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  1. Low Fuel Warning Far Too Early

    I guess then that our car has some problems. I would like to ask one thing: do you know by chance if the detection of the low quantity of fuel is detected electronically or through a "mechanical" procedure?
  2. Low Fuel Warning Far Too Early

    Hello, I will ask you too a question: there may an occasion when NO low fuel notice appear? My wife got the new CT200H MY2018, just arrived last month. She experienced that none of the low fuel advice appear? None in the 4" display, none in any other way. I check and infact is true: we realize we was out of fuel because the led bar was at first led.... so we check with board computer an we had only 10 km.! Imagine hat happen if someone is not checking there? In my IS300H I have several advice: when I start the engine, a message appear until I swap for another function, and I have an yellow icon of low fuel on the panel close of the indicator. Do You, as owner of CT200H, receive the advice of low fuel? and How is is the type of message? A sound, a message? Thank you in advance for your time. ps. the dealer say is our fault because we changed some of the settings, but to be honest we have not change anything!
  3. Connected Services Problem

    @Ian J. Parsley any news? Are you on line with the car now? Thanks!
  4. We are arrived at the end of the story. After 24 hrs. from the lawyer letter the system started to work as you seen. The reason of the totally missed reply from Lexus to any of my assistance request (than after the lawyer letter) was really poor "they wrote they had no any iPhone to test". After the letter an incredible customer care machine started. I discover the dealer has a "customer care manager" too! In about three months they never reply, but after the lawyer letter it apper with a lot of redundant words, about how much they care the customer, how much Lexus is advanced, how much they are good. I'm asking: where was they when I just asked a meeting there to show that by my part there was no mistake on the connection set up? Few days after in all Europe the system started to work, another mistake from Lexus Italy: they send me a letter to tell me they have now found an iPhone (that everybody know they are very rare), they wanted to collect my car, keep my personal phone too (!) and make some trials, that will last some days, until the "problem" was discovered This happen after they register the multimedia system on their server, so it was incredible they wanted my car and my phone too, for some days in the dealer, even If they know the problem was not mine but only a simple delay on registration. My lawyer said that the system work in every car located in Europe now. He said they are a little bit late. Also, why they don't just tell me three months ago that there was some delay? Without ignored me, and a simple phone call of 3 minutes they avoided all the problem and to paid lawyer cost. Lexus refund me the cost of the lawyer, with excuses. This is what happen in Italy. By the way, today the system here is down, it worked only until 13:00 CET Now it does not work, even meteo app is down here. "impossible to establish connection ID=D0" Thank you for all the people read this post and contribute with their experiences.
  5. Connected Services Problem

    Sure, it well recognized all over the world that Lexus IT is the worst branch in the world, there's many proof of this. Concerning the situation of the multimedia, believe me, I have try for months to obtain a reliable answer than the usual "non sense" answer like "Dear Kind customer, we are working strong to solve your problem, but unfortunately we have not any iPhone to try" (this is true: I have the email). What I was looking for was just an answer. I never ask them to solve the problem right now. I was always kind, gentle, send them upon request screen shot, informations, they want to see the video of the procedure... then after all that work that involve me for a week, in the good intention to help them, they ignore me. I Just tell them that many of their customers (more topic on this available I thought) has the same problem, and they know it... but prefer to say they don't have an iPhone to try instead to admit they are working, or it was my incompetence, that's offensive after four Lexus IS in 13 years and several premium multimedia systems. But after the lawyer letter, the multimedia system started to connect to the services... So for them it was just a question of few minutes to solve my problem.. but they did not.. very bad. Anyway, I don't think Apple has some problem with iPhone and Lexus Multimedia system, is known that Lexus software is a little bit odd and tricky... I rely more on Apple than Lexus, to be honest.
  6. Connected Services Problem

    I had received many "please send me your feedback" for three months, but they was just automatic reply form some bot or some customer care in maybe India or Bangladesh. But nothing happen (magically the day after the lawyer letter the system was registered!). You are lucky your dealer answered to you. My dealer just ignore me for three months
  7. Connected Services Problem

    The new portal, on my opinion, is a total failure, actually i Italy none of the functions are on. It's full of nonsense section like "reminder for your next service" (while the car show this every time you power on) and other stupid section, useful and also, if you want to use... they are full of bug. To be honest, after I have fight three months to and several lawyer letters to have the multimedia registered and able to use the connected service (3 months!) I am very surpised by this low level of efficence of Lexus.
  8. Connected Services Problem

    Good, as said the wifi must be on. I don't know why (previous system does non need it) but it seems this is the right way. have a good evening
  9. Connected Services Problem

    Another things I know is the new multimedia need the wifi is on. are on in your NX?
  10. Connected Services Problem

    I had iPhone 5 and now iPhone 6 and they are fully compatible, I heard even iPhone 7 is. About any other phone, I don't know.
  11. Connected Services Problem

    Very odd. Never seen this message. have you try to pair again the phone, canceling the previous profile?
  12. Connected Services Problem

    Hi Jan, right now the problem was solved around 10th of July by Lexus, after my lawyer send them a letter (they did never reply any of my request of assistance, and the dealer avoid to take care of the problem for two months) the day after they receive they immediately activate an amount of multimedia system not registered on their portal, as seen there was many cases around Europe of faulty systems for the MY 2017 of IS, NX and also RX: so the problem was absolutely from Lexus and they never say it, a real shame. About your problem, I think it can depend from the setting on your iPhone, have you set the "personal hot spot"?
  13. The lawyer letter obtain a prompt reaction only after 24hrs. We are in Italy, if as a customer you want something that is owe for your right, you must use a lawyer. Because now lawyers are involved, I don't write until the end. Thank you and I keep you informed.