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  1. On my GS I set the controls to auto for the direction and the air intake also to auto and temperature to suit i.e. 21.5 and only use the demist front manually when required and have found this setup works well. Don't know how newer models work though.
  2. Sherra

    Sat Nav

    I'm still trying to get him to use common sense and get a stand alone unit. I use my tomtom rather than the factory fit as it's routing is much better and maps are up to date. Since tom tom decided that it's life has ended it no longer supports Live Services so i do run the factory unit alongside to get traffic alerts but not directions.
  3. Brodit are great holders if a little expensive
  4. Sherra

    So Whats Your Profession?

    Retired in 2010 from 43yrs in the gas service industry all within the ever changing British Gas/ Centrica i.e. single employer. Now have the best job I've had. Paul
  5. Inchcape Nottingham have their own bodyshop. It's shared with the Toyota part on the same site
  6. I have used a pals connected 12v battery to put mine into READY mode when I didn't think and sat listening to the radio in the local health centre once, using jump leads and simply waiting a couple of minutes when connected with no engines running before trying with no problems at all. Also used a spare battery recently when following a short holiday then an emergency admission to hospital left the battery too low to get it into READY mode again with no problems
  7. Sherra

    GS450H rear tyre wear - inside edge

    Lee that looks more like damage than wear.
  8. I have an older iPod connected to a lead like yours you have in the glovebox. it is left permanently on and is controlled from the steering wheel switches. Much better than the CD player.
  9. Sherra

    Lexus Lincoln

    Iv'e had mixed experience. 60k service and recall completed satisfactorily and communications good. Later query regarding headlight bulb change and on three separate days they failed with the promised phone call back and I had to contact them. Went to Nottingham instead.
  10. Sherra

    Newbie - Help Required

    try going into general settings (not nav settings) and turn the voice volume to off. I have done this as i don't mind having navigation on but also use my TomTom for routing.
  11. Sherra

    Sat Nav

    Hi all A mate wants to have factory satnav retro fitted in his 2015 Rav4. Question is does anyone know if this is just a software install ( as all the operating buttons are present) or is it a physical install. I have suggested a stand alone unit but he's insistent he wants factory at about a grand. I believe that its a HDD unit for entertainment.
  12. Sherra

    Pulsing after stopping car

    My Gs450h does something similar when the engine is about to cut off and go over to hybrid battery mode. It's as if it cant quite make it's mind up whether to stop or not.
  13. Mine wandered when I first bought it but go the tracking done and although it was only slight wandering it transformed it
  14. Don't want to insult but could it be that something such as coffee or coke been spilled on it and not been completely removed?
  15. I have a brodit on my 450h and have had one on my previous 2 cars. I think they are excellent. You can buy the vehicle specific bracket and mount a cheaper holder to it although I have always had the phone specific holder. I have just changed phone and currently have a temporary holder.