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  1. i`m up for a meet,great.
  2. reverse lights arnt part of an m.o.t.
  3. sounds great pal,karting is the biz,
  4. keep ypur hand off your knob,naughty boy :P
  5. yeh its very SHEEPY lol,i`m on my own too,cold up ere aswell,,brrrrrrr
  6. well pleased for ye stevey boy,nice to hear. :winky:
  7. hey you keep an eye on them boost gauges ,i want i want,very nicccccce
  8. well done mate,hope it all goes well,its gonna look the biz :winky:
  9. thats a lovely reply to a topic of complaint steve,nice to see your lookin after your club members .NOT ,sometimes i wonder why you bother having this club.
  10. sorry to hear this neil,your a top bloke who deserves the best.i deal with pete jenkin for my body kit parts,3 days delivery ,perfecto,the lad checks the stock first and sends it out,top bloke,give him a try.very good prices too. hope you get sorted pal,we all want our lexus to look the best and i know how you feel. good luck.
  11. ooh delic,every mans dream :D yum yum.
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