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  1. IS300h car batery

    Battery checked today and found to be good. It was just purely lack of use. One thing I did learn today is that if you are away someone just puts the ignition on the car will obviously start but it will stop but the hybrid battery will keep on charging the 12v battery. The biggest battery user while you are away from the car is it continually searching for the key. I have bought a trickle charger though.
  2. IS300h car batery

    Car going into Lexus on Thursday for the day so they can check to see if the battery is holding it’s charge. I have a BlackVue dash cam with the magic pro which powers down the camera after a set time or voltage. It now powers down 5 minutes after coming home which means it’s going below 12.5 volts very quickly. When it was fitted it would stay live for hours after.
  3. IS300h car batery

    Ctek msx 5 ordered, thanks to all. £63 from Amazon including p&p
  4. IS300h car batery

    Anybody recommend a trickle charger.
  5. Came back from a 6 week holiday Saturday 10th and the car battery totally flat. Opened the car with key but nothing. AA called and they got it going quickly. Their meter showed the amps going up so left it with me to go for a drive. Lexus dealer said yes can happen. Will take it to the dealer next week for a battery check. They recommended a trickle charger. I have checked the log on my Blackveiw dash cam and it shows it shutting down on December 28th, holiday early 30th so it’s not that. No more events until yesterday. anybody had similar problems?
  6. Dash Cam

    Am I correct in thinking the 12v battery powers all the accessories and the hybrid battery starts the engine?
  7. Dash Cam

    Just had Black View front and rear cameras fitted. It came with a power save modual so it records while the car is parked. the unit has several settings and is set at the moment to shut down completely after 12hours or 12v on the battery. lexus dealer not willing to comment on the voltage setting, anybody on here got any experience on the subject.
  8. fuel filler cap cover

    You could always try this.
  9. Try milk, it worked on my leather suite. Just put a little on a cloth dab it on and rub.
  10. In the title you say the battery seems ok, do you mean the fob battery? As the most likely cause is the battery in the fob. Plenty of UTube videos on how to change it.
  11. IS 300 H

    2 years old end of next month, fuel trip never reset so that's over the 9430. Maybe 5 or 6 Bristol to Swindon runs otherwise all town short journey journeys. I had several of the previous V6 models and while that is a beutifull engine the hybrid halved my fuel bill although I would have to keep it until I am 100 to see those savings. Just doing my little bit for the planet.
  12. Real World Fuel Economy

    I am on my second IS300h, had this one since May 2105. Never reset the fuel trip and now coming up to 10,000 miles in mostly town or short journeys mine is averaging 47.3mpg. No motorways, no long journeys. Forget all the talk of 50+ that's one off journeys or a short periods of time..
  13. Sorry Mark (200h) On holiday in Barbados, had a few drinks yesterday afternoon and my brain was not in control of my typing finger.
  14. Always found it no problem when I was younger and fitter, in fact our first daughter was conceived on the back seat of my Corsair. Given my age now do not think I will ever get around to trying my IS. !!! Have I understood the question correctly.
  15. Sat Nav

    Found it. It was "Route Trace" now turned off, must have got turned on by mistake. Many thanks to all.