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  1. That's not a bad idea, I'll give them a ring and find out how much they charge. Could be worth it just for the stamp.
  2. Thanks Matt8, that gives me the info I need. Lexus £535, from looking at what is required, Local indie I reckon that will be £150. I don't mind paying a bit for the Lexus premium and service stamp, but their prices are extortionate.
  3. Hi, I've been searching this forum and google hoping I could get hold of a service schedule for the IS300h. My car is now out of warranty so was going to take it to a local indie garage for service, but wanted to make sure it was done to lexus requirements. Is there anywhere I can download the service schedule from? Thanks In Advance (sorry if this has been posted before, tired quite a few search terms but not found what I'm looking for). Darren.
  4. I bought my car before buying a new house (that I'm renovating). I really wish I'd bought a hatch / estate. However on the plus side I swapped my wife's car for a Rav4 for this reason, then she wanted an auto after driving so got a RX400h, both great for skip runs filling with building supplies etc. We have just swapped hers again to a RX450h, but she won't let me fill it with junk anymore. 4 trips and now a very filthy IS, after taking some old plaster boards, carpets and rads to the skip!!! I should have kept the 400h and traded mine in!
  5. darrude

    Cvt gear box

    it's not really a CVT in the traditional sense, its more like a differentail, using ICE and Elelctric motors as inputs to give a single output (varying the rpm of either to vary output rpm) to act like a CVT. Mechanincally speaking, very simple... http://eahart.com/prius/psd/
  6. OK, wife driving again, I didn't say anything, and she just shut the windows by following the instructions (I'm sure by doing the same thing I did, but think I must have done it too slowly). Decided to keep this one to myself and accept I hate screens and buttons (kids wanted me to put a game disc in an xbox so it would do an update, after 5 minutes I had to resort to google to find out how to turn the thing on.... the logo is also the on button)
  7. Hi, Please forgive my stupidity. The RX is my wifes car (I've driven a bit this weekend just to give it run as she has borken her ankle). When you stop with the windows down and turn the power off, it gives you the option to globally close all windows. But then says press 'start' to activate. I'm not sure what I should press at the this point? also is there anyway to enable global opening of the windows with the key fob without carista? Thanks, Darren.
  8. Well after 2 weeks of messing it is all sorted now. I'm not 100% sure what the exact fix was, but my old sony phone was fine. My phone had a big software update at the weekend which is what prompted me to test it again, streaming rather than using stored music, and spot on :) I don't think I'll buy and LG phone again, think it is down to that, I never had call clarity issues until this phone (although since the big update this seems better as well). Thanks for the feedback.
  9. darrude

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    I would probably have the fake engine noise on if, it turned off with the engine (EV mode) and if it didn't sound so bloody loud at motorway speeds (I know you can change the volume, but for it to make enough difference to detract from engine drone at low speed, it's bloody irritating at high speed, and I can't be bothered fiddling with it.
  10. I didn't even know such a thing existed, fair play to you, I hate carrying keys around. I notice now you can get smart home door locks (open via fingerprint/phone/proximity pad or even by logging in online), not sure I'd like to be an early adopter, but can't wait for the day you don't need to carry keys around.
  11. darrude

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    I don't think so, but could be using waste energy to create heat, if I come off the M62 at J22 (highest point of the highest motorway), and it is pretty much downhill for 5 miles the road follows the river down for a further 5 miles (to my mums house at least). If I deliberately drive to depreciate the battery at the top of the hill I can do the entire stretch on electrical power alone, without the engine kicking in once. If I don't, and start the downhill bit with quite a bit of charge and/or drive a bit quicker to use the engine, charging the battery, then near the bottom of the hill the engine will kick in when the battery is full. I used to commute this way and consciously tried depleting the battery to stop the engine from kicking in. It came on this morning at the bottom of a hill (hot day, engine upto temperature and heating / climate was off).
  12. darrude

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    Not speed related, I have had the engine just come on as the car is about to stop. My assumption would be the car is using the traction motor to turn the ice to avoid overcharging.
  13. darrude

    Is Future uncertain

    this thread....
  14. darrude

    Is Future uncertain

    only on the non driven wheels, let the free spinning momentum take you up the hills.. To be fair this is a perfect example of why you don't get the secondary push.
  15. darrude

    Is Future uncertain

    I am going to generalise here, what I am going to say is generally, but not always true RWD Advantages: Vehicle architecture allows 50/50 weight distribution, with engine mass within the axles. Engine can sit lower in vehicle reducing centre of mass. Better work load split, front wheels steer, rear wheels drive. Weight transfer during acceleration pushes wheels into ground, increasing friction. Disadvantages, Driven wheels push car straight during cornering (oversteer) Increased cost and weight increased package on constraints. FWD advantages: Reduced Cost and packaging. Reduced overall weight. Acceleration during cornering is in the direction you want to travel (assuming you don't get understeer). Disadvanatages: Poor weight distribution due to engine sitting on top of front axle to avoid need for a drive shaft (although this is why FWD is better in snow). torque steer. Drive train elements affect steering 'feel'. Lift off wheel spin, especially on FWD car's with relatively good weight distribution. generally a higher centre of mass from the engine. The Key however is equal and even weight distribution. Equal weighting balances the work load during corning, makes the car more stable during braking. have a look at engineering explained on you tube, he has a good way of explaining things.