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  1. I recently got about 450 miles to a tank with lots of motorway & some urban.
  2. Most I ever got on my GS300 was 42 mpg on he way to my best mans the day before my wedding, St Albans to Reading keeping to the limit.
  3. I get both lights on the dials the vsc and the traction light and the wheels don't spin on gravel without doing this, maybe its a non hybrid thing or to do with the normal auto box ? It's in the manual too.
  4. I paid about £50 for a unpainted case (main dealer) for my 5 series & £20 locally (3rd party) to have it painted.
  5. Holding the traction button for about 5 secs permanently switches it off which is great fun in a dirt road ect. When it snowed last March I still had budget tyres on mine & it was fine with snow mode on much better than my E60.
  6. They look ok to me but I prefer dim lighting or maybe as they improved some things on the 2007 model (sat nav screen rez) mine could be brighter.
  7. All my interior lights are LED my mate reckons it could be a mod by the last owner or was this stock ?
  8. Is the MK4 boot light still off to the right side rather than in the middle like on my now gone BMW E60 ? I swapped mine out to LED pretty soon after buying the car lol
  9. I noticed recently that BMW went back to a standard torque converter gearbox on the new M5 Vs the outgoing models twin clutch system.
  10. My Beamer used to have a filter in the tank I but you had to take off the nearside wheel arch to get to it.
  11. My alternator died recently but my car is twice yours in age, you can get a little voltage cigarette slot reader off eBay for a few quid to help you monitor it.