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  1. I had the HDD in my 2010 Avensis. The nav can only be updated via the dealer at great expense through a special piece of kit and a single use heavily protected usb, Took about an hour.
  2. I have the same thing in my gs and have connected an old Ipod touch to it for music. works from the steering wheel controls just like the cd/dvd player.
  3. not familiar with sc but does it have the security button/switch in the glovebox as other models have?
  4. Hi Ian Just tried on my phone app and can't log in. I don't usually have any bother so I guess its down.
  5. Richard I also turn off the stop start and run it it normal mode but its still abysmal. The car itself is impressive otherwise but can't stand the DSG box. My son is a Volkswagen Mastertech and says yes they can be unpredictable!!!
  6. I regularly drive a disabled friends 2017 Skoda Superb with DSG and it often scares me at junctions or islands when it initially refuses to go when I press the accelerator then spins the wheels when it does move. You dare not go for a gap that I would in my car as you're not sure if it will move or stay!!!
  7. can anyone remember Twizzle, Fireball XL5, Supercar.
  8. Mine was changed under extended warranty at 65000. they only changed the one and there was no difference in handling. I did query why only one side as i always believed both needed changing as a matter of course, but they were proved right. still feels fine 20000 miles later.
  9. Saw the wheels reserve not met are these still for sale? PM me if you would prefer.
  10. In the first series main character had an SC although i have not watched it. Just a trailer.
  11. I have one and it comes with an OBD connector and battery terminal clamps, and as Ian says it just plugs in which is handy when left at say an airport car park etc.