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  1. Jason rye

    Need sum help

    Hi im looking for sumone to do a engine swop i have a LS400 and i want to swop the engine into my iS200 can sumone help this to happen for me. Or send me in the direction please Thak you
  2. Jason rye


    i havent got the TRC light on just the ABS light
  3. Jason rye


    Hi i have a problem with 1 of my lexus is200. I have 4 of them now lol. I have the abs light on iv plug it up and its not telling me what the problam is.No engine management light on. Can sumone point me in the right direction what to check. Iv pinned it out pin13 and 4 i cant remember off the top of my head which pins it was iv got the right one wrote downwhere. When iv pinned it out the ABS light flashed and 3 bleeps sounded. But the ABS light still stayed on. So i dont no where to go from here with it. So i hope sumone can point me in the right direction. thanks jason
  4. Hi all iv lost the top of my key to my is200. I have a ECU with a key what do I need to change to get it going again. The ECU I have is off a manual that I am breaking Will the ECU fit a Automatic and what else do I need to change. If you could help me I would appreciate it Thanks Be Lucky Jason
  5. Hi all iv lost the top of my key to my is200. I have a ECU with a key what do I need to change to get it going again. The ECU I have is off a manual that I am breaking Will the ECU fit a Automatic and what else do I need to change. If you could help me I would appreciate it Thanks Be Lucky Jason
  6. Hi there thanks for the good info. The LS400 engine fits in the is200 with ee's I know it fits. but the ls400 I got is far to good to rip apart. So looks like iv got to hunt again for a ls400 I have 4 Is200 and 1 ls400 my mates have started to take the ***** out of me becos I have 5 Lexus'es saying I have a fetish over them. At the moment I am seeing how many miles I am getting to 65L of LPG changing up gear no more than 2000/RPM Being very gentle with it. CAN YOU GUESS????? I wonder if you can. Who will get the closest. I will post the answer as soon as I know. Iv had my fun putting my foot down in the car. Now I want to know how economic it is on LPG gas. But I must say there's not much difference power wise between petrol and gas much the same smooth all the way I like it a lot.. But I'm still in love with my IS200 just means I can keep it clean and nice lol just bring it out when I fanny a blast around the lanes. Best of both worlds. What I'm going to do is get down the Ace Cafe when you have your next meeting and introduce myself to you all. And have a cupper and a chat with you all. And if you see me come up and say hi...I will be the man with one arm Yes I have one arm lol And yes I have heard all the jokes And yes my nick name is Harmless...By name and by nature lolllll Dinner so I'm off.. Be Lucky j
  7. Thank you all for your help my LS400 is a 1996. I will have a look at the U.S EBAY see what,s there. and I will not sell my is200 iv spent to much money on it. As I said I'm going to put the LS400 engine in it at sum point.
  8. Hi there can someone help me please Iv just got myself a LS400 well four weeks ago. So iv squirrelled me 3 is200 away for a latter day. I was going to put the ls400 engine in my is200. But the ls400 is such a nice car I thought id use it for a bit. It has LPG fitted so its very cheep to run. Id hate it if I had to put petrol in it I just couldn't run it on petrol alone that's for sure. The problem I have is my one has clear indicators lens on the front. And on the back. The back light,s have a clear bit all the way through the middle. Is this a upgraded model? Or just upgrade lights. What it is I need a front indicator lens as my one is cracked. Iv looked on Ebay and iv looked on japans Ebay but I'm not having a lot of luck. Hope someone can help me or just tell me why my lights are different. Thank you in advance. All the best jason
  9. Jason rye

    LS 400 v8

    Hiya again I'm sure this question has be ask befor. But I have to ask again. Lol How much was the Ls400 new???? As i have just go one. And I must say what a car, I have 3 is200 and I love them. But I think I going to have an affair with the Ls400 I got it with the intentions of taking the engine out and fitting it into 1 of my Is200. But after driving it I must say I don't no what to do now. I've spent the last,well let's say 6 months talking about what I'm going to do to my Ls200 and that's why I have 3 of then now. As I have them for different bits and pieces. But what am I going to do now. But I was sitting here thinking How much was it new? Can sumone help?? Thanks Jason
  10. Jason rye

    Can I Fit Fog Light

    Cool thanks for all your help. So just got to find a sportscross bumper in blue or sell the Fog light's. I have got a sport bumper the nice one? I dont no if its call a (TRD or a TTE) Im thinking i could see if i could get the fog lights to fit in that bumper befor i get it panted blue. This light Mod has not been done. Even if you get a sportscross bumper and do it that way. Still a cool thing to do. It's the little thing's... That make the big thing's look good!!!!!! Cool Be Lucky jason
  11. Jason rye

    Can I Fit Fog Light

    Hi so the answer may be is to fit the bumper off a sports cross? But do the bumper fit if so why hasent it been done im asking myself. That is the question Do the bumpers fit and if not why dont they fit. I dont wont to go out and get a bumper just to find out iv wasted money and time. Hope i can get the answer sumone must know.. Be Lucky Jason
  12. Jason rye

    Can I Fit Fog Light

    Hi there i never tryed to fit them with the bumper off as the SE ones come off without takeing the bumper off. I have 100s of pictures of lexus is200 with all sorts of thing done to them. But not one has the Sportcross front fog light fitted. Am i missing sumthink i'v look't at the sportcross front bumper and thay are a bit diffrents but not a lot. Have a look at the fog light and tell me that they dont look better than the SE ones. This looks like such an easy upgrade i jast dont no why no one has done it. The answer must be out there. See if you can find a SE or a SPORTS with the sportcross fog lights fitted? If Sumone has done this please let me know. Or post sum picture of it done. Be Lucky jason ( sorry for the spelling mistake)
  13. Jason rye

    Can I Fit Fog Light

    Hi thanks for getting back to me. My one has foglight in the bumper but there are **** there rotton inside iv tryed to fit the sportcross fog light but they don't fit. If you look at the sportcross one in a sportcross bumper they sit back more where the SE ones sit flash. I have look at 100 of pictures of lexus is200 and iv never seen a set off sportcross ones fitted to a SE or a sports. I dont no why this has not been done. Is there sumthink i am missing why cant you fit the hole bumper is there sum diffrent's. Becos the sportcross foglights look so much better than the crappy SE/SPORTS ones. Hope sumone on here can inlighton me to why this is. Thanks jason Be Lucky
  14. Jason rye

    Can I Fit Fog Light

    Hi can sumone help me with this I have a lexus is200 se what i wont to know is can i fit the fog lights out of a sportcross into my SE Has this been done befor and how hard is it to do? What if i fitted the bumper of a sportcross to my one. Can you swop the bumpers and if so how hard is it to do? I have a set of fog light from a sportcross but i dont have the bumper. What would i have to do to make them fit the SE bumper is it hard to do. Thank you for your help i do Appreciate it. Wish you all on here the very best. Be Lucky Jason
  15. Jason rye

    Removed Steering Wheel Need Help

    Hi there your right the one i got was a AIRBAG RESISTOR 1/4 WATT FITTED WITH 2 AMP FUSE but when i frist look at the add it said it was a srs inline resistor 3.0 ohm-airbag light deleted. i got it off ebay and the number was 111550296278 Have a look for your self. But i do Appreciate all your help and advice. Hope i can get sum more. Wish you all the very best Jason