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  1. I find the Lexus wording in the manual not easy to understand especially for us older less technical to follow. select magnifying glass symbol select favourites select add new select by addresses select Code box input post code and search select the bottom of the two identical codes select ok United Kingdom input a name then ok It will now be in your favorite list to select To delete a destination before you get there select the 3 dots in the bottom left corner select route delete is top right it it will then take you back to the menu screen It’s easy after doing doing a few times but I hope this is helpful. I have written it down and put it in the arm rest, not only does this put it your own words but will remind you if you do not use the satnav very often like me.
  2. Recall letters out for the eCall system. The set up and activation was not included in the PDI on some early deliveries. The letter suggests that it can be done over the phone by talking you through, apparently this is not the case, it has to go to the dealers. 15 minutes is all it takes. Had my letter today.
  3. No a/c button on or off. The only way to start the a/c is put it on auto.
  4. Am I missing something? Put the a/c on today using the auto button then varying the temperature setting. I cannot see how to turn the a/c off without going into the climate control, settings, turning it off. Turning off the auto button does not do it.
  5. Another 80 miles today on A and B roads driving steady, now up to 53mpg over 700 miles.
  6. That’s good, are you happy with that? Yesterday i did about 60 miles on B roads and some A roads. Driving like the pensioner I am, in eco mode I am now on 51.8 over my first 600 miles. I am very happy with that. one thing I have noticed about my UX is all the noises when the ignition is put on and today I was standing by the rear door when my wife turned off the car what a strange noise from the battery in the boot. Between a screech and a scape.
  7. Thanks, that is what I did today. Lucy Lexus (that’s what we call her) also pronounces the road numbers differently. For example the A4174 near us is now the “A four thousand one hundred and seventy four” and says please with some instructions. 😂
  8. Is there a setting to make the radio mute or quieten when a sat nav instruction is given. Did my IS do that, I think it did but I am sure somebody knows. Thanks
  9. I am getting 50mpg + or - 0.5 since picking it up. I use eco mode, very light right foot, both pensioners so mostly short journeys. Average speed around 25mph. Total 500 miles.
  10. Sounds like you are happy, same as me. On the satnav comment, I have reduced the contrast which takes some of the colour away and makes the white border stand out a little more. Definitely needs a colour setting.
  11. Run flats on my Premium Plus as well. Did not even know they were run flats until the subject came up. Enough said.
  12. Order time? I waited 382 days 😂😂 I put a provisional deposit down March 8th 2018 because I knew I wanted one even before full pictures were available. After 4 weeks these are my thoughts. Seats are very good for us as we both use the same position to drive. I have done a couple of run outs on A roads, no motorways, and mostly all short trips that retired people do and I am averaging 51. On electric at a higher speed and longer. The front seats would have to come forward if you have long legged rear passengers but that’s not an issue for us. Rear power door is great. With the extra weight over the front wheels the power steering has been increased so for me it’s lighter than my old IS. Still trying to put the foot brake on when I park, there is not one, works through the park position. The hold button for when you are hills works well then you do not have to keep your foot on the foot brake. There has been a lot of talk about the boot but it’s ok for us and about the same as the CT which I had on loan for month before my UX arrived. There is also the recess under the boot bottom for larger items. We are finding the text on the coloured sat nav not as good as it’s a smaller black font with a white border. Great for getting in and out with old knees. Europe has to put up with the American spelling of tyre, it’s tire on the tyre pressure display 😖 Because there are no cills on the car body the doors are longer in the height so be careful with cambered pavements. My IS was a 2015 so I have noticed a much smoother quieter ride. I am very happy with mine and well worth the wait.
  13. Folding mirrors on locking only on Takumi spec. Dealers only allowed to put Takumi models in the showroom so you will only see the full spec. Anybody noticed a resonance type sound when cold in the mornings and the engine is running faster (like having the choke on in prehistoric days) goes after a very short distance and does not come back all day even if the engine is cold again. It’s just a morning thing for me.
  14. Best Lexus by a mile since my first Lexus in 2007. You need only look at the all the door and hatch seals to see the extent that quietness and smoothness has been improved. Better than my IS300h and I have had two of those. This second generation engine transmission is a big improvement, mainly short journeys I am doing 51mpg. While washing mine this morning found that you cannot lift the wipers away from the screen. They will only lift just enough to wipe underneath along the bottom of the windscreen. Great car.
  15. Mine was the first in Bristol by a few days. Brilliant car. Read the relevant parts of the manual several times as it will seem difficult in the beginning.