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  1. I never had an issue, kept the engine cover on used that as a support for the funnel.
  2. Thanks guys, I've used central points, then dropped onto stands, didn't realise there was a central(ish) side jacking point, useful for future reference.
  3. Hi, Just talking to a bloke a work, and we are disagreeing on the proper way to jack a car up and drop onto axle stands, for working on the front / Rear and then raising all 4 wheels off the ground. Youtube seems to suggest we are correct and incorrect! What are peoples thoughts on the best way to Jack up and work under our cars. I'm sure it's been discussed on here before but can't find the thread. Thanks, Darren.
  4. Hi just wondering if any updates on this. PEA based injector cleaner seemed to have helped ours, fine for 3 months, but recently come back, so trying again. From looking online, I'm guessing the sound is a result of knock from clogged injectors. The cam rattle is different from the videos and reports I've read.
  5. I was thinking of an easier way to do this last time i changed my brakes but thought if I'm going to the effort of jacking car up, taking wheels off. Its hardly a hassle to undo 1 screw, rotate the cylinder body and check properly.
  6. Hi I wanted to post an update as I've finally found out the root cause of my issue. Weirdly, its my smart watch, disconnect that from my phone and all is good! Hope this helps someone else.
  7. Well completely agree with colin on that, this the old pin that that had seized, I reckon another few months and I wouldnt have managed to free it. On my wifes old rx I had to drill one out once.
  8. Well funny you say that. It was the state of the rears why I bought the kit, decided to get a full kit then have the bits for when the fronts need doing. Changed the rears first (disc's heavily scorched), went on a test drive (also to test foot park brake), rolled away fine on a slight incline. Only really because it was a nice day and lock down did I think sod it i'll do the fronts, and my god the discs were red hot from the short test drive. Condition of the disc's weren't great, but not really in need of urgent replacement, although were starting to show signs of scorching. I
  9. Just changed my discs and pads, out of 8 slider pins, 5 were seized, but could be worked free, 1 completely stuck, so going to have another go at it when the replacement pins arrive. 15 plates with 65,000 miles on it. also pads stuck in the housing requiring a hammer to remove.
  10. So this is our filter after 20,000 miles. It'll be getting changed every 10,000 going forward. Seems odd to me for such an inexpensive, critical item they would push it to 20,000 miles.... yet the cabin filter is every 10,000miles.
  11. Hi guys, thanks for the replies, I'll check the windscreen, maybe try push spounge down as suggested. Thanks.
  12. Our 2012 RX has started squeaky when on uneven ground. Sounds like a pc/abs contact squeak, from within the dash board. Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas on how to fix? I'm thinking of taking some panels of and checking torque on fixings or trying to Isolate the materials if it is pc/abs contact squeak. Thanks Darren.
  13. We have a 2012 Advance with Pan Roof, I'm 6'3" zero headroom issues, we never close ours, but did have an issue with it leaking, offside front corner. Fixed by squirting black silicone between the windscreen and roof, I read on the US forums a few people have had leaks. If we were to buy again would have gone sunroof.
  14. What phone do you have CT? I've done quite a bit googling, and and found some generic Android and iphone settings. Just don't seem to have those options on my phone, annoyingly. Basically settings to turn off absolute call volume on Bluetooth and noise reduction features. I'll post some links next time I'm near a computer.
  15. 200h, thank you very much for posting this. Tried them all (much to my wife's annoyance, calling her every time), no improvements unfortunately. I wonder what the second 2 digits are for...? Mine is that bad, I'm actually thinking I might have to get an after market system fitted. I bet it'll be cheaper than getting a system software update... If even you can, or even if it'll do anything!
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