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  1. Good stuff Mark - good to see the times getting better and better as you get more practice .
  2. Just back from 7 day trip round the NC500 route . With a few little detours off route . Anybody thinking about it just do it . Plenty more pics but here is some highlights .
  3. Headers , supercharger next then if your aiming for 10s !
  4. And a video of your third run FE9838E2-8D0B-49DC-A942-5950B74BDBB2.MOV
  5. Good to meet you today Mark - pic of you on the starting grid .
  6. Sounds like a good result - did you have to calibrate it and if so what procedure does that involve ?
  7. What was the problem with engine light ? Sounds a sore one to take .
  8. I had something very similar with an RX450H that my wife had . As you say it was like driving a bus - in fact it was undriveable when it did happen . I had to switch off and start up and it would usually disappear for a short period but returned again soon afterwards . Ended up getting towed to Lexus dealers and they ran some software update or something similar , charged an hours labour and it never came back . Mind you it was very dangerous when it did happen and she had lost faith in it so we got rid of it . Shame really since was otherwise good to us . It had relatively high miles of around 120k when that happened . Hope that helps because the alternatives I was thinking of involved new steering rack at from memory around £2.5k so for once I was actually happy that dealer did not suggest that - a local independent had suggested that might be required .
  9. Finally got around to fitting takeda air filter that i bought about 18 months ago . Been putting it off thinking it might be complicated but was pretty straightforward . Took me about 40 minutes and 10 of them were trying to get the MAF sensor off which should have taken about 2 seconds . I reckon I could do it next time in around half the time . Not sure if it will make any difference at all sound wise - haven't run the car yet since and not expecting any performance gains but glad to have it fitted to at least try it out .
  10. Looks like a bargain for someone
  11. No problem . I wouldn't mind a set like these too . Not even sure that I would sell the spare set since my plan was to keep them for winter wheels .
  12. I might have a set of OEM wheels but they are the bladed ones if of any interest. Still on the car just now and need refurb but I have got a Refurbsihed set to put on . Obviously won't be doing that in current circumstances .
  13. Sad to hear Qamar . I hope you are on the road to recovery yourself .