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  1. Hi John It was my interpretation following a quick read through of the exclusions, however the situation has now been resolved with no charges levied. Following discussions and receiving their video to explain to me their findings which showed them to be working on the wrong side of the vehicle and totally, on the two occasions they have looked into this, they have ignored my personal findings and gone straight into stripping to wiring level. they finally today at my insistence checked the switch that I had told them was troublesome at the outset and found it to be faulty. My Lexus Extended Warranty expires at the end of the month and I shall be visiting another dealership in the future!!!!
  2. Hi People Duplicate of posting on Facebook site of Owners Club I have extended Lexus Warranty on my GS450h. It is in Lexus dealership as it has an intermittent fault on the interior and puddle lights. Dealer has said that warranty covers repair but not the for diagnosis. I have checked the warranty schedule and don't agree with them. Any thoughts on the situation (not the fault)
  3. John My 98 Camry Sport had a similar problem when I first bought it and after a lot of testing it turned out to be a micro fuse on the rear of the actual socket. Paul
  4. I agree, the MOT was in December and it was agreed then to leave further assessment until service. The phone call prompted me to post as in conversation with the caller he indicated that it was unlikely to be covered under extended warranty, so I was just interested if anyone had a successful claim. Paul
  5. Hi all Just received a call from my local dealer asking if I would like to take my car in for a free safety check due to the identification at MOT of Nearside Front Lower Suspension rod pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement (5.3.4 (a) (i)) Offside Front Lower Suspension rod pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement (5.3.4 (a) (i)) My question is would this be covered under extended warranty or has anyone had theirs changed under warranty? It is left at the moment as service is due in April. T.I.A. Paul
  6. I have used the repellent for years I use it on all but front windscreen as it's smeary particularly when the temperature is low. The product you have Phil is great for the shower cubicle.and house windows but surprisingly not so good for the car. Make sure you follow the repellent instructions exactly.
  7. Sherra


    Thanks for the quick response. I had thought that to be the case, he will just have to replace his Prius with a newer one as he really wants to keep this feature.
  8. Sherra


    My son fancies a CT but are there any of the CT that have Heads up display?
  9. On my GS I set the controls to auto for the direction and the air intake also to auto and temperature to suit i.e. 21.5 and only use the demist front manually when required and have found this setup works well. Don't know how newer models work though.
  10. I'm still trying to get him to use common sense and get a stand alone unit. I use my tomtom rather than the factory fit as it's routing is much better and maps are up to date. Since tom tom decided that it's life has ended it no longer supports Live Services so i do run the factory unit alongside to get traffic alerts but not directions.
  11. Brodit are great holders if a little expensive
  12. Retired in 2010 from 43yrs in the gas service industry all within the ever changing British Gas/ Centrica i.e. single employer. Now have the best job I've had. Paul
  13. Inchcape Nottingham have their own bodyshop. It's shared with the Toyota part on the same site
  14. I have used a pals connected 12v battery to put mine into READY mode when I didn't think and sat listening to the radio in the local health centre once, using jump leads and simply waiting a couple of minutes when connected with no engines running before trying with no problems at all. Also used a spare battery recently when following a short holiday then an emergency admission to hospital left the battery too low to get it into READY mode again with no problems