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  1. Looked at my car yesterday. Sonic white with rich cream leather with Premium Plus pack, very happy. Final specs only reached the dealers last week. A little disappointed that no 10 inch screen, F sport and Takumi only. Manual seats, electric seats only with tech and sound pack, no folding mirrors on lock, that’s F Sport and Takumi only. Does have the power hatch with the close sensor under the rear. And a nice textured leather finish to the top of the dash. still covered in plastic bits and a waxed finish to the paintwork. Anyway it is what it is and still very happy. PDI Monday, valet Tuesday morning and I will be driving away with it Tuesday afternoon. First one in Bristol.
  2. Will be getting my UX by next Tuesday. Only 382 days sine the deposit.
  3. I could have wrote that. Exactly what I do.
  4. The cargo boat inside the red square is bringing my Lexus UX. Its approaching the docks now. One year and 2 days since my deposit. Hoping it will be on the road end of this week.
  5. Advert was on CH4 about 20.25. Saturday 2nd.
  6. New Lexus tv add starts this Saturday. Advance previews sent to people who have registered an interest in UX. Demo cars will be available in the dealers March 22nd, so hopefully mine willl be here by then as well.
  7. After my car showing March 1st into Bristol since mid November it has now back to the 3rd week in March. Bugger. I will be worth the wait, my test drive showed it is an excellent car (or small SUV). That will be 54 weeks since my deposit.
  8. After putting a deposit down on March 8th 2018 I finally got to drive one today. I was very impressed. The engine and drive chain noise was miles better than my IS. The internal layout and quality of finish was really good. I drove the 2 wheel drive as that is what I am getting. The rear boot floor lifts out and Lexus believe production cars will carpeted down into the recess. The throttle response was very good even in ECO mode. Each test drive the salesman takes his iPad which sends info on performance or any issues directly to Japan. I went up and down the M32 then 15 minutes of around the house and it was in electric mode for 53% of the drive. Very very happy and my wife was given champagne and chocolates for Valentine’s Day. My daughter recently bought a new Fiesta ST3 from Trust Ford and the handover was a shambles, about as far away from Lexus as you can get. Mine still on schedule to be in Bristol March 1st. Should be on the road by the 5th.
  9. I have a test drive booked for the 14th, maybe that’s the car that is going around the dealers. Only 2 days in Bristol I think. Mine arrives in Bristol March 1st.
  10. Is it nearside is reversing, offside is a fog light? or the other way around not sure.
  11. White with Premium Plus pack and rich cream leather.
  12. Demo cars will be in Bristol for one day only I believe on February 14th. Mine still due in Bristol on March 1st.
  13. I felt is was better than having the cup holder hole. It sits about 10mm above the arm rest.
  14. I have one that I took out of my IS before I sold it. As said it’s like a small cup with a lid that fits into either of the central cup holders. I bought it as an elbow rest as the cup holder hole was annoying. I am in Bristol if you want it £15.00? Not back in the uk until mid February though. Reply to this message if you are interested, send me your email???
  15. Since 2007 I have had two silver and then 3 white. My new UX will be white also. My reasoning is that I only do about 4,000 miles a year, very little motorway. It’s easier to keep it looking nice in winter. Sounds strange but when it’s dirty you can wash it, rinse it, chamois the windows and leave it at that. In the heat of the summer when the car is drying faster than you can chamois the paintwork it does not show smears. Stone chips are easier to match in to the paintwork.