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  1. New Dude

    Hi Jezza, welcome along to the club!
  2. Not Your Normal Owner

    Hi Maccy, that is a Seriously nice motor, always fancied tinkering with one but never had the time, can't help you with Lexus parts but any other standard car care , waxes etc, if give all forum users 10% off, just use coupon code "google on my site,
  3. Hi New Person Fron The South Coast Uk

    Hi Paul welcome to the club!!
  4. Just New

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  5. Big Hello From A Newbie :d

    If the Alan Partridge thing had taken hold this would be the "Lexiownersclub" :) welcome along mate
  6. Soon To Be Gs430 Owner

    Awesome car! welcome to the club!
  7. New Member

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  8. Expectant Ls400 Owner Checking In

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  9. Is200 No Power After Jump Start

    Hi mate and welcome to the club, i hope you found what your looking for Meguiars
  10. New Guy

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  11. Super Resin and EGP are perfect, and on a lot of proffesional detailing sites the masters still swear by them
  12. Sort Of New Member..

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  13. Autoglym high definition wax only £32.99 free delivery here and don't forget to use your discount code for more off!
  14. Car Cleaning

    If someone hasn't mentioned it before..... Wash Clay Wash Polish Wax Sit back pit on sunglasses go cruising and show it off
  15. Ecu Sensor

    Welcome to the club mate, I'm sure you'll find the answer on here