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  1. Cheers Barney! I don't have the car anymore but glad I could have been of help. Chris. PM's
  2. Want To Add Navi To Your Is?

    Yeah, turbo went a few weeks back and left Manchester in thick white smoke..... Taken the head off to check for damage and all is OK. Replaced the big end shells and mains and the head gasket while it was all in bits. New turbo and it's all OK. All in just under 200 quid plus 18 hours of my time.... ***** timing chains
  3. Want To Add Navi To Your Is?

    Eyup Ray, how's things? Will be posting pics up soon, having it valeted by a friend first. The rother valley meet probably wont be till next spring/summer, but you are welcome at the plank and leggit. All good here Ian. Rother Valley is only 20 minutes from me so that would be good. Becks Vier on draft too!
  4. Want To Add Navi To Your Is?

    Cheers.... I'll do that when I can afford something else... ;)
  5. Want To Add Navi To Your Is?

    Ian, The GS looks good! When are you showing it off? Any details about the Rother Valley meet? (That is if 5-Series are welcome if the 9-3 has gone)
  6. New Member. Is200 Owner.

    Nice wheels actually. Needs dropping quite a bit though.
  7. Well She's Off For The Day

    Like every other one Chris?
  8. Well She's Off For The Day

    Yeah, so do the kids. They never want to go out in misses's car anymore They're nice cars but a bit dated I'd say. I had a 1994 900 vert before (same shape) Just stuck a bigger turbo on and it's rather nippy now Need 4 doors again at some point again as it's a ball-ache getting kids in and out with the roof up..... Maybe another 7?
  9. Well She's Off For The Day

    But, I wasn't comparing my IS to my 5-Series was I? Just to any mid size car from the same era RE toys and comfort. I thought at least OBC would be standard on any decent post 1998 car.
  10. Well She's Off For The Day

    I'd have a new shape IS vert in a heartbeat though! When I've won the lottery....
  11. Well She's Off For The Day

    Mine was a Sport so not much comfort. Lack of OBC was the biggest thing I missed. just an orange light when fuel was getting low. (Which is permanently on btw haha) Seats drove me mad being electric but not memory and no heat settings other than on or off. Just loads of little things like no auto windows, no struts on bonnet and boot. Mine was an older one (2001) so only half leather/half suede. Been in Transporters car which is from 2005 and it's like a different car.
  12. Well She's Off For The Day

    As pretty as the IS looks, I couldn't cope with the lack of comfort, lack of toys and thirst for fuel.
  13. Well She's Off For The Day

    Sorry, I've been a bit vague.... Sold the IS and bought a C-Class K for the misses and a 9-3 for me.
  14. Help Again? Is200 Sport

    On my logbook it actually says Lexus IS200 Sport. Same quote roughly as an SE but still ridiculous...
  15. Well She's Off For The Day

    Had a receipt in the folder of my IS for over £500 for the same job (Main dealer) so yours seems very reasonable. Glad my car only has 50k on as I don't fancy changing the chain anytime soon.