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  1. A local car enthusiast so nothing bulletproof but he was using E10 in his Morgan & some of his older stuff. He also said V Power octane varies depending on where you live in the UK. Isn't Brazil on E30 now?
  2. My Indi mech got me into the brand in the first place I used to take my BMW to him with the same old recurring faults & there he had a IS200 with about 200k on the clock with everything sweet.
  3. I always tell people I've got a Toyota when the ask what car I have. Ask any indie mech its all the same underneath.
  4. I heard that E10 in order engines will cause damage to your fuel lines but not for about 10 years but the gov is just covering themselves.
  5. The GS250 boot is slightly bigger than the hybrids which is important if you need to store a buggy in there as ours only just fits so I think it wouldn't in the 300/450h.
  6. I used to get this once a year around spring time on my GS Mk3 all my windows & sunroof would be open in the morning when I got up despite my keys been downstairs, never got the bottom of it.
  7. Just make a all electric GS. So far none of these electric cars do anything for me they are just for people who like getting about & care nothing for looks.
  8. He himself has a 06 Mondeo ST 4 pot diesel which sounds like a bag of spanners on start up. Personally I've not had a FWD car in over 10 years now.
  9. £159.9p per litre at Esso today for 99 Supreme but it does give more miles unlike V Power in my experience.
  10. I think your car has to be running for 80 mins when you update it as its the whole of Europe be nice if you could just have have the UK map. I personally won't be getting it as I updated my mk3 disc & never actually used it in 3.5 years. Be nice if there was a update for car software.
  11. It's in the manual for mine so I guess its the same.
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