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  1. What phone do you have CT? I've done quite a bit googling, and and found some generic Android and iphone settings. Just don't seem to have those options on my phone, annoyingly. Basically settings to turn off absolute call volume on Bluetooth and noise reduction features. I'll post some links next time I'm near a computer.
  2. 200h, thank you very much for posting this. Tried them all (much to my wife's annoyance, calling her every time), no improvements unfortunately. I wonder what the second 2 digits are for...? Mine is that bad, I'm actually thinking I might have to get an after market system fitted. I bet it'll be cheaper than getting a system software update... If even you can, or even if it'll do anything!
  3. I would never use socks again, they got me to the 1/4 way up a hill then the wheels span, sock came off and wrapped itself around the drive shaft, spent the next 20 mins on the floor, in the snow cutting it off.
  4. I don't think it's that bad, I prefer a balanced response not a fan of the Bose type... Super bass systems. It does ok for a standard system, better than I thought it would be.
  5. That's interesting, I wondered if it was a feedback loop as generally starts ok, then gets worse. I wonder if it could be done sort of noise cancellation issue. Would you mind feeding back once you have the mic changed and let me know how you get on. In fact thinking about it the quieter I set the call volume the less of an issue it is...
  6. Yep perfect car for that usage.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. Yeah I've tried the usual, reboot, unpair and settings to default. I'll try with another phone if that's bad I guess a bug in the system. Maybe see if there is a system update available. Guessing it's the car and not the phone as my last phone had issues.
  8. how does everyone find the Call quality on the Bluetooth, the sound on calls on mine is dreadful (like the person I'm talking to is underwater, but they hear me fine)? Podcast and music streaming is fine (even the "ring~ring" messes up, I get 2 clear ring rings then it goes all distorted). Was similar, but I don't recall as bad on my last phone....?
  9. Mine as well, 2015 Exec 62,000 miles, but serviced independently (I guess they get the mileage info from MOT's?). Anyone know how long it takes, bit of ball ache for me getting to a Lexus Garage, or if Toyota dealers can handle it?
  10. Is the situation really that bad? For the first half of 2019 it was less than 3000, when you think there are over 32million cars on the road the odds aren't that bad (0.0001%). Over 100,000 cars are stolen every year. Admittedly hotspot area's / type of car will influence the odds, but still you have to be pretty unlucky.
  11. Just an update. I never actually changed the spark plugs. We bought at 62,000 miles, but although was told this service was done, no stamp or service invoice was handed over. Turns out he did post it on, my wife never told me (I had it serviced locally just after purchase as believed it never came through). Anyway this showed spark plug change at Lexus main dealer so seemed pointless me changing). We live reasonably rural, and on my last car I stopped using the local (attended service) petrol station as I was convinced my car didn't like the fuel from there. While trying to think what could be at fault if not the spark plugs it suddenly dawned on me. I bet with the cool weather she is filling up there so she didn't have to get out of the car. Turns out she was, back on fuel from a mainstream garage and the issue has gone away. So my advice, don't fill your Lexus up from a petrol station that makes its money primilary from red diesel sales....!
  12. Does feel more like engine hesitation. Just of that is fine when under load.