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  1. If you don't mind me asking where and how much did it cost for this?
  2. If I was looking I'd have it in a shot. I'm slightly annoyed it's come up now tbh. 😂
  3. Didn't you have an exhaust as well?
  4. Sigh...if only this had come up earlier. how come you have the white seats? Thought that was a face lift option.
  5. Ah...the Aston Martin wheels. How you finding them?
  6. Didn't bother me. I actually preferred it. Was more interested in getting the rims sorted. Tbf his actual job was supposed to be a repair in a day. But he took them away and acid dipped them to remove the caked on brake dust. I'm happy with the result.
  7. Always thought the standard Lexus grey was a great colour. I didn't mind going any darker, but I was adamant they didn't go lighter.
  8. Lexus did mine as well. £85 each. They use a mobile guy. But he took mine away to do them properly. He said he couldn't match the colour exactly, but they'd be close. He also did the barrels in black which was a nice touch. I was going to use Pristine alloys, but they were more expensive.
  9. Tell me about pads that shed less dust on my alloys. I'm perfectly happy with my brake stopping power.
  10. For someone who knows next to nothing about cars, what are these and what do they do?
  11. I've had the BLT with well done bacon in a Brioche bun and that was lovely.
  12. Btw. There's a detailer in Nuneaton, who will detail and ceramic coat your car for £350. @Twellsie and myself have used him and he's top notch. 3 days of work and the car comes back stunning. Pm me or @Twellsie if you want more details. It's a piece of cake to clean once done.
  13. After deciding to invest in a cheap pressure washer, snow lance and car washing stuff, I washed my car for the first time in about 20 yrs. Last time I did it I had a Punto and used washing up liquid in the water.