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  1. Hi just wondering how you got on, did you purchase one in the end. We are just about to change my wife's 400h, and have same budget (she does about 15,000miles per year). we are pretty much set on a pre facelift advance.
  2. darrude

    Amazed with the 300H

    I want to retract my earlier 'appalling' statement regarding throttle response think that was a bit harsh. it's not great, i'd say on par with a normal slush box auto.
  3. I have never managed to get it working. My understanding is (and I could be wrong) that the mirroring standard is something like mirrorlink 1.1, and most phones run 1.2 or higher and it's not backwards compatible. I tried with a few phones and never had any joy. I tried with a Sony Xperia Z3, samsung galaxy something, motorola somthing and an Lg google phone. As you can tell by the descriptions I'm not really a technophile though.
  4. darrude

    Amazed with the 300H

    I do think the IS300h is under powered. It doesn't to me feel like a 220bhp car, although I have no issue with power delivery and dont feel any change or bump from the electric to ICE. The Main issue for me is throttle response. if you plan a sudden change then using the fake gears to pre rev the engine helps, but quickly pulling out on say a roundabout by punching the pedal seems to take an age. Although not as bad as an Audi A5 CVT... I have worked in Germany for many years, and have had warnings from many a German about the responsibilities when travelling too fast on the autobahn. I believe it to be true, as from multiple sources in various parts of Germany.
  5. A bit bored at work today, so read some info on the Tesla Model 3. Since most on here have a Hybrid that is a similar size wondering what peoples thoughts are, anyone thinking of getting one? Personally wouldn't work for me (as I tend to do infrequent but long journeys), but with a potential range of up to 310miles could be an interesting proposition for a lot of people? Regarding the range I did a quick search, the model S with a 285mile range, is reported by uses as getting around 220miles at prolonged M'Way speeds, so maybe the model 3 might get 250miles on a long journey, if you're brave... Interior looks a bit like a child designed it as well, the lack of dials behind the steering is enough to put me off, looks like a cheap Citroen with an aftermarket ipad installed....!
  6. I learned the hard way with my last car how alloys can stick on. Got a puncture while the car was in a field, about 1/2 mile from a main road. I was very gingerly having to kick the wheel as hard as I could while jacked up on uneven soft ground, panicking the car would fall off the jack, potentially onto me! They don't take them off for a service at main dealers and they corrode on.
  7. darrude

    Top suspension arm ball joint

    haha, I know, god know's how i missed that on the original post! Blonde day!
  8. Hi, I stripped mine down when they seized, all pretty standard and very easy and just like any other car so I'm sure the tutorials for the other cars will help you.
  9. darrude

    Top suspension arm ball joint

    Is it not under warranty?
  10. darrude


    I have driven quite a lot of hire cars with work, and personally don't see the issues with the lexus system (mine is the standard nav, with dial, zero experience the premium). Traffic updates reasonably well and directions are generally pretty good. I think the seperate / stand alone / phone systems will always be a better option, more flexible, especially as the car ages and tech moves on. I did want to get the mirror link working so I could put my phone screen on the car screen, but have never managed to get it working. It would be nice if OEMS would allow the car's screen to be just a monitor so you can plug in whatever you want to the car, bit like how you can cast a phone or laptop to the TV.
  11. darrude

    Firm accelerator peddle

    Fly by Wire Pedals generally have a hysteresis device (mechanical features to add friction and "sticktion") to give the feel or a traditional cable and make it easier to hold the pedal in a set position (imagine if you were just holding the pedal against a spring, every time you went over a bump you would end up inadvertently opening / closing the throttle). I would avoid putting any kind of lubrication in there in case it degrades the plastics. From memory I think it was the hysteresis feature that was causing the sticking pedals that resulted in the Toyota recall scandal. Mine is no different to any other car I have owned or driven (had loads of golf hire cars while working overseas, and no noticeable difference). Maybe a quick trip to a local dealer to compare.
  12. I get this sometimes (with a sony phone, and now an LG). Every time it has been fixed by rebooting my phone.
  13. darrude

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    I would never get close to that in winter, 53-54 maybe on that run. It was 29degs when passing Derby, so air con was on! I have compared real to actual (on winter tyres, if that makes a difference, it makes a greater Speedo difference to sat Nav) and mine was pretty close. Next time I fill up I'll do a check with the summers on. On Monday mornings I make the reverse run at 4am, and really not hanging about, generally get 48-52, depending if I get slowed down with traffic, if that is helpful to the OP.
  14. darrude

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    Yesterday I drive from Birmingham airport back to Yorkshire. 100 miles M'way, 35 miles A/B roads. There was a large stretch of the M1 restricted to 60mph, so cruise set at 65, for a lot of journey, indicated 78mph rest of time. Without trying, I got 60mpg. So it is possible!
  15. Thanks Guys for the responses, it is re-assuring that the belts seem ok even after the recommended surface intervals.. hopefully last until she saves up enough money (or I convince her to take a loan out).