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  1. Thanks Herbie, thats relieving. I'll have to check the hill hold out next time I drive it, might be operator error! I've ordered a 12v meter to check, but stupidly did it from Ebay and didn't realise it was coming from china, so won't be here until end of november. I might search for the multi meter just to be save now the weather is coming cold. I've been caught out in the past with failing batteries, on normal cars, where I was well aware that the battery was it's way out!!!
  2. Hi, on there IS thread thread I've read a few issues on weird happenings from a struggling 12V battery. I'm planning on changing mine on the IS at 5 years old. I assume it is the same for the RX450? Reason for posting is her hill hold assist seems to have stopped working recently? could this be a sign of dodgy 12v battery? Car is a 2012 model and can't see in the history if the 12v has ever been changed (bought used)? Thanks, Darren.
  3. I'm glad I'm not in a rush for mine: Your order was placed. Estimated delivery: 23 Oct – 21 Nov Your order number is 120000233692220. We'll send you a confirmation email soon. Good to hear it works, want to check out the wives RX, that is approaching 5 years old and of course if it goes wrong it will be my fault. Might have to go old school and get the multi meter out. In fact she was complaining of a few weird things going on with her car recently....
  4. I pretty much drive on cruise control whenever I can. I have felt a very small transition/pulses between the speeds on downhill stretches, where the car is between rolling and needing power, only ever is those very rare situations, otherwise perfectly smooth. Was you situation like this?
  5. darrude

    Traction Battery

    Nothing to worry about. The car is setup to protect the battery. When the battery is very cold you will find on very cold mornings (when it hasn't had time to warm up), even after the ICE/Cabin has warmed up, the hybrid system is basically a start / stop system and even a feather press on the throttle will fire the ice up. The charge meter will fully charge, for me it is pretty much every journey near home, but I live in a very hilly region, I don't think this happens for most people (the Traction battery actually runs the ICE to prevent overcharging from regen braking). Its quite shocking how quickly the battery can discharge / recharge itself. Expect your MPG's to drop during cold weather, especially on shorter runs. I stopped at BB near the office I worked last year, approx 2 mile journey, all flat on slow roads. In summer I was getting average of 50-60Mpg, on really cold mornings I was getting mids 20's. longer journeys seem to even out. I think it would be a main dealer hybrid health check if your worried, be interesting to know exactly what the hybrid health check was, when I inquired, the response I got from the dealer made me ask the question 'so it's just a waste of money then' and the response wasn't them telling me no... I don't bother with that on mine, probably just a good one to get done before selling the car.
  6. Interesting thread. I came to Lexus as I wanted a comfort and reliability (my god I've turned into my dad!). Having previously owned an Alfa Romeo which was horrendously unreliable I vowed I would never buy non unreliable. Would love an F-pace next, only thing stopping me is concerns on reliability (and I detest rattles, which I've heard they can be a little prone to). I know 3 people that have owned Evoques, 1 has not had a single issue, the other 2 (which were diesels) made my Alfa look reliable. Think it would be Mazda for me. Can't help but think Volvo and Tesla are a bit like the Bose of the car world, they have created a niche through clever marketing rather than substance, or maybe i'm just disgruntled that I can't afford them!!!!
  7. How did you get on Zubair? Hope you managed to get something sorted?
  8. We have these at work, or as we like to call automated ball washers... complete pain in the.......... bum !!!
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-24V-Digital-LED-Display-Volt-Meter-Auto-Car-Cigarette-Lighter-Voltage-Gauge-/252445238581?var= I've just ordered this.
  10. Interesting comments, my car only really gets used for a long commute Monday then Thursday or Friday. This is bad for the battery then and will deteriorate quicker than average?
  11. That's for the replies. I think ill change mine on its fifth birthday. On a conventional car you kind of get a feeling the battery is about to fail at the beginning of winter, guessing it won't be a apparent on this car. I'd rather play it safe, as have missed a flight in the past because of a flat battery....
  12. Is it worth changing the 12v battery as part of maintenance, at say 5 years old, to prevent issues with 12v failure?
  13. Seems like a dramatic owner. Good response from honest john. Definitely l sounds like the 12v battery to me.
  14. I'm guessing the 'puddle' he quoted was more than what most people would consider a puddle. Said his car needs a new engine as well as hybrid system so must have been quite deep. I don't think it is an inherent fault with hybrid water proofing, rather just exceeding of standard wade depth that would affect most cars. I feel for him, I live in a rural area quite prone to flooding and it is shocking how many people ruin engines driving through water. The hill at the bottom near where I live is nightmare for it, there is a dip just before the river that is prone to pooling water. Only single track road with no pavements either side, if you didn't know you would never guess the road dips like it does Hope he gets it sorted on his insurance. If I was forced to go through a deep puddle (and I can't think of a situation where that would happen), I would force EV mode. Fingers crossed it won't ever come to that, I'll take Texas's approach. I might contact the council, never thought before, but could be worth a warning sign.
  15. darrude

    Lexus IS300H service cost

    I went to an independent, £535 at Lexus, £188 at an independent, using Lexus parts. Lexus servicing costs are a joke.