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  1. Wow that's bad, could you have maybe partially unclipped something, I can't imagine vibrations have traveled and shaken something lose. There is normally a sealing strip (foam) in that area any way, maybe you could have accidentally pushed this out of position. Can you influence the rattle by holding the dash in that area.
  2. I wanted an reliable, comfortable, efficient, safe motorway car when I got mine, and this ticked all the boxes. I was torn between the IS, a Jag XE and BMW 420d. Reliability was definitely why I went Lexus. My Wife had a Rav4, but after driving mine wanted an automatic and also a petrol so the RX hybrid made sense. I really wish we'd kept the RX400h, I think that was my favourite Lexus. Wasn't thinking rattles at all when buying, to be honest, I'm a bit disappointed in that regards, worst car I've owned for rattles since a Rover 200! Mine is pretty much 100% rattle free now, get yourself some 'anti creek tape' from ebay and stuff it in any panel that rattles. I am exceptionally sensitive to it, at one point I got annoyed with a rattle I couldn't find which turned out to be my new watch (weirdly only rattled on one road in the same spot every time!) From Driving quite a lot of hire car's Golf interiors seem very good. The most annoying rattles on the IS were the door seals (sounded like it was the belt adjuster mech) and the door switch pack trim, if that helps).
  3. All car bodies flex, it the interfaces and material choices that cause BSR (buzz squeak and rattles). I'm guessing that you are like me and quite prone to it. My Is isn't great for this, but I have spent quite a bit of time going round solving the issues and now only on the worst roads do I get any issues on my nearly 5 year old IS. We have had 2 RX's in our houshold, and I'm afraid to say neither have been better than the IS for these issues, however a bit of anti creak tape, cleaning the door seals works wonders. There are still a few outstanding on our RX450h that I have yet to resolve, but only poor road surfaces and certain conditions show any type of rattle now. PS, My Last job was an Interior Design Engineer at Bentley Motors, which is why I'm so tuned in to rattles.
  4. If you do go Criss climates look out for the Michelin offers, we got 4 19" fitted for £530 (or around that) after the cashback offer, £300 on the is!
  5. Cross climates on both my is and wife's RX. Noticeable quieter, good grip. I swore I'd never go all season after a set of hankooks on my last car (which were the highest rated at the time), but these are in a different League, they actually seem more balanced for all season rather than just snow focused. Which seems a perfect fit the UK imo.
  6. Lexus was the oldest in the list, most complicated (only hybrid) and parts more expensive due to the brand / size of car. Don't think you can fault that really.
  7. Not caused any issues on mine, you can always remove. Positioned mine the same.
  8. The grey plastic wings on the console on mine started rattling last year, worse when hot, maybe try pinching them when driving, or the front door window switch pack were terrible in mine. Last thought I ended up putting some felt tape between the small plastic moulding where the glovebox meets the centre console, maybe press around there while it's happening as well. I'll second what Colin says as well. I can't believe where my hearing made me think rattles were coming from to where they actually were. I was convinced for 2 years the steering shroud or dial trim was rattling, turned out to be the lower driver's knee roll by the airbag. Think I must have got a Friday car, 2nd worst car I've ever owned for rattles!
  9. Hi Just thought I’d share this info here (credit to the RX forum). I have just purchased 4 CrossClimate (225/45/R17) for my IS for £301 (Total Price £351, minus £50 cash back (£100 if you purchase 19”) from Michelin via prepaid credit card). Nearly into budget tyre pricing for what is very well regarded tyre, think it applies to other Michelin tyres as well. This is through f1 autocentres, but it seems on the Michelin website it has all the approved suppliers to get the cashback, which all seem relatively competitive. My local independent quoted me £460, cheapest elsewhere I could find was £380 using an online retailer. For reference, cheapest quote for the RX was over £800, using this method it was £535. The cash back deal runs out soon, but from my limited experience they seem to pretty much do a new one every quarter, so worth a check if you’re soon to be in the market for new tyres. Hope this helps someone. Daz.
  10. Never heard of them. Just googled though. Are they basically a PIR sensor or break line? Do you get many false alarms? I assume your drive is gated?
  11. Thanks Steve, just ordered an SD card for my phone, I'll do Bluetooth. Thanks Darren
  12. Does anyone else have issues with usb playback, mine lasts an hour maximum with out stoping for a minute or so then plays the same 10 songs in the same order even though it's on random? Woundering if replacing the usb for an old iPod would work better? Thanks Darren
  13. 2015 model, 45,000 miles garaged every night. I'll put some rust treatment on in summer. Cleaned it off after taking pic and not as bad as it looks on the picture, but definitely needs attention.
  14. Mine sounds exactly like the knock I had from a shock on my last car, so that's what I suspected. Did you change it yourself?
  15. Hi I've got a slight knock, only noticeable on slow poor roads, mentioned at last service but they couldn't find it. I'll mention your comment. Thanks for sharing.