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  1. darrude

    Negotiating for a new ES

    The guy that did next to me at work reckons leases deals are the way to go and generally there are good deals to be had when new car in launched. Could be worth as a comparison of nothing else.
  2. darrude

    IS300h - mpg question

    Why do people say that hybrids are no good on motorways... I only do long journeys in mine, always get over 50mpg, closer to 60 in summer if there is no traffic. Is there a 220bhp petrol automatic non hybrid that is that efficient. Even diesels struggle to get close with that power output.
  3. Well thank you all guys. It's still not perfect but loads better than it was so I have accepted the car now. The Hari had fine from finger sized to maybe less than 1mm. A bit annoying but glad to get my car back and things be back to normal.
  4. Hi just wondering if anyone has a rear facing facing dash cam in their Rx and could share installation tips. I have my old dash cam, but happy to buy new if this gives easier install. Our is it best left to a professional? 2012 model if that makes a difference. Thanks Darren
  5. darrude

    DAB IS 300h

    There is a thread on here somewhere, I had a similar issue when I got mine, it's not obvious how to set it up. From memory a weird antenuation setting or something.. good luck, post back if you can't find it and I'll see if I can find it for you.
  6. darrude

    IS got side swiped!

    That's my point, take it to your own body shop, auxillis use they own "approved" body shops so you are limited on choice. Admiral pushed for me to use auxillis, saying it will go to Lexus. The woman on the phone from auxillis was like yeah, it can go to a Lexus garage, oh non in your area, or Toyota (the search area included Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Bolton etc). Then the hire car they gave me, on inspection had scuffs along the boot lip on the rear bumper (I hadn't used the boot) they claimed I had done it. Luckily the inspection was at there site, and just Infront of me they were cleaning another car's boot with the vac hose running along the boot lip. I had to get a manager out, then afterwards the inspector said to me, they always get scratched there from us cleaning them! He instantly looked to that area when inspecting it... Regarding the shoddy repair I know what you mean about the body shop and could be an isolated incident with this. But they have "approved" this body shop. Surely they should meet reasonable standards. Not give an answer of "these types of cars are just fleet vehicles and not loved" and"what do you expect on a 4 year old car". They picked the garage and I trusted them as experts in this field. Sorry for the rant, just venting and a warning for other members should the same situation arise.
  7. Perfect, shows no gap and not a huge gap like mine now. Thank you.
  8. Haha not noticed that!
  9. Hi all, After some advise and thoughts please. Why to pick my car up after a non fault claim and the repair was shockingly bad. Garage agreed, but did seem a bit fob offish. The only point the didn't agree on was the gapping bellowing the rear lights (to the rear bumper). There is now a 3mm gap, I swear there was no gap before, and it's much worse on the left hand side (both rear quarters we pushed in, new bumper). They said it's just plastic tolerance and it of their control. Am I right to contest this? Does anybody have images of their cars in this area, or be so kind to take and post. Many thanks. Darren Ps I should have taken picture buy didn't, might drive past the garage tonight if it's still parked outside I'll take picture.
  10. darrude

    IS got side swiped!

    Was told my car was ready for collection. To say I disappointed is an understatement. Boot sits about 5mm above the rear quarter panel, paint work looks like it was done with a spray can, gaps below rear lights and alloys look like they were painted with generic silver paint, not even filled, even though I was told I was getting 3 new ones. My advice is don't touch auxillis with a barge pole, and sort your own repairs in a non fault claim. See what it is like after attempt 2!
  11. My loan IS ( I want to say advance spec, has electric heated/cooled seats and auto high beam, but basic nav), 2018 model. The lights on the new one are a huge improvement other mine. Shockingly so.
  12. darrude

    Advice on IS300h remap?

    I looked into this when I first got mine and it wasn't possible. Toyota lock out the ECU on hybrids. Could have changed now but I wouldn't hold your breathe!
  13. Hi, I put it on the inner rubber seal interface, on the metal not the rubber, so the seal shuts of against the felt strip rather than the metal work. Hope this helps. To test if you need to do this see if cleaning the seal and I interfaces helps. I used a product recommended on here (Gummi nueflitz or something, I'll confirm if you want to go Down that route). This sorted the seal rattles on mine for a few months. I had bump last week and got a new is loan car. I had to go round the seals on this as it was driving me mad. Darren
  14. darrude

    IS got side swiped!

    I remembered scanning this thread some time ago. Non fault claim going through with mine, I was very tempted not to go with auxilis, think I'm glad I did now, although can't say I'm particular happy with them (no Lexus approved body shop on their list, given the run around with the hire car excess waiver, but sorted now). I was speaking to a bloke at work, he said best thing to do is let the third parties insurance sort it out. Add they don't want to pay another companies claim handlers extortionate fees and will do what they can to help you. My car was barely drivable, one wheel points left after the bump, so having the car towed and a replacement sent definitely worked out to be an easy option. Just looking at the repair cost for yours, it'll be interesting to see mine, I've got similar damage, but in every panel except the front right corner!
  15. darrude

    Pit manoeuvre!

    Dont want to share the footage from the dashcam until the claim goes through, but this was my view after bouncing off the central res (forward facing dash cam). I bet that driver also needs new underwear.