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  1. I see your in the west midlands i am trying to find someone near by to have a look at one. Would you be open to that? I live Telford, Shropshire.
  2. Yer, post on m3cutters about it annoyed the guy who sold it ha. But lot have said its far too expensive..not a comp or anything special. yer its a shame if it was more low 20s would of taken a look.
  3. The most over priced dealer going, they bought an E93 M3 for £18k and got it up for £27k. There was a 13 plate ISF with 29k on the clock up for the same price but deposit has been taken.
  4. Did look at the VLAND but seen some issues with water getting in….have yours been okay Rich? looks like we need to do a group buy on some! Seen a few installation videos does seem pretty straight forward.
  5. Hi all, Currently looking to buy a MY10+ and one thing i would like to do is get the MY11+ LED DRLs fitted if i end up with a 2010 but cant find a price to buy them. does anyone have a cost/availability for these?
  6. Had a few messages, still nothing bought yet. As for colour open to anything as long as not black (hate keeping them clean).
  7. Hi all, Was previously looking 7 years ago but went to the dark side and got an RS4. But after wanting an ISF for sometime now needs to be ticked off the list. looking for a 2010+ and ideally in USB which may be hard to come by, white is close second Anyways if you are about to trade yours in or thinking about selling and might just want to discuss then let me know. Funds ready.
  8. Hi Andy Just tried sending a PM wont allow me if you could send some pics and a price your looking at. Cheers :)
  9. Sending you a PM andy :) sounds perfect haha
  10. Will investigate further, see what mods are on it or maybe it is a different one. Calling him later.
  11. Yer that was it, spoke to the guy of this matt black one says its silver underneath thought it was the same car. Said Lexus did the wrap.
  12. The Matt black ISF for sale on eBay is that the same one with a few engine mods was apparently running 450bhp?
  13. Push a hard bargain pack of biscuits as well ;) It looks lovely in the red, and will be keeping my eyes peeled :) cheers
  14. Sounds like you should sell it to me for 17k and il give it a good home and use it everyday ;)
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