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  1. My car in Lexus Glasgow today for service and MOT. No problems to report and no advisories on MOT so with 115k miles am happy with that but ... They send email with supposed link to video of health check and there is no video - only a copy of the check sheet . Now I have had this issue with them before since the covering email clearly states that they send a video pointing out the good and the bad if there are any . Last time they used the reason why we don't send a video was because there were no faults to show you so am expecting the same explanation again . I am maybe being fussy but I would have liked to have seen the technician going over the car . My question is firstly does anybody else use Glasgow and do you get video sent no matter good or bad news ? And second question what is the story at other Lexus dealers . ? Last time I raised it with them they simply said it was their local policy so I said they should not therefore send the same covering email but got exactly same email this time and like I say no video again . Cheers , Kevin
  2. Lovely birthday treat . Health to enjoy .
  3. IS F 2008

    I am in Fife and if you are ever over this way give me a shout and you can have a good nosey round mine .
  4. Tyre size for upgrade

    Thanks for the comments guys . Think will go for it and worst case is I need to get two rears up sized Sooner that I was budgeting for .
  5. Tyre size for upgrade

    I am needing two front tyres and am thinking going for the upgraded size but just wondering if OK to leave stock size on the rears until they need replaced - any views ?
  6. Anyone looking to sell ?

    That is one that I considered last February but decided against it due mainly to a conversation I had with Lexus Bolton who had serviced it . Wasn't keen on the interior either and also it only had one key . Was quoted £320 to replace that but it was the other issues that scared me off .
  7. Clearing out garage today and came across a set of used beige car mats for 2007 gs450h . I bought this set to replace a rather worn set in my car which had covered 180k. This set had come from a car that had done about 70k so are a bit worn but would do a turn for anyone that can pick them up from Freuchie in Fife . Cheers Kev
  8. Not sure how you manage to get free MOT's. Yes MOT cover but not the cost of the actual MOT surely ? My MOT cost half price but that is through service plan not the warranty .
  9. Touch wood I haven't used the breakdown cover but looked through the booklet and happy to discover it also covers my dearest wife for travelling in her car or me in her car . I reckon saves about £100 a year for decent joint cover so warranty only £347.50 per year . I haven't claimed off warranty yet either but only had it for 2 months . Timed it so I can renew for 2 years just before it is 10 years old .
  10. The warranty also includes decent breakdown cover .
  11. Isf for £38 k

    Thanks guys . The rears are asymmetric Dunlop sp sportmaxx so not directional and not driven too hard so will see over the next couple of days if it does feel any better . My first winter with the isf too . Might have to give some thought to winter tyres for next year .
  12. Isf for £38 k

    As a slight aside has anyone noticed any difference in handling when wheels have been put in wrong way ? I have been a little concerned about my rear end stepping out all too easily and have been thinking there was something seriously wrong with the suspension . Car just did not feel planted at all - especially in the wet. After nursing the car and driving like a granny for a couple of weeks noticed the rear wheels were wrong way round , fronts were ok . Now swapped over and hoping all good now but not had a chance to test yet ?
  13. Might well be up for this depending on dates . Have fancied it for a while now and would be great to do it in convoy .
  14. Thanks Ed . Car was towed to Lexus Edinburgh today so will see what they come up with but not expecting good news. Yes the warranty sounds like a bargain when faced with repair costs like this one totally out of the blue. Am now thinking of getting one for the ISF . Cheers , Kev
  15. Update : local electrics specialist has advised that car needs a complete new steering column . He stated it is an internal fault showing as a torque sensor but says that is integral to the motor and is connected to the power steering ECU so am now in position where I bite the bullet and put into dealers ( cost of power steering column quoted as £2,800 inc vat but not inc fitting or trying to source the correct parts second hand . This local guy would fit a second hand one but suspects it would need coded by Lexus and may well immobilise the car so doesn't sound like a great option. Also not sure of the part number for steering column . Any suggestions as to the way forward ? And any assistance with part numbers appreciated .