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  1. It's my budget that's the problem, I've just taken vol redundancy and going contracting (IT), my budget is £4k as I need to pay off some plastic as well. Wish I didn't sell the IS200 in July 06 now!!!
  2. Less miles to the moon - lol - you certainly cheered me up! Trying to get the images up on here, think I'm gonna go to bed - stressed me out. Deal or No Deal?
  3. Yeah, worries me too. It's had 2 owners from new, I think if it had 367000 miles then that would be a record for an Alfa (would imagine a Lexus was capable of it though!) Cheers for replying.
  4. Hi Guys, Need your advise here, didn't know where else to go as the DVLA & all are shut. Basically, today I bought an Alfa 156 on an 02 plate, did some negotiations on the price and gave the owner £50 deposit. Did a HPI check and it's coming up saying there's a mileage discrepancy. Basically this is what I've seen:- Date Recorded - 9/3/7 - 367,000 miles (yes that is right). The car has 40,400 on the clock. It's 5 years old. The MOT form that I took a copy of has the mileage as 36,784 dates 6/9/6. Is it a coincidence or has something been typed in wrong? The MOT mileage figure almost matches the discrepancy but one zero less! All advise is appreciated, I haven't bought the car yet. It certainly doesn't look like it's done 367,000 miles anyway!
  5. I used to get about 450 - 500 miles to a tank on average, so 120 miles for £20 is a bit steep but nothing major. Try these to see if it improves:- 1) Change your air filter (unless it's already done). 2) Switch your aircon off for a trial period - say 1 or 2 tanks (don't really need it in the winter anyway). 3) Check your tyre pressure and make sure they're right- makes a big difference. 4) Reset your ECU and see if that helps. I can't believe people are getting 300 miles to a tank, I had my IS200 for 3 years and it never dropped under 400 miles even if I gave it some stick.
  6. I didn't bother when I had mine but 4 months after the warranty expired my water pump started leaking - I believe it's a common problem so worth checking before you decide. The other thing to bear in mind is the cost of the warranty - what miles have you done - if you need your timing belt changed soon that's another £400 to add to your running costs. And don't forget your stereo has 5 years warranty on it :winky:
  7. Kev, The only thing you really need to check is that the spark plugs were changed at 60k, the timing belt might have been done but it depends on the owner (some dealers say 100k but I changed mine at 60k when I had my IS200). Other than that the normal oil change & oil filters should have been done on every service. I think the air filter and aircon filter is usually done on every 20k. You can phone the dealer the car was serviced at (if you know it) and they will confirm the above as well.
  8. Jamboo - Feel for you fella, I don't believe your being petty by complaining about squeeks, rattles or fuel consumption. Let's take a reality check - you probably spent £25k ++ on your car, how long would it take to earn that money? I would be absolutely furious if it was me. A new car should be perfect, and you have grounds to complain under the warranty that came with the car. Have you tried complaining to trading standards or watchdog about your car? I bet it would make an interesting topic on tv. Have you tried a different dealer? I know when I had my IS my local dealer was pretty rubbish.
  9. I had the same problem when I had my IS, changed the pollen filter and tried the kettle fix but neither sorted the problem. I think it's down to a learning curve - always leave your aircon on !
  10. Chester are so overpriced - it was the closest to me before my IS went and I wouldn't recommend them to anyone sorry. The timing belt is optional at 60k, the original requirement is 100k. Make sure you get a price from Hanley they will beat any price that you've been quoted. I paid £350 for my 60k service at Hanley but provided my own spark plugs, you can also supply your own oil as well and that will knock £60 off the stealers (£30 at Hanley), and make sure you change the aircon filter yourself ( Don't let the robbing barstools rip you off!
  11. Cheers for the feedback guys. Gotta admit, never a lover of the Honda Accord in the past but this car is amazing! By the way the guy who bought my IS200 was a cash buyer and had ahem, circa £8k in his jeans when he met me..... Friday was a scary day when we went to the bank....but when he drove back some 300 miles, he sent me a bearing in mind the car is 4 years old, but was really still in fantastic condition, 83k on the clock, fsh His text read "Just got back, cars mint".....nuff said about the IS200 eh!
  12. Well I no longer own a Lexus IS200, after putting it on ebay I sold it to a cash buyer after 3 days. Which I think on the scheme of things I was really lucky. I enjoyed owning the IS200 and the trouble free 3 years I had with it. But I was never ever impressed with my local dealer, enough said. I now have a Honda Accord 2.2 cdti exec which to be honest IMHO is a brilliant car, granted it might not have the status of the Lexus but for the money there's a lot of car to be had. I would even go as far to say it is very similar in terms of the spec to the IS250 yet £6k cheaper (with the leather and satnav). What I will say is that LOC is a brilliant website for sharing info on the Lexus range much much better than any other marque forum I've seen, try and find a Honda Owners website - what a joke.
  13. Interested read fella - glad you got off with it. My past experience was being caught for doing 95 on the M5. The police pulled me over gave me a telling off and was given the option to take 3 points and £60 fine or go to court. They did say anything over 96 was mandatory court case, but I guess that changes within each county. What made me laugh was the police were more interested in the MPG on the A4 1.9TDI I had at the time ! HAHA!
  14. Hi Guys, Think I'm going to trade my is200 for a Rav4 at a local dealers. It's 2.0 petrol NRG with leather 104k on the clock in metallic blue. Anybody know what I should watch out for - the car seems very well looked after for the miles. I've tried to get onto TOC but i'm waiting for my username to be approved so if you read this and you can help it's appreciated!
  15. When my IS went in for a bumper repair in December I had a loan Skoda Fabia (haha better than nothing) for a week. Not entirel sure of your circumstances though.... have you fallen out with your dealer before the incident? They are usually pretty good about this sort of thing. Don't take it out on the car you'll be hard pushed to find anything else that has what the IS has to offer and has uniqueness on the road.
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