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  1. despite the advice provided by some seasoned forum members & presumably additional interweb info' reviewed you are still considering the worst Lexus in the history of Lexus 's / Lexi?! ...bon courage my friend...I reckon you'll need it!
  2. Afternoon all and appreciate the supportive comments and we shall see...take care Giles
  3. on AutoTrader priced at £6495...
  4. do I change the main title to reflect a reduction in price? Thanks kindly Giles
  5. ...the MOT history is excellent and I have only just mot'd and serviced it including the slider pins...Take care and thanks kindly Giles
  6. ...morning all...I simply can't face trying to sell more openly so if anyone is genuinely looking for a really good example that needs no money spending please contact me to discuss...Take care and enjoy the weekend Giles
  7. ...can't argue with you buddy 🙂 ...I am toying with advertising more widely but with reluctance because it's such a rare'd have to see it tbh... ...forgive me but I'm back to my Devonian ways... ...Take care Giles
  8. ...great idea and I shall endeavour to do so later this week...Thanks kindly Giles
  9. Afternoon all and hope that this finds you well. First to arrive with £6k buys it! Why? : the used car market is inflated and I don't want to exploit repeat the car is immaculate and needs nothing... .Thanks kindly Giles
  10. ...Thanks buddy and I am inclined to agree with you...tbh I don't really want to advertise more widely because it might sell!'s such a nice one and this comes from the worlds fussiest git ! ...talked myself out of it now...Will leave on here and see how we go... Take care all Giles
  11. Morning all and hope that this finds you well... ...should I be surprised at the lack of interest? It is genuinely immaculate,needs nothing,low miles etc... ..I have not advertised it other than on this forum.. ..enjoy your weekend Giles
  12. it's that time of year for me; MOT and Servicing for our 3 cars: Wifes Mercedes SLK...looks lovely built like crap, all done no real issues...Porsche 911...replaced brake fluid and bleed nipples x8 one snapped as the fixings on these are all made from chocolate and this is a garage queen...never driven in the wet! ...Is250...MOT ...perfect and my indy owner says to me what incredible condition its in...even sticks it on the ramp to show me the underside which I've not seen...serviced, no issues...check,clean and lube all brake slider issues all as smooth and clean as a pin...bloody fantastic build quality on these cars!!! ...everything just works, truly impressive...
  13. ...just returned from a few hundred miles around the Cotswolds (mixed roads) returning an average of 39 mpg which is bloody impressive for the luxurious drive and lovely V6 motor...
  14. Stone Cold Classics whom are selling the car work on a SOR basis; Wayne the owner is a lovely genuine bloke...sold an early Mercedes Sl for me a few years ago... ...bargain at £17k ...very undervalued imop
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