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  1. I think its slightly weaker on the drivers side but that's to be expected with wear & tear if mainly driven alone.
  2. Y Yeah had this on previous cars too.
  3. My BMW E60 could auto fold with some coding via a Android app.
  4. Swapped out the budget tyres my car came with for a new set of Pirelli P Zero Nero GT's 245/40R18 97Y ride is so much better now was way to firm before & handling is much better too.
  5. Gee I thought the whole idea of going Japanese was so that you didn't need a warranty
  6. " HAS ALL THE EXTRAS SUCH AS SAT NAV, REVERSE CAMERA, FULL BEIGE LEATHER INTERIOR WITH HEATED FRONT SEATS etc" I thought they all had that ? leather colour aside. SEL over SE, SEL has the 18" wheels, ML stereo, sunroof & boot lip spoiler & sometimes radar cruise. Easiest way to spot a SEL in the wild is to look for the boot lip spoiler. I love my sunroof though used it loads so far well worth getting a SEL over a SE.
  7. Of course people only come to forums to have a moan where are all the good stories ? I have noticed that the hybrids have bigger miles on them though possibly people buying them as a alternative to a diesel.?
  8. Sorry it was a mate so free it probably would cost the same as a puncture.
  9. I thought I had a slow puncture but it turned out to be corrosion on the inner wheel so not a perfect seal now all sorted & cleaned by a mate a Kwik fit FOC
  10. At over £400 for the Vline I think I will just get the one you have There is a Vline V2 on the horizon too after some problems with the V1.
  11. I wish the screen mirror kits that you can get in the US were more common here. Can you still use the factory BT for calls when using the GROM kit for audio streaming ?
  12. No Diesels no good for the rep mobile crowd ala BMW 520d or in the infamous/typical Vauxhall Insignia SRI (Sales Rep Inside) model. I love having a car that I hardly see on the road unlike my previous car BMW E60.