage i do so technically has motor trade insurance but only whilst working for the garage. This lad,almost daily,comes to work in some one elses car. His friends, neighbours andeven his aunties motorbility car which he claim he is insured to drive. Nowi am not too clued up on motorbilty cars but i do know that yu can only use the blue parking badges when the person is with you i asume the car is for the disabled persons use and no for family to come and go in. This lad is then driving almost on a daily basis inuninsred cars. Or atleast uninsured for him. On top of all this he drives drunk i mean totaly of his face drunk. He was stoped once at 11 am for driving whilst on his phone he blew 28 on the breathaliser!!!!! 28 at 11 in the morning. He as in a customers car at the time and on compay time so he was insured. Not a good company image is it He drives to the local park afterwork downs 4-5 cans of lager whilst walking his dog he then drives home. Down to the matter at hand I have been to the local police station and given them the reg numbers of all the vehicles he uses i have also told them times and places he will be where he is going what route he will be taking. I told them he will claim to be on the garage insurance which isnt valid for him after 17:30 hours. i also gave them the names of his mates building company he will claim to work for, that he doesnt infact work for. I gave them the details of the insurance cover note he carries with him from his mates scrap yard where he works cash in hand on the weekends so is actually self employed when there as they dont pay his income tax therefore isnt covered as an employee. I have given crime stoppers the same information and yet months after the first report,,,,,,,,,, hes still doing it. I was told to "arrest him myself" then dial 999 ha ha ha I laughed and said why dont you wait at the park at 6 oclock and wait for him but they cant spare the man power for that can they. So if anyone wants to offer a suggestion on how to get the police to do ther job before someone gets seriously hurt give me a shout....
  17. Long story so bear with me. ! I had a litlle bump in January were a young lad on the inside lane of a round about understeered into me. I told him due to the cost of insurance premiums that i would do him a favour and not report it and "if he fixed his i would fix mine" at the end of the day the insurance companies would want to settle 50/50 as it a lane disipline problem and hard to proove who did what. The only people to gain would be legal teams andinsurance companies. Anyway i told the lad to seek legal advice and not just take my word for it. He rang the police who where not interested (rightly so) as no one was injured all they told him was to contact his insurance company which again is all they are required to do. HIs insurance company told him the cost of the repair to his vehicle was less than his excess and therefore he couldnt claim. So he has now gone to an "ambulance chaser" firm with no win no fee policy. Its now the end of september and nothing is settled. I have legal cover on my insurance which is picking up my share of the bill for my "defence" as henow claaims is my fault, i am not bothered what he does. ITs gone to court and the suprise suprise its going to go 50/50 as theres no proof of who did what and who caused it. So my insurane company have issued a counter claim against him. Now here is the joke of the story........ His Legal team sent an inspecter to check and value my car . they value the repair at £1753 ha ha ha its a dented door. Dent master quote £200 My local body shop quoted £350. His company quoted £300 for a door £250 for paint and materials the rest is vat and 17 hours labour ha ha 17 hours to bolt a door on ???. So today i get an offer from his company to settle. I can keep my car and they will give me £450. They correctly claim my X plate is200 with 173000 on the clock is valued at £1000. which despite it being minter than mint with brand new wheels full stainless exhaust and many other subtle mods is again probably right. it is high miles afterall. So with a repair cost of £1753 its a right off. The claim is 50/50 so £1000 minus the scrap value (for me to buy it back of them) leaves me with £450. I then put it in the body shop for £350 leaving me £100 which by the time i have it vic checked because is a right off) £50 ish leaves me with 50 quid for having a dint on my car for what is now nearly 9 months........... as i said right from the start you fix yours i will fix mine the only people to profit will be insurance companies and legal teams
  18. replied to pm mate. your more than welcome and trip i do cave or mine.
  19. As an mot tester myself i m sure its a "real" mot certificate. There are so many stories i could tell you about the mot test done at other garages. I recently checked a car that failed because the rear door didnt open. Rightfully it didnt open but then what else would you expect from a locked door?. Some testers at some garages follow their own set of rules with total disregard for the actual testing guide. Must admit no one is perfect i myself have been distraced during a test and forgotten to carry out the emission test more than once. I was "grabbed" by the cars owner who walked into the workshop as soon as i drove the car of the ramp. But rotten brake pipes and some of the welding jobs i have posted are a joke. Whoo ever it was that asked about the mine if your local to me wil happily take you on a tour. I live in manchester but the best mines are Derbyshire way. One of my hobbies is a caving instructor but i have got into mines recently the history is more" human " than a cave. I have found passages and arrtifacts in my mine dating to 1783. I recently went in the mines in Alderly edge they date back to the Romans in parts.
