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  1. In Italy they give it. Every time the aperitif, some time the lunch. The experience in the show room was amazing in the early 2000's. When you enter the showroom, somebody welcome and smile at you with kindness, you receive a glass of Prosecco or a soft drink (same of the Omotesando dealer that I visite for ten years during my trip in Tokyo, even if I go there just to see the car, they always offer me drink, gifts and a person at my side explaining all the detail of every single car I stand in the front). The driving test in my hometown, I remember, ending in a small restau
  2. Well done! I do the same too, writing to the Italian Lexus branch. I have reported the answers they give me in this topic, some pages ago. In my opinion their answer was almost clear: there's not interest in customers, like us, that would like to drive the IS or the RC (or just a sedan on that category) as in EU and in the UK they sell almost only SUV, people want SUV, people like SUV, sedans are for old fashioned people. The answer they give to this market is: more SUV, less sedan! A wrong policy in my opinion, but it seems they don't care. Very sad.
  3. To be honest I am not so tired, it is not easy to find a car like the IS in the market and this one is the best than any other IS I had (if we exclude the IS200 Sport Cross, my favorite ever) it's more that I like the new technology offered by the ES300H, like the HUD, a more functional and modern battery pack, a new design of the interiors, the TFT instead the Optitron instruments and so on. My IS300H is like new so it can last another 20 years I thought! My friend drove a RX300 of the first generation with 600.000 km. and just had normal service a couple of time per year, he just change
  4. I like the ES and I was considering at the beginning, for me it's not a big problem for the rear seat... but what make me in stand by is the price for the luxury version and the fact that I read of unsatisfied customer about the interiors quality and other issues: slow car, not so good suspensions (floaty) and so on. Unfortunately there' no way to know if their problems was due to their car only of for all the ES. As my Pay per Drive end in May, the dealer is trying to convince me to buy the ES as they said they want I stay in Lexus (I ma 14 years customers) and offer some discount
  5. In the meantime, returning to the topic, in the search for possible brands / models / alternatives to the fact that the sedans of the Lexus brand of the D segment will cease to be distributed in our markets, we can make a small summary 1. the majority of people, from interviews and data on the net presented and discussed here, believe that Tesla is not a car as it does not have a traditional engine, it does not drive like a car (with the classic feedbacks of traditional cars: skidded, engine roar, grit and satisfaction in driving) and has many construction defects, which for many will nev
  6. In the mean, at the side of our very wide topic discussion, in Germany... You can easily translate with Google
  8. This is a rough translation of a recent article from a newspaper in Italy. Bold are mine. “SUVs and Crossover: hope for a car world in crisis again Il Domani / by Redazione / 16d It rains in the wet. The three-month forced lockdown, in virtually every corner of the world, has dealt yet another blow - albeit not fatal - to the auto industry. A car sector that was already experiencing moments of great crisis. To get out of it? Simple, brands continue to focus on the segment that has kept them afloat - and in some cases thrived - in recent years. That is Suv and Cros
  9. Yes, I agree of course. But who know what’s in the mind of them? Do you remember when they developed the IS220D? Made after the EU managers force Lexus to offer an engine that “surely the Italian, German and East European need and would buy” promising high selling? An epic failure never seen in the story of Lexus. While in Japan several times for my work and visit the main Tokyo dealer and the Intersect concept showroom, talkin with managers I learn that they do what their subsidiaries say them. If from Eu the common opinion of the dealers is that sedans does not sell,
  10. I think for their marketing and sales people it does. Reading this topic it seems the people in EU and UK prefer SUV, miniSUV and very soon the microSUV as it seems Lexus would launch some SUV based on Yaris. Everybody want a Sedan should buy a ES, this is what they stated.
  11. Sure, sci-fi is always a theme from where to start for designers and engineers. Lexus is the best in the world to tell marketing stories showing beautiful things that at the moment of the commercial launch are totally different. If we imagine that LF-CC was the concept of IS, we can say that only few elements of interior design was them developed. From an all screen dashboard to a small 7" low res screen and all that buttons in plastic to push. I think the truth stay in the middle some brands are looking forward, some other are conservative: I agree totally with who said "
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