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  1. The LC500 isn't an F car, even though it has a 5 litre engine. I'd have one after my F if they got to a nice price point. They're gorgeous, and the convertible is beautiful. The one car that no one's mentioned yet which I'll be watching closely is the new Corvette. Be interesting to see what price point it arrives at.
  2. So my 2010 has just ticked over 100k miles. Do we have many 100k milers on here? In the year I've had her, I've had zero issues.
  3. Try https://www.originfab.com/ I'm sure they could do something.
  4. Wouldn't bother tbh. I use Google maps on my phone and I have the HDD version. If you do have to use it, it'll get you there...eventually. But Google maps/waze is always receiving live data, and will reroute if needed. Far superior. There are also options to swap the head unit out for an Android unit, which again would be far superior. Someone on here has done it to their isf, and it looks great.
  5. @Gsf solihull were you driving through Birmingham today? I was coming off the Broad Street roundabout and a black GSF drove past me.
  6. Good site that. Knew red was the rarest, but surprised to see rarity of blue. Thought white was far rarer.
  7. If you check his page you'll see a couple of isf's he's done including mine.
  8. There's a guy in Nuneaton who I've used who is very good. https://instagram.com/l.a_detailing?igshid=rgvf6dkepuwn
  9. Do you have any video of it? Do you get any drone? I've been researching a valved system I came across on YouTube which could be done for circa £1800. I'm in no rush though, so just mulling over options.
  10. Not in the midlands. They're are a few of us around, and you may come across owners every now and then. I only know of one other GSF owner in Birmingham, but he's not a member on here. Think there are a couple of ISF owners around Warwick way. A meet at https://instagram.com/caffeineandmachine?igshid=16suu9nu6xrii wouldn't be too hard to arrange as it's not far. Not seen any RCF's or LC500s here.
  11. Lexus will warranty a car once they see it. Mine doesn't have a complete service history, but first time they serviced it, they offered me the 2 yr warranty. I've deferred it for 8 months, so that it takes effect the last month before my car is 10 yrs old.