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  1. yeah, i thought it would be too good to be true. shame, I might have swapped mine for a 200t if that was the case. The 200t nx and RX have shocking MPG's (don't think it is same engine though as power output is different).
  2. according to honest John real world MPG the 200t is more economical than the 300h... surely not? https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/realmpg/lexus/is-2013
  3. A guy at work recommended contiseal tyres.... anybody heard of them. He said he has pulled a few nails out of his and would never switch to another tyre... https://www.continental-tyres.co.uk/car/technology/extended-mobility-main/contiseal
  4. wow, that looks really good. well done.
  5. All season tyres

    Hi, I'm thinking of going for these next, currently swapping between summer and winter tyres. Whatis the rim protection like in them, my summers 'bluearth' are great, but winter tyres 'dunlop' don't have the protection lip and typically the only time I touched the Kerb was in the winters.. Also did they affect mpgs?
  6. IS300h cvt gearbox

    It's not really a gearbox as such, it's a differential used in reverse. IE, rather than splitting power to multiple shafts, takes multiple inputs to output to a single shaft. meaning that power and speed output is determined by the 2 input speeds. IE: Engine spins at 5000 rpm, electric spins 5000 rpm, shaft spins 10,000 RPM Engine spins at 5000 rpm, electric spins in reverse @ 5000 rpm, shaft spins at 0 RPM I've just made up the values for an example, no idea what ratios and gearing is used between the drive trains, but just trying to find a simple explanation. A very clever simple solution though.
  7. IS 300H RWD

    I was pleasantly surprised how good the 300h is in the snow.
  8. Thanks for the feedback, think I'll go for it :)
  9. Hi, has anyone seen the videos on Facebook showing a super ceramic coating that supposidly lasts 3 years and gives a hydrophobic coating. The videos look really impressive but at £400 (including a machine polish) I'd be interested to know if any body has any experience before going for it. Thanks Darren.
  10. Thanks for posting an update, another item for my shopping list!
  11. Caliper Slide Pin Overhaul - Plus All Models (i Think?)

    Thank you very much for taking the time to post this :) big help
  12. on a long run what MPG's are you getting. I quite fancy the 200t next. travelling for Yorkshire to Birmingham I generally get 55mpg, travelling at 75-80mph
  13. Hi John, Thank you very much for your reply. I had come across the slide pin issues but didn't see any reference to this model of Lexus. So this morning I decided to take a look myself and you were correct, the lower slide pin in the caliper was stuck, quick tap with the hammer and its moving freely. Not sure how long it will last before sticking again, but I think I'll order new boots and appropriate grease and fix it properly myself next weekend. Thanks, Darren
  14. Hi, I occasionally get brake squeal from the Drivers Side Rear Caliper during normal driving, I'm assuming the caliper isn't returning properly (possibly starting to seize). Does anyone know if this is will be covered under warranty. I don't want to take the day off to pay Lexus prices for something a local garage could fix. Lexus just said on the phone that they would have to investigate. Doesn't help that it is intermittent, I can go a while an not squeal at all, then it will be back for a 50 miles or so, so I can imagine going in only to be told there is nothing wrong. Appreciate others thoughts and to know if this is known issue. Searched the forum but not seen anything specific to the IS300H. Thanks, Darren.
  15. Hi, Since I've had my IS, the footbrake if left parked up for more than say 24hours has "stuck" on. You release it and the car doesn't creep forward, then it "pops" off when pressing the accelerator. is this the same for everyone else, or should i ask it too be looked at next time it goes in for service. It's definitely worse when wet, and seems to be getting worse now the car is 18 months old, or it might just be I'm more conscious of it now (and its winter). Many Thanks, Darren.