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  1. Well spotted, I think you are right.
  2. The Lexus UX 300e EV premiers to day. Looks exactly the same as my hybrid. There is a fuel gauge showing so there must be a get you home engine. Range is quoted as 249 miles so I suspect just over 200 is realistic.
  3. Twice in the last 7 days I have had a brake warning light come up. In the info panel to the left of the Economy/speed dial. What ever is showing goes away and a red rectangle box, approximately 3cms x 1.5cms, appears with BRAKE in red in the box. A warning signal sounds and after about 2 seconds goes back to the info display. I told the dealer last week after the first time and they said it was the forward facing sensor which I found strange as there was nobody near me, I was not convinced. Anyway it happened again today on a clear road to the front and sides and I was not braking. There is nothing in the handbook and after searching online the only thing it I can find is just the red word BRAKE mentioned but not in a box on a USA model. it does say I should not drive the car, call recovery and get it taken to the dealer. Anybody had similar? Just got off the phone to a dealer and they assure me it’s the forward facing sensor (Lexus badge) he said it may need calibrating.
  4. I apologise for any offence caused, just trying to put some humour into the site. As I only achieved English level 3 GCSE 54 years ago I am out of my depth in understanding or replying to your comments. Logging out now. Goodbye all.
  5. Does your sat nav screen dim when the headlights come on. Mine does not and I cannot find any info in the manual or the internet about any settings for this.
  6. My original reply that was removed from the conversation said that “it was a good job I did not ask a really technical question and said I lost interest after the first paragraph” This was considered not treating forum members with respect and a complaint from a member. I WAS JOKING
  7. It’s 4 posts up, the long one. Read from the start of the conversation to understand it.
  8. Omg, has no one on here got a sense of humour. Read the post and tell me it’s a normal reply to a simple question.
  9. I have tried all the various foot movements without consistent success. Yesterday I tried again and found the “step back” from the car seems to be the answer. Unsure how it knows I have stepped back but I will try again today.
  10. Anybody mastered the art of getting the tailgate to open and close every time with your foot. I have had some success with a kicking movement in the middle. Lexus say a circular movement going in as far as your ankle in a clockwise arc. Lexus admit it’s not consistent.
  11. Lexus must be spending a fortune on UX adverts on TV and billboards. Saw another massive billboard today which set me thinking, I have not seen another UX on the road in Bristol since I had mine in late March. Are sales good or bad???
  12. Went out with my daughter yesterday in her new Fiesta ST3. Her sat/nav info screen is not incorporated in the dash design, it sticks up as if it’s an extra, but the clarity and ease of use makes my UX look poor. The image is sharp, bright and very easy to see and use because it’s touch control. . My screen is the only thing I do not like about my new UX. Why oh why it needs a white border around the sat nav wordingI I do not know.
  13. Now it’s getting warmer anybody noticed a buzzy type noise from the dash area on course surface roads (not bumpy) you can make it happen by putting the palm of hand under the dash overhang, the source of the noise is below the starter button and around the corner where the soft bit goes over the hard plastic.. I pushed a pice of felt about 3mm wide from the button around the corner up to the end of the soft bit of the dash. Pressed in with a credit card and soaked the felt in WD40. Job done. Hope it helps someone.
  14. Mine done Thursday. All ok, it was on and active so no issues. Mine was on the first boat to arrive. It is now on the PDI check so maybe they are all ok just not checked.