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  1. 2004 GS430 Interior swap into 1997 GS300

    Thanks Lee, if I would have taken the seat belts I don't think there would have been any problems at all and just for others the GS430 seat also have two locating spikes on the front of the seat, my answer to that was just to cut them off with a grinder as I didn't fancy drilling the location holes for the spikes to fit.
  2. 2004 GS430 Interior swap into 1997 GS300

    Hi Tiger and reason for doing the swap was it was tired and old and cracked and peeling, and the offer of a 2004 interior at a very good price was to much to resist And just to let you all know that the blue connector under your seat on a 1998 GS 300 is the passenger seat belt warning light, your side airbag is the yellow connector under your seat, mine had a broken wire that is what triggered the air bag warning light a quick bit of soldering sorted it all out, just got to sort out the wiring for the passenger seat belt warning light as there is no blue connection box on the later GS 430 seats. So if you ever do swap you interiors make sure you take the seat belts as well its a very easy swap to do.
  3. Gentlemen I need your help please, I have swap my old 1997 GS 300 interior for a newer GS 430 2004 interior I kept my old seat belts so had to changed the seat belt buckles, it was going well until I changed the passenger seat over and discovered that there was no blue connector for the side air bag on the loom on the GS 430 seat as it just runs into the main loom of the seat, has anybody else come across this problem before, or is just a matter of cutting the loom on the 430 seat and joining it up with the original blue box connector, by the way the 430 has three wires on it and the 300 has only two, any help would really be appreciated as I now have a airbag warning light flashing at me. Thank you very much
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen need your help my dear old gs300 has started to blow holes in the top half of the exhaust manifolds (not a nice sound for a Lexus) anyway been looking around on the usual sites but was just wondering if a is200 exhaust manifold could be used on a gs300 as they seem easier to obtain and most of all a far better price. Thanks for looking and look forward to any advice you may have to help the old girl purr again.
  5. 1997 Cat Back Exhaust

    Hello, just wondering if anybody has a exhaust from the cat back for a 1997 GS 300 . Thanks
  6. 18 Inch Oz Salinas Wheel Cap

    Looking for a wheel cap as fitted to the 18 inch GS 300 sport wheels if anybody can help many thanks.
  7. HI, I have a 1997 GS300 converted to run on LPG with no problems was converted in 2002 at 30,000 miles and now has 156,000 miles and still returns around town about 20/22 miles to 5 litres of LPG at 69.9p a litre, it has always been run with a flash lube kit and a part from a once a year trip to have the filters changed and plugged back into the computer have had no problems regarding the running of the car, and it is registered with the DVLA as a duel fuel vehicle, and do make sure that it has a LPG certificate with the car.
  8. Did you manage to change the said unit Steve as just changed the master cylinder(Tweety pie noise) and not having any foot well lights done the same as yourself spare leds swop them in the foot well lights now find myself with the same symptoms as yourself so just wondering if you ever got round to fixing it.
  9. Newbie Gs 300

    Thanks again for the welcome. :)
  10. How did you find The Lexus Owners Club?

    Search engine for me looking for a fault on my GS 300 pointed me in your direction found the fault and the site help me sort it out with a lot of good advice as well.
  11. Newbie Gs 300

    Thanks very much for the nice welcome hope I can help anybody out who may need it, this site has helped me a lot.
  12. What Is The Best Colour?

    Got to go with the blue (8n8) as mine is that blue, but do think they look fantastic in white as well.
  13. Newbie Gs 300

    Thanks the guy who we converted for to run on LPG bought a lot of after market stuff from the USA so I think that is where they came from.
  14. Newbie Gs 300

    Hello folks newbie on here just though I would say hello and thanks for all the advice tips and help that the forum has helped me with already, I have a 1997 GS 300 that had been converted to run on LPG and just love it, Will tackle most jobs that need doing on the car and hope I can help a few people out on here .