  20. This is another of my on going battle to clean up the motor trade and make it all a bit more clear,and make people aware of the down and dirty side of what i consider my trade. I recently purchased a Range Rover from ebay usual rules apply you bid and win you buy, i won so i own it. Anyway went to collect the car was all ok and as it had 12 months mot i drove it home. Now being in the trade i should know better, theres mot tests and theres mot tests. This vehicle was tested and passed on 5/4/13. Well last night on the way home from a night in my mine (long story short i own an old lead mine,, its a hobby) the brake fluid warning light came on. I limped the car the 30 or so miles home. Found a petrol station open half way got my hands on some dot 4 and kept the system topped up. On inspection this morrning 4 of the brakes pipes are compleatly rotten one has burst. Now this much corrosion hasnt happened since friday. On ferther investigation today it would appear the car was tested at 6:45 pm. on checing the website of the garage that tested i this is outside their posted opening times. Which int allowed by Vosa. To sum up from someone who should have known better an mot test no matter how newly issued doesnt mean a thing. Always always get a car checked if you by a new one. The car was tested at a garage in Frodsham area of Cheshire if anyone is interested. If your from that area in box me i will pass on full details of the garage so you can avoid it !!
  21. Sorry guys not been getting notifications on this post. The plate was taken off the car as there is/was more corrosion either side of it this year. It took one hit with a hammer and chisel and it fell off. this is what it looked like after i finished with it still not great but better than it was
  22. Great spot steve, open bonnet see damage, assume timing belt fail. The AA guy was cracking of injector feed pipes checking for fuel pressure when he didnt find any he started to bang the fuel tank "to get the fuel pump working" he eventually towed it to my garage after diagnosing a fuel pump fault. I diagnosed a timing belt fault after flicking the key and listening to a total lack of compression. The customer told me the AA man had been turning it over for ages so one quick flick from me wasnt going to damage it any more. The real error is the fuel pump isnt even in the tank so god knows why the AA man was banging on it. Also the direct injection engines have a fuel pressure sensor in the fuel rail if theres no pressure on cranking the fuel system is shut down as the system presumes theres a leak, opening an injector feed pipe will create a leak and shut down the fuel system anyway.
  23. Was a fiat punto. Its from Manchester. Its not the first time i have seen work like this from the same garage. The early puntos are pretty shocking for rust in the floors to be fair but theres no excuse for a repair like this. Theres so many things i see al the time as we are not the cheapest garage in the area many people go to other garages for mot test, i usually get to see them or see/ hear the reports after the test. I reported one garage recently after a major mot mess up. A customer of mine has an Australian kid living with her while hes over here having trials with a premier league football club, anyway he took his car to a local garage who failed in on 3 or 4 items. All warrented and should have failed. They also gave him a massive list of other stuff they felt needed doing. The lad was confused as to what actually needed doing to get it through the mot. Were not talking advisery stuff here either real random stuff like his aeriel was broken. Any way i did what was listed as actual fail items to get him through his retest which of course is free. On the retest they failed the car again on something compleatly non related to what it failed on originally or mentioned on their extended list. The lad of course came back to me again. I checked the item and yes, again it should have failed, but unless a brake load valve can sieze up in 24 hours then it was siezed up at the time of the first test and they missed it. The lad told me that they were now charging him for the second retest as he had used up his free one.!!! Of course i rang them on his behalf and explained an appeal form would be required,, they did give him one along with his second FREE retest. We didnt use the appeals form but i did make a phone call to my local area office and mention they had admitted" missing it" the first time around. Without an appeals form vosa cant officially do anything pretty certain he did go and speak to them though and rightfully so Out of interest the garage was a local main dealer!!! I hate it when i see and here stuff like this in what i consider my trade. I have made my living from it for 23 years would love to clean it up compleatly
  24. Find a decent garage that wont chaneg things that dont need changing. If your air filter was changed last service and its only done 9000kms unless you live in a dusty area it probably wont need changing. Your spark plugs are good for 30,000miles so if changed last service again probably wont need changing afterall they dont wear out doing nothing.ts good to get the car checked out and certainly change your oil you cant go wrong with new oil once a year even if tis just to get the "bits" out of the oil change it. I dont see any reason to throw away perfectly serviceable air filters and plugs though. I have customers who do 1000 -2000 miles a year if the air filter is clean and dry leave it alone, same with the plugs. I havnt had a single customer coming back complaining i didnt charge them for something they didnt need so didnt give them.
  25. Notice the pollen filter box??? yes its for a Lexus theres my Lexus link
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