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  1. What does double locking give you. First I have heard of it.
  2. Richard1200


    Grey leather interior gone, Ochre new.
  3. Richard1200

    Buzzy vibrations

    Had something similar recently, turned out to be a plastic bag in the glove box, is it that simple?
  4. Richard1200


    Have seen multiple pictures from Portugal. Demos and customer cars towards the end of March. Increased my holding deposit today up to a full deposit to ensure best delivery. It’s a UX with Premier Plus pack for me. 7 months since I put my name down, 5 months to go. Beutiful colour but not for me. Maybe white for me
  5. Richard1200

    Lexus UX prices

    Demo cars December maybe. Delivery’s March 2019. Uk dealers in Portugal this week for official launch so should be getting more info soon.
  6. By the time your fob and house keys are in the pouch it’s not oversize. Make sure you put the keys in the back section as that’s the protection part of the pouch.
  7. Blocking pouch for me as well. They work, as I have stood next to the car with the pouch and the car will not open. Get 2, do not forget your spare key. You will soon get in the habit of putting your keys in it as soon as you come in the house. The seller on eBay is — yousave(315368) or search for “2 Car key signal blocker case Faraday Cage. 2 pouches £5.95 with postage. Simples
  8. Richard1200

    Seeing double.

    First time out today using my wife’s blue badge, easy parking at last
  9. Prices and specs released
  10. Richard1200

    Deposit prices and specs released
  11. Richard1200


    UK dealer launch 9th October in Portugal.
  12. Richard1200

    The First Lexus EV

    I love my IS300h because it has good mpg but still drives like a normal car. I recently test drove the small electric BMW out of curiosity. Did not like it at all, no character, no feeling, the braking when you come off the accelerator pedal was annoying. I summed it up to the salesman as “bland”, a box to get from A to B. I accept all the environmental reasons but I am old enough not be concerned that one day all cars will be electric. So it’s still a Hybrid for me. 7 months this since putting down my deposit on my UX, 5 months to go. Will try to sell my 15,000 mile 2015 IS in December as I do not need a car in early 2019.
  13. Richard1200


    The dealer launch is October in Lisbon.
  14. My IS300 has a USB in the centre arm rest also a place to clip the lead in so the arm rest can be closed with the lead sticking out.