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  1. Happy Birthday SteveL!

  2. I asked the same question about a HU on ebay, and was told by the sellers that its for a reversing camera
  3. Nice one mate :D This was one stunning car back when dunc had it. Shame its previous owner had let it slip a bit. Sure a man of your calibre can get it back up to scratch Gord B) Good to see a top class example back in the club
  4. My partner sent her claim letter off about 18 Decemeber and she got her offer through yesterday. Only correspondence between then and now was a letter from her bank saying they were investigating. Then an offer letter. Pretty simple and straightforward really. She's with Abbey Some helpful stuff here too
  5. Much appreciated Steve. Other half says thank you. Damn horse forums
  6. Totally not car related (a question from my other half), but regarding online forums..........when a thread is deleted by a mod/admin, does it stay within a database.....i.e could it be recovered for legal purposes?
  7. I watched a money programme special on it, that instigated the claim. Only problem was the fact that the banks have obvously got teams of lawyers trying to find loopholes regarding the claims (attempting to change them from a charge to a "service fee" etc). Sod's law says we'd be the first to end up being ruled against
  8. My partner claimed £1300. Got a letter back today offering £505. Better than a poke in the face I guess. She's gonna accept it, better to take the money now, than the risk of losing it later
  9. I purchased some eyelids from him, and couldnt fault him on the service with those. However, I did contact him about other things, and could never, ever get a straight price out of him! All I ever heard was ' I'll do you a good deal on it', but was never given a price ;)
  10. Saw this on Paramount Comedy a while ago. Made me chuckle Fakespeare
  11. Very nice indeed. Was all the work done at RC Developments?
  12. Shame it's a Thursday. If you'd have said Saturday I'd have suggested York. Normally plenty of decent birds out round there on a Sat. Midweek isnt normally as good
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