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  1. They look ok to me but I prefer dim lighting or maybe as they improved some things on the 2007 model (sat nav screen rez) mine could be brighter.
  2. All my interior lights are LED my mate reckons it could be a mod by the last owner or was this stock ?
  3. Is the MK4 boot light still off to the right side rather than in the middle like on my now gone BMW E60 ? I swapped mine out to LED pretty soon after buying the car lol
  4. I noticed recently that BMW went back to a standard torque converter gearbox on the new M5 Vs the outgoing models twin clutch system.
  5. My Beamer used to have a filter in the tank I but you had to take off the nearside wheel arch to get to it.
  6. Yes soon after running the battery light came on the dials & it died about 3 miles later.
  7. My alternator died recently but my car is twice yours in age, you can get a little voltage cigarette slot reader off eBay for a few quid to help you monitor it.
  8. Grom audio is your best bet for bluetooth audio retrofit costs about £130 but well worth it.
  9. Never had a problem with the OEM battery until my alternator started to fail since its been replaced the car is better than ever with a constant voltage reading on idle at 13.8v MPG has also been slightly higher since too (24 in town vs 18 old & 41 motorway vs 36 old) although I'm not sure if that where the gearbox learning driving style reset as it was disconnected from the battery for 3 days.
  10. Be nice to get a full set of floor mats for under a £100 too when all you really need to replace is the drivers side 🤣
  11. If you hold the mode button on the steering wheel for a about 5 secs it will turn it on or off. My car was disconnected from the battery for about 3 days recently when the alternator died no issues when it was replaced & the battery was reconnected.
  12. I've had the cold weather early morning set mine off before only for it all to be good come lunchtime 😉
  13. Initial P

    Buying a Saab on Sunday...

    I'm sure I heard somebody say to me once that some insurers won't give you insurance due to lack of parts ?
  14. I never bother with getting dealer stamps when buying a "bargain barge" I recently had a oil service + filter & front & rear pads £125 cash from my indie. He used his Snap On car diagnostics & it just came back with one fault "low abs voltage" but I had just had the alternator die & replaced, proper Denso.