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  1. Richard1200

    Reverse lamps

    Is it nearside is reversing, offside is a fog light? or the other way around not sure.
  2. Richard1200


    White with Premium Plus pack and rich cream leather.
  3. Richard1200


    Demo cars will be in Bristol for one day only I believe on February 14th. Mine still due in Bristol on March 1st.
  4. Richard1200


    I felt is was better than having the cup holder hole. It sits about 10mm above the arm rest.
  5. Richard1200


    I have one that I took out of my IS before I sold it. As said it’s like a small cup with a lid that fits into either of the central cup holders. I bought it as an elbow rest as the cup holder hole was annoying. I am in Bristol if you want it £15.00? Not back in the uk until mid February though. Reply to this message if you are interested, send me your email???
  6. Since 2007 I have had two silver and then 3 white. My new UX will be white also. My reasoning is that I only do about 4,000 miles a year, very little motorway. It’s easier to keep it looking nice in winter. Sounds strange but when it’s dirty you can wash it, rinse it, chamois the windows and leave it at that. In the heat of the summer when the car is drying faster than you can chamois the paintwork it does not show smears. Stone chips are easier to match in to the paintwork.
  7. I had an insulation voucher with my Black view and it came with a magic pro which turns it off at a certain voltage or time to protect the battery. My feed is up under the passenger footwell.
  8. Richard1200

    New Lexus ES 300h club forum is born

    2 new ES’s at Lexus Bristol’s presentation evening tonight. White ES35OH, silver ES300H, also red UX. ES and UX share most of the instruments and switches, same steering wheel as well. All left hand drive.
  9. I have an annoying buzzy rattle fof quite a while, comes and goes. Eventually while out one day my wife tracked it down to the shelf in the glove box. Pulled it out, nothing since. Simples.
  10. Richard1200

    Poor MPG on a new is300h

    Retired, only short journeys, no Motorway and I get the high 47’s. 16;200 miles since May 2015. Only reset the average once in over 3 years and that was 10 months ago when I had 12v battery issues. Since February it had been 47.5 to 48 (for a short time) The last 10 days since the cold weather it has gone from 47.7 to 47.0 All in ECO mode as I find this softer and smoother than Normal. I have tried Sport a few times but it’s too much for me, maybe 30 years ago, but not now.
  11. 15 plate Advance model 16,250 miles in Bristol for sale.
  12. Richard1200


    Orders now being taken by Lexus. My car arriving in Bristol March 1st. Cannot wait.
  13. Richard1200


    Loved it. Wish they would not use the sport all the time. It’s just the two of us oldies now so getting in and out is a big improvement. Not much leg room in the back but we only have to bring the seats forward a bit. Apart from grandchildren the back seat on my IS is never used. The boot floor is high with lots of space underneath the floor. Plenty for us, but some people may be put off by that. Electronic hand brake with a button by the radio controls, that’s a first for me. This car had the red leather which was nice but that meant it had black roof lining which made it very dark inside. I am having Rich Cream with a similar roof lining. Ordering the White with the Premium Plus pack. All the controls look very nice, I am sure the touch pad will take some getting used to. The 10” info screen looks very good. Should have a delivery date soon. I am expecting 2nd half of March. Just over 1 year since my deposit.
  14. Richard1200


    Bristol Shopping Centre today.
  15. Richard1200

    Warming up the car

    One possible solution 😮