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  1. That's all good to hear. It gives another good reason to get one soon. Argento
  2. normski, if that's a Mazda MX5 you're talking about, that's interesting. My wife is on to her second MINI now (Countryman Cooper). She loves them. But, she is also a real fan of the MX5, which may well be her next car. Argento
  3. I've reluctantly done it at last! I thought some might like to know that I've just put my Lexus IS 250 F-Sport up for sale on PistonHeads. Argento
  4. I thought that the wheel refurb boys just visually match the existing colour to the "cards" they have? I guess that this could be a reason why colours vary from refurb shop to refurb shop. Anyway, let us know what you decide to do please. Argento
  5. rayaans, I just thought you and others would be interested in the Hankook Ventus S1 evo2 tread pattern. They arrived from Camskill a few days ago. More assertive and good looking than I expected. Fronts made in Hungary in January 2016 and rears made in Korea February 2016 Argento
  6. rayaans, " Turns out the IS300h uses 255/35 r18 on the rear instead! " Yes, Camskill queried my 255/40 size. They said it was usually 255/35 For BMWs mainly I think they said. Argento
  7. rayaans., just to let you know that I've ordered a matching set of Hankook Ventus S1 evo2 from Camskill at £385 incl VAT and carriage of £13.96 My Lexus dealer said they would fit them (remove, fit, balance, valve and dispose) for £20 all in - yes, for 4 wheels. Argento
  8. rayaans, I think I'll go for this Hankook set from Camskill: Brian at Camskill has said that I'd be very limited on a matching set (because of the rarity of 255/40) I'd prefer not to mix, mainly because of the risk of adverse comments when I come to sell. So that's why I've gone for the Hankook set, which you said earlier you liked the look of anyway. Brian and the team put together a nice listing for me of the 255/40 R18 they can supply, I thought that you and the others might be interested: Argento
  9. rayaans, no problem. Let's see what Brian at Camskill comes up with. " ...but the Hankook Ventus S1 Evo2 K117 look decent in that size" Thanks for finding that out for me. I'll have good look at them now. I'm going to the Lexus dealer soon to see if they will fit the tyres I eventually get. OT I'll also ask then about the £159 service promo for "older Lexus" like mine. Did you see that flyer on LOC site just now? There must be a catch ... ... Argento
  10. rayanns, Aargh! Camskill have just come back and said they can't get those Uniroyal rears 255/40 I've asked them what next best in that price range. Argento
  11. rayaans, thanks very much for this steer. I think it's got to be the Uniroyals. I like the idea of approaching the Lexus dealer. My alloys are unmarked and I'd be upset if they were damaged during fitting. I'd say £50 for four is very good for removal, fitting, balancing, va If they agree to fit, I'll try to play my Lexus Gold Members card to get a discount, right?
  12. Wisty, thanks very much for sharing this with us. It's very useful to me. Yes, it's down to the Goodyears and Uniroyals isn't it. That's a nice decision to make. " If I were you, I'd pick the cheaper of the two, or the one that has the best looking tread pattern (as we all know that looking awesome is most important) .... " Yes, I'm on exactly the same wavelength as you. I thought it was just me, looking at a nice car's tread pattern. I'm not alone. Thank goodness for that. If I get the tyres from Camskill, how does one go about finding a reliable and careful fitter? Would my local Lexus dealer fit them for me? I guess, not ... ... Argento
  13. rayaans, thanks very much. This advice from members just keeps getting better and better. " .... the Uniroyal Rainsport 3 (best price is on Camskill atm £56 front and £76 rear) and the Dunlop Sport Maxx RT. The quietest of the lot are the Dunlops and they do have great grip too." The Uniroyals seem to be a great price. Nice drive for me over the A66 from Darlington to pick them up from Camskill too. I've had Uniroyals on a Golf we had a while back. A quality product, no complaints at all. But those Dunlops look great too. I note what you say about noise. Very good. I'm spoiled for choice. So it could come down to cost & availability. Argento
  14. normski2, I know I can always rely on you. Great to hear from you. That's very helpful and useful to me. " Still very pleased with ride, grip and road noise suppression. No tram lining" Those attributes are very important to me. So I think I'll go for the Goodyears. They should be less cost than the Michelins too. Do you think I should go for the F1 Asymetric 3 for the rear? Could "more be less" ? Anyway, I suppose the F1 Asymetric 2 may no longer be available now. Argento
  15. I'm thinking of replacing the Bridgestone Turanzas on my IS250 F-Sport MY11 with the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Anybody have experience of these or other comment/advice? I've been pleased with the Turanzas and am concerned that the PS4 might give an even firmer ride. Thanks, Argento