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  1. Mine's due in June. I'll just have to wait it out, it was only recently serviced anyway, so I know it's fine.
  2. I'm fortunate as myself and my wife are classed as key workers. Been self isolating for 9 days as my wife has been ill, so I'm climbing the walls atm. So long as I don't get ill, I can get out on Sunday...although had a tickly cough today. 😷 hoping it's nothing. Self medicating with Merlot, which my wife picked up today on her first trip out.
  3. Interested in the valved system. Had a quote for £1800 so far from Scotland. So anything less than H&S is a bonus.
  4. Don't H&S do group buys if there's enough interest?
  5. Just for fun, I've been thinking "what would be a perfect super special weekend car?" Obviously the options are limitless, but with our frenemy depreciation in play, there is some special kit you can pick up for £60k. Who knows with the current climate where the prices will end up. I've a few suggestions which I've found on autotrader, let me know what you'd add to your list. Let's start with the LC500, space age looks and a stunning interior. This one is 2017 model with 10.6k miles on it and priced at £50k Jaguar F-Type SVR, the ultimate F-type. This is a 2016 model with 11k miles priced at £59k Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS, gorgeous looks with another amazing interior. 2015 model with 37k miles priced at £55k
  6. Is the AMG GTS not a consideration? It would be a straight choice between the LC500 and GT for me. Not that I'm anywhere near that choice.
  7. Out of interest what colour is the interior? I love the white interior in my USB.
  8. That would be a bit too shouty for me. 🤪 Maybe as a weekend car.
  9. Lol...sorry I didn't see your post. An RCF may one day be an "upgrade" route for me, but I'm currently in no rush. Problem with the ISF is it's a damn capable car, so not many people rushing to sell them. Maybe post a pic of your car and see who bites. I'd probably only go for another USB, or Mesa red if I was looking.
  10. I have a USB and this looks a great price. Can't see it lasting long. Facelift with LSD and upgraded ICE.
  11. Arghh, finish a business meeting on the Hagley Road in Five Ways this afternoon and see the same car 100 meters from the last spot I first saw it. Who owns this bad boy?
  12. If I remember correctly it was on about 84k. It's just had 2 years warranty put on it before it turned 10. Just in case I ever change my role and need to change it. I'd probably look at an RCF as a weekender.
  13. Another article on Pistonheads. I paid £15500 for my 2010 facelift usb isf in 2018. I'm pretty sure I could get that back easily. https://www.pistonheads.com/features/ph-features/lexus-is-f--the-brave-pill/41861 You can get 2008 m3's and c63's cheaper than the cheapest isf on autotrader. Whose car is it?