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  1. make sure its set to recieve pal not ntsc signal (could be a button on remote)
  2. I have a 15m cable which I had loads of trouble with I had to replace it with a good quality gold plated one everything seems fine now
  3. I had the voyager 205 had nothing but trouble with it ended up getting a belkin wireless router never looked back.A problem I did have was the length of the adsl lead from the wall socket to the router one day it would work next day it wouldn't, a good quality lead soon sorted this out Another thing is that bt are upgrading all their broadband lines to 1gb/2gb it may have something to do with that. hope you get it sorted soon !
  4. Oh well it was good while it lasted will you keep us posted if it turns up, there's so many of us after one cheers :(
  5. The IS200 is now top (its only right) Lexus IS 34.1% Audi A4/S4 32.3% BMW 3 Series 20.5% Volvo V70 6.7% Subaru Outback 3.8% Saab 95 Sport Wagon 2.6% Total votes: 3841 Think we need some more votes
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