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  1. Barrie the main problem in all this is credibility. TBH your credibility is shot, and this whole issue has gone on to prove it. I will answer your comments one more time and then no more. The members of LOC have enough intelligence to see the truth in this (& the many other threads). Firstly let me state I have had nothing to do with your removal from the facebook group, nor did I previous to this remove you from the admin team (the facts confirming your admin removal & by whom are posted elsewhere on the LOC forum). I didn't see the need to further drag things into the open on the forum initially after your warning, I had been in contact with a member of the management team on LOC, and had left them to investigate. After your "please explain ???" comment to Stav on the JAE thread, I felt I had to expose your sheer hypocrisy, hence posting the warning you gave me in picture form. Here is a cropped picture of your pm to me. If you read it there is a massive omission as to how it should read if it were genuine. If I had been in your position, (or any other person with a mere hint of integrity for that matter) surely the first line of the message should have read something along the lines of "Hi Wozza (or Rabster), I must apologise for an error I made on Saturday on your account, to which I have only just been made aware of." If the message had started in such a manner, it could have actually read credibly and possibly even been genuine. As the message didn't have anything like it, I have no choice after many months of being on the end of a systematic witch hunt, to then take it as a non-genuine reason for the "error". I feel it was deliberate, and once exposed to the club for your true actions, you are now trying to excuse yourself from it. I am sorry to say I really do not believe you. I have already answered this point earlier in this thread. I shall refresh your memory as you obviously have forgotten, didn't read it, or just didn't understand. The reason I didn't take the issue directly up with yourself via pm, is last time I asked you questions via that needed answering, you blatantly side stepped them in an effort to avoid them altogether. Still, weighing it up, I suppose a side step might have been better than no reply at all, twice !! (there another moderator who side steps issues, but this one just doesn't reply at all) FYI the other moderator who doesn't reply to pm's ^^ is a relation :winky: I will probably get another months ban for disclosing the fact that Janey has not replied to either of my pm's to her, number one was why she had closed the "TDi back on LOC" thread, the other as to the warning she gave me for having the barefaced check as to post the question in the first place. She called it slander, maybe she should read a dictionary to find out the definition of the word. Stating facts is not slander. Then when Janey posts up on a thread saying she will discuss her enforcement of the club's T&C's if members pm her, I then expose her for not replying to me 2 times on exactly that subject. I then get a 1 months ban/suspension. She then removes her post as to conceal the evidence. Sounds fair doesn't it ?? Persecution or witch hunt. Use any description you like but the facts are that you two have been tag teaming me for months, a fact plain to see by the number of unhappy members currently spending a lot of their internet time elsewhere.......!!!! When I recieved my months acount ban/suspension, the LOC page informed me the account couldn't be accessed until the 5th of July. If the facts you state are in fact correct (which TBH I massively doubt) that would have made it the 6th, not the 5th. Your whole arguement for the ban removal falls down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see no reason for the Scorps reference at all ???? Are you now telling me he isn't banned for life by you ???? All I did was try to assist you in your ignorance of Redz issue. Shoot me for trying to help you on a matter you seemed not to be aware of. It was obvious to me what he was talking about. I did offer to pm you with links to the reasons his complaint (so I wouldn't be linking in the open), but you haven't taken me up on that so far. The facts are clear Barrie. Persecution, witch hunt or even just an agenda. Use any description you like but it is obvious you two have been tag teaming me for months, and any other member who gets in your way, a fact plain to see by the number of unhappy members currently spending a lot of their internet time elsewhere....... All this latest episode proves is your motivation to carry it forward. Two Moderators abusing their position to forward a personal agenda, and darn the best interests of the club. The fact you were outted in your latest attempt to have a dig at me, just brought it forward into the public eye (rather than keep it in pm behind closed doors where no-one else can see), and hopefully now something will then be finally done about it. If you are asking me at any point if I believe you made a genuine mistake, bearing in mind all the history, & not forgetting your pm to me to explain (as listed above & how it should have read if in anyway genuine), I would have to say sorry but no. Not a cat in hell's chance !!
