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  1. I doubt I will, but at least I'll get the peace of mind for a couple of years. Should help if I decide to sell as well, not that I'm thinking of it.
  2. You got a link to that magazine article you've linked to on your ebay auction? Would like to read it. Good luck with the sale!
  3. This car is an absolute legend. £21k would be an absolute bargain. Hopefully it ends up in good hands on here. Did you ever track it Pete? I'd love to see any footage.
  4. So, my ISF will be 10yrs old Jan 24th 2020. I have purchased 2 yrs warranty to begin Jan 1st 2020. All Lexus Birmingham needed was to see the car which they did when I had it serviced. They then offered me the £800 warranty for 2yrs. My car does not have full service history.
  5. I was in Lexus Birmingham getting my MOT done and came across the 2nd ISF I've ever seen, after my own. Anyone on here? I was looking for the owner, but they weren't around.
  6. I managed 34.7 in my ISF once on a 117 mile run down to London. I left it in cruise control at speed limits and it did the rest.
  7. Also interested in diy method to updated hdd sat nav. Mine's 2009-2010 ver.1 Gracenote ver. 01727
  8. Make sure whatever you do, you don't pay over the odds. Some of the later isf's for sale are dangerously close to rcf prices. A 2010 facelift model will give you most of what you want.
  9. I see a usb one on the A38 Aston expressway every now and then. Lexus brum have told me he's a doc. I caught up with him once. Flashed him and pulled in front but he seemed a little reluctant to engage. I presume he didn't realise I was in a daddy usb 5.0 original progenitor.
  10. I always see people complain about there not being a 3rd gen isf. I'm happy ours is the only version. I'm also happy the word is getting out. Push the prices up.
  11. They still charging to park? Or is that only on their event weekends?
  12. 2nd favourite colour. I've got my favourite colour with the white seats, but I'd have had this in a second.