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  1. I have a genuine Lexus one that was in my 2009 rx450h . I no longer have the car and am happy to clear a space in my garage so free for pick up in Fife .
  2. That is shocking bahavour from Lexus taking a deposit then selling to someone else . Hope the RCF works out for you .
  3. It was great . Traffic was quiet but we did go on 18th July which was only 3 days after lockdown restrictions were lifted so I think we struck it lucky due to people that had maybe planned to do it but had cancelled with all the uncertainty there was at that time . I was amazed at the Road surfaces generally being very good condition despite a lot of them being single track . Barely any potholes - puts the roads elsewhere in Scotland to shame .
  4. Is it the same with your spare key fob if you have one ? Maybe worth trying new battery .
  5. Yes I did take the ISF some pics on this thread
  6. It's a great trip . I did it this summer too but took a week . Is the last picture looking towards Kishorn from the Applecross Road . .? Nice looking sc430 too .
  7. Good stuff Mark - good to see the times getting better and better as you get more practice .
  8. Just back from 7 day trip round the NC500 route . With a few little detours off route . Anybody thinking about it just do it . Plenty more pics but here is some highlights .
  9. Headers , supercharger next then if your aiming for 10s !
  10. And a video of your third run FE9838E2-8D0B-49DC-A942-5950B74BDBB2.MOV
  11. Good to meet you today Mark - pic of you on the starting grid .
  12. Sounds like a good result - did you have to calibrate it and if so what procedure does that involve ?
  13. What was the problem with engine light ? Sounds a sore one to take .
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