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  1. Nice. What are the biggest differences you find in everyday use?
  2. That's interesting to know. Were the pagid discs branded as Brembo?
  3. No problem. If you scroll to the first post, you'll see what happened when op ordered Pagid discs and pads.
  4. So had my MOT yesterday, and when they rang me to let me know, told me it was just going to be cleaned before it was ready, which surprised me. I asked them not to do the outside as I prefer doing it myself, but they certainly did the inside.
  5. Thought I'd reply to this as I had an advisory against my front pads and discs, and thought I'd check ECP if there were any offers on to install in a couple of months. 40% off at the moment. Qty Part# Description Vehicle Price 2 104822088 Pagid Brake Disc (Front) Lexus IS 5.0 2010 £85.98 1 101821018 Pagid Brake Pad (Front) Lexus IS 5.0 2010 £70.99 Subtotal £156.97 Discount -£62.80 Delivery Charges ( Standard Delivery (free for orders over £15) ) £0.00 Total (inc VAT): £94.17
  6. They will usually. I normally just ask them to leave the outside alone.
  7. My car is booked into Lexus Birmingham on Monday for its MOT. They usually give me a courtesy car, but during the pandemic are obviously not offering this service.
  8. That's a decent price for fitting. Is it time to issue the immortal words GROUPBUY? I'd much prefer a valved system. Anyone else interested?
  9. That's a decent total price. What's the fitting price? @Wellsey where did you order from?
  10. Interesting...how much was the valve and fitting?
  11. Think 95 is recommended for the isf, which is high compared to some countries. £1.00 a litre at costco, although I've not filled up for weeks.
  12. Mine's due in June. I'll just have to wait it out, it was only recently serviced anyway, so I know it's fine.
  13. I'm fortunate as myself and my wife are classed as key workers. Been self isolating for 9 days as my wife has been ill, so I'm climbing the walls atm. So long as I don't get ill, I can get out on Sunday...although had a tickly cough today. 😷 hoping it's nothing. Self medicating with Merlot, which my wife picked up today on her first trip out.