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  1. To all who have had enough of the state of the UK roads there is an answer. It's a wheel and suspension upgade that will give you the abilty to drive normally along most UK roads instead of looking like a formula 1 car warming up it's tyres as you try to avoid the bomb holes and canyons every ten metres. There might be a small drop in the ISF abilty to go round corners at the same rate as the standard setup but you will have the security knowing that your suspension turrets will not be going through your bonnet. One further piece of equipment not shown will be a winch to drag you out of the more inaccessible craters. I know there will be a big rush to get this kit to fit to your pride and joy so you can get back to driving in a straight line again.
  2. I looked on the web site you @gb1600e mentioned a couple of weeks ago and it gave me a price of 174 quid for 2017-2018 map update DVDs (4 in the set) so I got in contact with Lexus Rayleigh were I get my servicing done and ordered it from them at 152 quid I know it's alot for the updated maps but I just wanted it to work properly cos there are alot of comments about systems not working correctly after using the OEM discs. I would have put up with the original disc but I have wanted to use the sat nav on a couple of occasions and it would send me in total the wrong direction so I ended up not using it at all now. I hope the discs work out OK for you I think there will be alot of members waiting to see what you think of your purchase. I will post what happens with my issues with the new discs aswell.
  3. @Womble72 The user name is from my job I'm a CAD draughtsman/designer for a windows doors and facades company. That would be a cool name if I had been called that for real. I intend to be at the next meet at the Hare with my brother, I want to get there a little earlier next time I got the last spot in the car park last time and. Might try the cooked breakfast if it's not to busy inside. @gb1600eGoing back to the subject of the sat nav DVD I bit the bullit and bought one for 152 quid from Lexus Rayleigh when I swapped it over tried a couple of test street search names and it does not recognise the searches but if I put the old one back in the street searches work OK. So I don't know if the sat nav needs to be reset or if there's an issue with the new DVD so I will be calling Lexus Rayleigh and hope they can give me any pointers.
  4. To CB, I did remove the DVD to check the serial number on the disc. I looked at a couple of youtube videos but the instructions posted by Texas are much clearer. The one thing I would advise is to use a small sucker to pull the panel out if you can get hold of one, less so likely to mark the front panel with a screw driver head. To Womble72, so were you the one with the red ISF further into the car park at the Hare pub Chelmsford thats a great colour for the ISF. Might catch you at the next meet at the Hare on the first saturday the 6th April. Cheers.
  5. First time on this forum, have had my 2010 isf for 18 months (had a 2006 is250 SE-L for 6 years previous) now used as a daily driver and has been a true Lexus drives and looks like it has come straight from the factory. No one knows what it is since I have had the car only two people have said oh it's an isf. I have a question for anyone out there, is there any difference between the Sat Nav DVD for the is250 and the isf I am going to update the Sat Nav DVD and want to make sure I get the right one. I have attached a couple of pics of my prized possession and will be looking to go to any car meets in the Essex area this year.
  6. Welcome to the Lexus forums CADman :)