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  1. Wow, that's a really good price. I'm looking at selling some new winters tyres only and was going for £300. Good luck
  2. In a slow and steady commute high 30's, never made it into the 40's. Local (we live rural Yorkshire) school run we get high 20's, but very hilly and nearly all slow single track roads, for comparison when my wife had a 1.6 auto astra for a similar journey we were getting high teens. Wife's average is about 28 including a work commute and school run.
  3. Wait till your car is 4 years old.... I've never owned a car as bad for rattles. I keep thinking about getting off the car purely for this reason.
  4. Thanks, Thank you, I'll order the same, is this everything I need (other than the virgin key, obviously).
  5. Thanks man, I'm a bit away, but have been promising the kids a day trip to the deep for a while :). Is it relatively easy to do. I'm not to fussed about the outlay and I'm a tinkerer... Just don't want to break the wife's car, some of the other customisations would be useful. The car is a pain in the arse for locking people in.
  6. Hi tech stream users... Sorry to hijack, my wife's RX has only one key, and other than main dealer not found anywhere that can help.... 18momths of ownership and not found the time to sort, no main dealer nearby. Had a quick look on the links above and I reasonably confident in doing this myself. However before I do, can you damage the car if done wrong... My wife would not forgive me.... Happy to take the risk of breaking the spare key fob. Also wondering what other advances there are of owning tech stream. Any cable recommendations... Thanks Darren
  7. Hi all, just got back from a long road trip in the wifes Rx450h (2012) and the constant squeak coming from the passenger side lower panel (underneath the glovebox) is infuriating. Thought I'd log on here and see if anyone has posted a similar issue but can't find mention anywhere, I was hoping someone may have already had and posted the fix to the issue. Issue is there is a constant, on all but really smooth surfaces, creaking / squeaking sound from the panel below the glove box (manipulating this panel changes the noise). does anyone know the best way to remove and best possible fix for this. I'm planning on just removing and putting felt tape on every interface....? Thanks, Darren.
  8. To be honest mine were primacy 3's, so that could be a difference.... At the time I lived in a converted mill that sat in a little dip, everyone's cars was stuck and everyone was helping push out. I couldn't even get it out of the flat car park, and few people in disbelief had a go, and were like... Yep that cars s**t in the snow! Mazda 3. Switched to all season after that and it was fine, but wouldn't do traditional all season again, they were terrible in the rain.
  9. Cross climates on both our cars, most impressed by the lack of road noise, but also a good all round tyre. I had primacy's on my last car and there were good, but terrible in snow.
  10. There are various reasons not to drain the tank as stated above, but an often forgot reason is to prevent fuel starvation when the car is on an incline and fuel is taken away from the feed point, more of a problem when parking on an hill, you come back then can't start your car.
  11. I came to Lexus from a Mazda 3, 125,000 miles, 9 years of ownership and only had to change 1 shock absorber.... I wanted an auto, but do quite high mileage so a CVT made sense for me. My opinion is: It's perfect 90% of the time. Then the 10% when you want to have fun... Not so good... I think it does make you chill out a bit more behind the wheel because of it. The only real annoyance is, there can be a little bit of a lag if you punch the throttle (a little worse than a standard slushbox auto), but if your progressive it's fine and much better than the audi CVT (had an A5 hire car for a few weeks, that was so laggy it was dangerous). I think if you love spirited driving then it probably won't be for you, if you want a child relaxing drive them it's better than a standard auto. Ps 50,000+ miles on mine, no real issues (rear brakes seized, but my car was only used Monday's and Thursday's and kept out in the rain, plus the journey was all mway, so wasn't really using the brakes. Other than a few rattles it's a good work horse.
  12. There is minimum legal clearance between bonnet and hard parts (suspension/engine), for as stated above pedestrian head impact. So basically a car company has to balance out styling / aero / ground clearance and engine height requirements, an easy win of a couple of inches is to have the bonnet pop up. You wouldn't believe how limited space is on some cars, literally Swiss watch engineering...
  13. I wondered why mine didn't pop when I had and accident...
  14. Finally found time to do this... It was annoying me so much I was actually thinking about getting rid of the car. Anyway, took the panel off, covered every edge in felt tape, covered the knee airbag cover fixings in tape to get a good fix, covered some of the redundant electrical connectors, and taped down some of the loose harness. Did the clip as suggested although it already had tape on it ... And this morning.... No annoying rattle. Thanks so much for the help. Now to find the passenger side rattle! Can't believe how truly awful theses cars for rattles, worst car I've ever owned for rattles.
  15. Wow, great detailed replies. Thank you guys. I'll hopefully get chance this week to have a go at fixing this..