  2. Firstly I had made comment via Pm to another member of the LOC Management Team about it via pm. I didn't feel it would need to be exposed on LOC of further persecution/whitch hunt. However I then posted on the JAE thread as you seemed to be in confusion/daze as to what Stav meant. As for the 8 hours ... to come back on this subject by the time I got home after work last night (as you might be aware I am a DJ so it means I work late and get back in the early hours of the morning) the time was approx 2.30 or so. After some sleep (I guess you will allow me that ?) I have then come back on LOC, and replied to you fairly shortly after you have asked me to.. 8 hours ? More like 90 minutes and that included much needed sleep plus A. screen capture or the pm, B. webhosting it, and C. then writing my reply to your request. Incorrect Barrie :) Y2Kanjar had posted/organised the meet. Yes I had asked for help in publicising the meet as I had no LOC account access. A not unreasonable request surely ? I was not aware of this, but have just checked the faceboog group and no message is there. I am not saying it wasn't there Barrie, but it isn't there now. Now before you ask, I did not remove it. On the pm issue, I would have received an email notifying me of the pm, wether I could have accesed it or not (same as I did many times during my suspension from LOC membrs needing advice on ICE topics, these pm's I couldn't access). If the suspension was being removed, by definition I would then have had no problem accessing a pm if you had sent it ? Barrie you contradict yourself here :) Firstly you say "a whole 4 hours" yet here in your reply you say "as soon as i was made aware of the problem i rectified it" Pure contradiction ! Also the ban was to finish 11+ hours later, not 36 ;) I cannot speak comprehensively for Rabster, but I do believe he also reported the issue to a member of the LOC management Team. If you had made the other members of the Management Team aware of your ending of the suspensions early, I certainly wouldn't have got a mistified response in regards to it in my pm reply from another member of the Management Team. The reason I didn't take the issue directly up with yourself via pm, is last time I asked you questions via that needed answering, you blatantly side stepped them in an effort to avoid them altogether. Still, weighing it up, I suppose a side step might have been better than no reply at all, twice !! (another moderator who side steps issues, but this one doesn't reply at all) I believe the editing issue Redz is talking about is Janey's continued use of Redz first name, even when he has mentioned on LOC before that he does not want it disclosed on the forum, and asked her again yesterday to stop using it, and edit her posts that did use it. That is something she still hasn't done. I just checked. If you ned the link Barrie I can pm it to you if you wish. I do hope this isn't directed at me ?
  3. Hi Barrie, at your request, the situation is as follows :) I see you came up with an excuse some 4 hours after being exposed to all... So here is the reason you are giving me for the warning So from your message you are telling me a man with your experience as Management (moderator) can make a mistake. Fair enough some might say. For someone so highly experienced to make exactly the same mistake to different members accounts is taking it a bit far.... Then on top of all that a very very seriously relevant point needs to be remembered. The 1 month Ban/Account suspension was due to expire anyway less than 12 hours later !!! (a ban incorrectly applied I might add) Also if your reason/excuse is to be believed by Rabster, myself and other LOC members, is it not a reasonable assumption to expect a pm to notify Rabster and myself to notify us that you were ending the ban/suspension early so that we could then be aware of it, and then start posting on LOC some 11 hours early ? No such pm was received. I will let members make their own minds up as to your real reason Barrie, but to be honest I feel to believe it at face value, would stretch my imagination beyond any kind of reasonable limits.
  4. please explain ??? Just a guess, but in direct answer to you Barrie (so not going ) I believe this might have something to do with it....
  5. lots of members no longer have their Lexus, yet stick around mate :)
  6. Hi John, in light of recent events, I don't feel I will be welcome by some on the LOC stand for reasons I shall not go into here. I will still be attending the JAE, but have made alternative arangements for my car this year. Can you please remove me from the list Kindest regards Wozza (please note John this is no reflection on you or your meet organisation for JAE)
  7. Hi & welcome to LOC :D Feel free to post up any questions you may have now or in the future.
  8. not much left of that interior mate, am sure a lightweight race seat (in a nice colour) will help :)
  9. I used Hammerite Smooth (red), I did several coats building up in thickness. INFO LINKY (with pics)
  10. seek and you shall find allot..... INFO LINKY This should be the same trigger wire for auto or manual cars. Hope this helps :)
  11. So what happened Janey ? Luckily there was some space for us :) Had a great meet, nice to see Steviewevie, B15RUP, Niraj, Alamkhan & edeath. Wicked time, had lunch then stayed until 4pm, where were the rest of you ?
  12. Thanks mate, I got a lot done whilst I was away :D :D :D :D
  13. I'll be there !! (if Stevie calls me around 9am to make sure I'm up)
  14. I did try that 2 times but got no reply...
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