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  1. I have the 2017/18 disc & it still doesn't have the new J11A on the M1 but my TomTom that I've not updated since last year has it. Still £35 off eBay so no harm done.
  2. From Auto Trader user reviews: Beware significant engine problems on 05-06 GS300 models. RoadWarrior32 | 20th April '14 I bought my GS300 SE-L to replace a very reliable BMW 525i and given it was a Lexus, it just did not occur to me to conduct my usual extensive research as I just assumed reliability would be bulletproof. Well it isn't!! The 300 has a DI V6, which Lexus launched with the GS in 2005 and it's the DI which causes carbon deposits to build up in the engine, which effectively strangles the engine, causing excessive oil consumption, low oil pressure and sometimes complete engine failure. O5-06 engines also suffer with defective piston rings, which effectively worsens the oil consumption to the extent that owners are often driving around with low oil levels in between services, which in turn can cause premature failure of the engine over time. I found out the hard way when my 06 GS300 with Full service history and around 60k miles started to make a rattling noise, followed by a loss of oil pressure. Subsequent investigation found the engine filled with a sludge like substance, despite scheduled services with the correct synthetic oil. You are looking at a bill for over four thousand pounds to rebuild the engine and this will not stop the carbon deposits returning as they a result of the DI. I believe Lexus redesigned the engine in 07 to address both issues but I'm done with Lexus, so you will have to do your own research. Just search LEXUS GS300 Oil Consumption, Carbon Build Up or Piston Rings for more detailed info.
  3. There is a review on the auto trader user reviews saying about heavy oil usage on 05-06 engines and carbon build up.
  4. The only bit of so called "dash creak" I had was in the middle between the clock & air vents & fixing it was as simple as putting a small piece of old credit card in the gap as shown worked a treat, since I took the picture I've pushed it in a bit further so its invisible.
  5. I had a BMW E60 530i 2004 prior to my GS300 but wanted all the toys (and something a bit rarer) this time so went Lexus oh & all the M54 engine leaks!
  6. I got one of those £35 2017/18 Sat Nav updates discs off eBay and it worked straight off the bat no problems (I've read elsewhere that you may need to disconnect your car battery for 2mins?) sat nav changes now possible on the move & my 2007 SEL does not have radar cruise, but everything else inc the higher rez screen. Cant the creaky dash be solved with felt in-between the dash & windscreen ?
  7. Are there really people out there who buy 3ltr petrol cars & care about MPG? "your in the wrong game mate"
  8. SE-L has the boot spoiler too. Saw my old E60 5 series on eBay today selling with a FSH & heated seats strange it did't have those when I had it dodgy car sellers.
  9. Here is a picture that I took earlier for another post, 07 higher res screen.
  10. I got it to work thanks Only thing I had to have my phone connected otherwise it said on the screen after selecting groups "check phone connection".
  11. I had a dark blue once never again ! Most new cars come in white.
  12. In real terms its £5 extra a week I think the screen is meant to be higher rez from 2007 I looked at a few older models on Autotrader like this LE on the (top picture) vs mine (bottom picture).