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  1. Going to need some serious tread on the rear end mate to hold that down? :o
  2. Nice one matey, I got a good deal on my skyline too at £453 fully comp on Friday, was quite impressed :D
  3. The fronts are pretty easy to do as its only 3 top bolts and one bottom, think the longest part of the job is swapping the springs over, i did mine in around an hour and that was with doing it on the drive and using a manual spring compressor? Most garages have an air powered compressor that they put the strut in to remove the spring pressure and remove the shock, so it cuts the time down quite a bit? But dont think thats a bad price for a strut swap, cant remember what i was quoted when i asked about it at a local garage, but it was more than what you've been quoted, plus you'll have the piece of mind knowing its been done and if you have any problems you can go back if needed :)
  4. Probably a silly question matey, but have you checked the fuse and the wiring to the pump?
  5. One of the things i did when we had our daughter was to go into Halfords and try a few different seats in the car, to see how they sat on the seat and fastened in? They let you try before you buy and most of them have trained fitters to help get the best seat for your car? we were a bit cheeky though as we got them to try a few and the one that worked the best we brought from another place quite a lot cheaper :D We ended up with a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix for the stage 1, but she was soon out of it and into the next one up, Which we then brought a Britax seat for stage 2/3+ onwards and were still using the Britax seat now at 3yrs old and still fits very well, good quality and quite easy to clean :) Thought i'd have trouble and need a new one now i have the skyline, but again the Britax fits very well in the seat and doesn't move due to the wide base of it :) Something a lot of places dont show you is the side movement of the seat, most will fit it in your car and pull and push it to show you how tight it is, but they don't usually show you how it moves from side to side, so be a good idea to check its sideways movement when its fitted? I found out with our compact pushchair/car seat setup, That when i was cornering it would lean over with the weight of our little one in and we stopped using it ,as to me it was quite unsafe to see our little girl at a 45 degree angle on the rear seat when she should have been upright
  6. Sounds about right mate, its not a huge job and shouldn't take them long to do :)
  7. Or theres this walk through Col, with pic's gives you the main idea? CLICK ME!
  8. Hello and Welcome to the club :D
  9. Couldnt you get a set of the universal seat frames Dave? like THESE? save a bit of work and not too pricey? :)
  10. Great motor Dave, still one of my favorites :D Looks in pretty good condition too from the pic's :)
  11. Has it sold then Lee?? EDIT: just remembered there not coming till the 11th July?
  12. Nice one Chris, it does make a lot of difference when you fit the s/c, :D Makes the IS a lot better to drive and the extra power seems to make the gearbox a lot better and smoother? (it made my gear change a hell of a lot better having the extra power going through it?) Hope you get the clutch sorted mate and enjoy that extra power :D
  13. I've never lacquered mine as it normally discolors when it gets hot unless you use high temp lacquer? i had the silver decals on mine too and they went very dark after a while, so painted over them in the end ready for some new ones, but never got chance to redo them Just painted the ones on my skyline and i clean them with a spray on brake cleaner, quite cheap to buy but gets rid of the brake dust and works very well :)
  14. Good morning Col :D Pretty easy to do mate, the 1st thing i always do is to give the calipers a good rub over with a wire brush to remove most of the brake dust/debris that collects on the calipers, then i usually spray them with a brake cleaner/white spirit to give a clean surface to paint on, And you can mask the surrounding areas around the caliper if you want to, but there isn't much there that needs covering up and if you do get any paint on the disc it will soon come off when braking, Using a small brush (1 inch/1/2 inch) apply the paint to the caliper in a good even coating, try and avoid the nuts, bolts and clips if you can mate, (just good practice not to paint them) and let dry, I usually paint 1 and then refit the wheel then move onto the next one, and by the time you have done all 4 the first one will be pretty well dry, with the hammerite i've only ever done the 1 coat and they seem to come up quite well, but its up to you if you want to do another coat? Some guys take the calipers off to paint, but i find it easier to do them while still on the car and it lets you refit the wheel so you don't need to handle them while wet :)
  15. That does look a nice wheel for a black Lex and if its got the right offset and stud pattern it hould be ok, If you can get the size and the offset for the wheels we should be able to tell you if they will fit or not? you'll need a 5x114.3 stud pattern for the wheel and around 40-50 offset, most of the oem lexus 18" alloys have an offset of 50.. :)
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