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  1. Exhaust Gasket Help

    Should be one out there somewhere i've just fitted a centre section to Cat gasket. And a Vauxall Vectra part fitted the the middle to backbox. That was from a place called SAF (Sutton Auto Factors) based in the Midlands however.
  2. Post Pics Of Your Lexus

    I've just brought one of Ebay, there a genuine Lexus Part too, from Japan by the looks of the instuctions. Can pull the item No or Ebay seller if you li ke.
  3. Post Pics Of Your Lexus

  4. Have you tried sealing them with silicone ?
  5. Check your cambelt, i checked mine 12000 before it was due and what i found was shocking, chewed on the outer edge would be one way to put it.
  6. Hi From Derby!

    Hi and welcome from Nottingham, i like the wheel colour looks a little like gun metal grey. The colour mine will be going once i get round to it.
  7. Has anyone done a custom cold air pipe straight into the thottle body. Got the idea from a pipe that someone was selling on ebay, may have been a Prolex one but unsure. Was thinking I could do the same but with Alloy or stainless steel. Thoughts and pics if anyone has them would be much appreciated.
  8. Rota P1 Wheels With Tyres.

    Did you ever sell these, think I may have already contacted you before but via Pistonheads.
  9. Is300 Air Scoop + K&n 'drycharger' Filter Cover

    Are these still available and also do you have that pipe and did it go into the stock throtle body ?
  10. Do you still have the Grill and will it fit a stock is200 sport bumper. Thanks Arron
  11. Newbie

    Hi steve, are you Ripley way then ? Ben I used to go there every weekend but then my daughter came along and more or less put a stop to that. I'm either at work, at the missis or have my daughter these days. But it would be good to meet up.
  12. Wanted: Set Of Front Fog Lights

    I have this problem at the min as I brought my car with this problem. But as a temporary fix, just loop a cable tie around the back of it and it'll support your stay.
  13. Not sure if my cambelt is an isolated problem or not, but this is what i was faced with after removing the top cambelt cover. The belt wasn't due for changing for another 12k. Needless to say it got changed it. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1612611187809.126085.1012141383&type=3#!/photo.php?fbid=3972803151133&set=a.1612611187809.126085.1012141383&type=3&theater
  14. Newbie

    Reg is NY51 ARF, pick a few people up from Eastwood for work sometimes in the works van, have to in the morning as it happens. As for the belt, i thought the same too. Thing is i did around 500 miles on that belt. But the worst of it was when i took my daughter and the missis 2 kids to Skeggy for the day. I'd of been scewed if it snapped on the way home as we didn't get back until midnight, would of been an utter nightmare for us all.
  15. Newbie

    Hi ben, the cambelt was chewed on the very end, end closest to the slam panal. Balljionts can click a little now and then, a common fault from what I gather. And i'm in Nuthall just of Junc 26 of the M1