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  1. Happy Birthday billybandit!

  2. Thanks for helping me again today Bro :) Did put a lot of effort into it trying to get it just right, Think i was getting there too? no worries
  3. today was a sad day, just been looking at the pics in your gallery of how it was.....gutted for ya!!
  4. Happy birthday dear brother :hocus-pokus:
  5. will keep an eye out for ya mate, fu**ers
  6. happy birthday brother bandit have a good one :hocus-pokus: :D
  7. does that mean i can get my sub box back then dear brother
  8. thats a nice exhaust, sounds great with a supacharger
  9. Hello mate, how are you doing? hi mate, i'm sound thanks.... 12 months of doing my house up, so not been around for a while. sold the lex aswell but i'll have another one day. hope your well :D
  10. happy day dear brother hello fellas, long time no see
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