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  1. darrude


    £631 we paid so effectivly 4 19" michelin tyres for £531... Which to me seems a bargain. *Just checked the website again and showing as £720 now, lucky timing maybe. I'll be doing the same on my IS when the time comes, currently running winter/summer tyres which is a pain (although very satisfying when you out do land rovers in the snow. The road to my house doesn't get treated and is very steep).
  2. darrude


    We just put crossclimates on our 450h, noticeable quieter on the motorway. There is a promotion on to the end of the year as well, we got a £100 pre paid credit card for purchasing 4 and a really good price at F1 autocentres ( worked out £200 cheaper than Costco). Not snow tested them yet, but where we live they better be as good as they are advertised....!
  3. Rear Brake pad seized within the caliper (but at the time, I was only using the car to travel from Yorkshire to Birmingham so not using the brakes (happened after an emergency stop. Vibration at 50mph, not a fault, but fixed under warranty. other than that no faults.
  4. I know maybe not relevent but, this happened to my wife's the week before Christmas. I managed to drill, tap and bang out (on Christmas Eve) the stuck pin. Might be worth checking / replacing pins for those with older cars.
  5. darrude

    Battery Spec

    We have 2012 450h with 60k on the clock (original battery) and I'm just about to change it as it is now reading 11.4v in the cold after a couple of days of no use. I reckon it doesn't need replacing till next year at the earliest but got a replacement for £120 so why take the risk for £20/year. Plus this is the wife's car and of it fails it'll be my fault... Somehow!
  6. Hi, mine was repaired by Lexus Coventry. They tried a software fix initially, then did the dampener which cured it. Initially when I went in they said they had no knowledge of this and I pointed them to this thread for further details, they contacted Lexus who promptly advised them how to proceed. At the time I was commuting from Coventry to Yorkshire and the M1 had about 30 miles of 50 zone, so was very noticeable for me, so I was quite firm I need this fixing (to be fair they were very good and helpful). Good luck.
  7. Lexus dealers not really the customer service experience, marketing and reputation would have you believe is it. I've used 4 and 2 have been great, the other 2 awful. Lexus Coventry and Bradford get my vote as the good ones
  8. Just found the details on the Lexus website including prices for other items thanks for that. Interesting just seen Leeds and Birmingham are owned by the same group and my experience of Birmingham with my IS left little to be desired (I actually complained to Lexus UK it was that bad).
  9. That's interesting, didn't know they put prices online. I've ordered a battery online for £125 which I'm assured is a direct replacement AGM type battery. Will post details if it's a straight forward swap. Well I'm happy to make and shame, it was Lexus Leeds that quoted me. I'd have let them do it for £235 cost.
  10. Thanks, marginly cheaper than the extortionate £320 quoted by Lexus.
  11. Just been quoted £320 by lexus to replace a 12V. I know from reading a few posts that the battery in these aren't standard (Gel / AGM is needed). Anyone have any recommendations for an after market battery that will fit without having to mess around with the breather pipe and is safe? Many Thanks, Darren.
  12. Hi, Did you replace the battery yourself? Did you go OEM or aftermarket? Just looking for my wifes RX at the moment.
  13. darrude

    IS300h Hydraulic Noise when braking

    only noise I get from regen is the high pitched sound of the electric motor, but it sounds like that. The only other nose is when the disc are corroded, you can hear the scraping of the rust on the first couple of times of use.
  14. Not in my wife's 450h (2012). It's s basic rotary switch. A lot hotter than in my is though (mine is low spec though, manual seat adjustment), maybe a difference between models?
  15. darrude

    Premium petrol

    Get someone else to fill your car and not to you where they went and see if you can still notice the difference..... My mate loves vodka, got to be grey goose. Did a blind taste test with him, not only failed to tell which was grey goose but said he preferred the cheap stuff I brought back from morroco (in fact we all did). He is still convinced grey goose is superior though. My point is, there is a lot of money to be made in subjectivity.... Ps interesting story, if you Google Sidney Frank, re grey goose and jagermeister.