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  1. I've had the cold weather early morning set mine off before only for it all to be good come lunchtime 😉
  2. Initial P

    Buying a Saab on Sunday...

    I'm sure I heard somebody say to me once that some insurers won't give you insurance due to lack of parts ?
  3. I never bother with getting dealer stamps when buying a "bargain barge" I recently had a oil service + filter & front & rear pads £125 cash from my indie. He used his Snap On car diagnostics & it just came back with one fault "low abs voltage" but I had just had the alternator die & replaced, proper Denso.
  4. I had a coolant leak on my BMW E60 & it turned out to be a small leak where the pipe goes into the engine (rubber grommet) so don't panic yet. Sidelight bulb is on a stick & visible once you removed the engine covers you just twist it & pull it out, main beam is easy too there are many guides on Youtube:
  5. Does anyone remember that fuel crisis years ago where by Morrison's fuel damaged engines ?
  6. Alternator died leaving me at the aid of the AA on Friday morning (St Albans A414) my indie said that he could get the after market part asap but would need a few days to get the proper Denso part which only cost £30 more so I waited.
  7. I had a leaky rim & was fixed with a tyre off clean up at my local Kwik Fit. I also had the same HID problem & again was fixed with a new set of Osrams from eBay I also replace bulbs in pairs as a rule.
  8. Since buying my GS300 in Jan this year apart from one time when I used BP I've used Shell every other time & never used supermarket grade, I sometimes use V Power & get more MPG. I have some family members who work in the fuel retail sector & there boss gets offered the supermarket fuel about 5-7K cheaper per tanker than the normal stuff which would allow them to make a bigger profit but they take the good stuff. OT: Still my car has been off the road since Friday with something completely different, I have to say I expected more from a Toyota sub brand @ 80k miles, luckily work leant me my work van 🙂
  9. Having the sunroof is a real bonus on the SE-L I use mine all the time and the lip spoiler looks cool.
  10. Remember the in dash monitor got a slight upgrade in 2007 making it higher resolution.
  11. In terms of ride & handling has anyone every gone over to better springs & coil-overs ?
  12. And the aircon comes on very fast too no need to open windows for long.
  13. I think the aircon in my GS is the coolest I ever felt in any car ever.