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  1. Yes there is a simple switch beneath the rubber cover. Push it in and let it out when you have the door open. You might have to give it a wobble and see what result you get.
  2. I'd also check door switch although Nottingham Lexus were unable to diagnose this as the fault I had until I lost it with them ( when they tried to charge me £100 to diagnose it) because I had already told them that was the problem before they started looking for it, I just wanted the switch replacing under warranty. They had the car for 3days!!!
  3. A close mate who has worked in tyres all his life (now retired) always told me that if you rotate then you always have to buy four tyres at once. Being a pauper at the time I always took his advice so could then spread the replacement cost. That was before directional became common.🙂
  4. This might sound silly but on my 2009 model the lights don't actually go off until the door is opened. I had a problem with the switch on the B pillar and that would not turn off the lights when the door was opened sometimes. Because the lights are on you may not realize that the interior light also failed to come on. This meant that the ecu didn't pick up the door opening.
  5. If you accidently press and hold the unlock button on the remote it drops all the windows and opens the moon roof but then relocks the door after so long because it's not been opened. It can be programmed not to do this. I have had it happen several times when my car has been parked for the night in my garage (luckily)
  6. I did it in 1989 and then completed a course as an "observer" in my local group which I did for a few years. I can highly recommend it as it will improve anyone's skills. it has changed in the intervening years but still very good. When my employer made all it's drivers take a driving assessment the assessor offered me a job in his driving school but I turned him down. Paul
  7. on my 2009 model there is an aux socket deep in the armrest console adjacent to the "cigar lighter" socket. Don't know whether there is the same on the earlier model. I just needed a 3.5mm male to male lead. You wont be able to use the system controls though only the Phone/MP3 player controls but could be a temp solution.
  8. I had the HDD in my 2010 Avensis. The nav can only be updated via the dealer at great expense through a special piece of kit and a single use heavily protected usb, Took about an hour.
  9. I have the same thing in my gs and have connected an old Ipod touch to it for music. works from the steering wheel controls just like the cd/dvd player.
  10. not familiar with sc but does it have the security button/switch in the glovebox as other models have?
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