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  1. I have a brodit on my 450h and have had one on my previous 2 cars. I think they are excellent. You can buy the vehicle specific bracket and mount a cheaper holder to it although I have always had the phone specific holder. I have just changed phone and currently have a temporary holder.
  2. I renewed my warranty in November. Glad I did as Tuesday it went for service and rear discs and pads. During service the water pump was found to have a slight leak then they discovered that both rear calipers were seized. one was freed off but one had to be replaced. The water pump would have been £595 and the caliper was in the region of £200. So overall a good result although I did ask them to check the calipers last year. Even so I am not bothered if it is not used as I treat it like insurance we all have it but hope you don't use it because if used it means you have trouble you didn't want. PS This years premium covered already.
  3. Sherra

    Unbalanced audio

    Have you tried running an old fashioned head cleaner tape through it?
  4. I think on my 2009 GS I can program it to unlock a choice of doors when placed into park i.e. front only which is useful to prevent children jumping out immediately when stopping or just drivers or all four.
  5. looking on the gov mot history site and it didn't have an mot for 3 yrs also the mileage increased in 1yr by 3fold then back to virtually nothing again.
  6. I had a similar problem on my 1998 Camry Sport which took years to find but turned out to be the anti roll bar links as mentioned by Britprius.
  7. well mine has been superb and yes I did have a shock absorber changed under warranty and that is why I have recently renewed said warranty. Simply for peace of mind but equally would not have a problem if it was unavailable to me I would simply bank the cash in reserve just in case.
  8. Thanks for the replies so far, I will talk to them after Easter when I arrange my service. There are several firms that do them in the Nottinghamshire area and I hope to get some comparison quotes but it would be more convenient if the main dealer did it. I believe they may do a swap system with them which would make the job quicker. The other option is to get them powder coated for longevity but that may take more than one day and may require me to remove the "chrome" spokes.
  9. Hi all My GS 450h is in need of the wheels being re-furbished so I'm wondering if Main dealers do them and if so has anyone any experience. My car is due for a service and it would be useful if they could be done at the same time. After info before booking service etc. TIA Paul
  10. The OP may get a bargain if others have made the same assumptions.
  11. John . On my 2009 model it displays as per sorcerers handbook clips. It doesn't move rapidly but definitely fluctuates as traction battery drains /charges. Try watching it with engine running but stationary it should indicate charging and level increasing up to the point of engine cutting out, then continue to observe and it will drop slightly till engine cuts back in. I fully accept that earlier models may differ.
  12. Mike I don't think that it a correct assumption as my vehicle regularly is in the mid 20s. but this is due to the fact that where I live I have to go uphill out of my village no matter which of the many roads available I take and is invariably on cold batteries so the engine is always running even when batteries are hot. I understand your general concerns but as mentioned earlier in the thread they are not a major worry and can be repaired. They are an exceptional car.
  13. Sherra

    Good buy or stay away?

    Having recently dealt with EH with my daughter buying a mini I could not recommend them at all. Agree entirely with rayaans comments re sales pitch. Also only 3 months warranty so would buy Lexus extended if it met the criteria.
  14. mine has one too. I assumed it to be a light sensor .