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  1. ganzoom

    Extended warranty

    So your be happy to pay Lexus £1000 to replace a £150 sensor no questions asked? This is what I don't get, dealers charging rip off prices and owners defending dealers?? Its equivalent to day light robbery with the theif than getting a pat on the back by the victim!!
  2. ganzoom

    Extended warranty

    £600 for a sensor, what was it made of pure gold??? DSC/TC system errors are usually due to faulty ABS sensors, ABS sensors sub £50 items, nearly all are simply clip in/out design, and access is usually about as hard as jacking up the car and taking a wheel off - 30 min job max. These kind of mad inflated repair/warranty claim costs is exactly why I hate main dealers, they are essentially robbing people blind. If I did my job the way some of these car dealers operate I would be up in court in no time and facing charges of either incompetence or fraud - probably both, but because 'they all do it' car dealers just get away with it........ I honestly don't understand why people just bend over and take it, BMW/Honda/Nissan/Lexus they are all at it, this also happens in other industries but for some reason its look upon in far worse light than car dealers. You just have to look at the profit margins of a group like Sytner, this is after running costs of lavish show rooms, schools of sales staff etc. Finding a breakdown of how much of the profit comes from the service/repair department seems impossible, but I would guess they probably generate at least 50% of their profit from aftersales department.
  3. ganzoom

    Extended warranty

    If you belive it really costs £462.48 to replace a sensor I also have some magic beans you might be interested it :).
  4. F sport is mainy about looks. I would just say keep a careful eye on the actual spec sheet, there is a post on here about retrofitting a reversing camera, I didnt even realise Lexus sold these cars without reversing camera. We ticked every options box when ordering ours, so got things like adaptive cruise control, rear cross traffic alert (really useful for reversing out!!), and all the other standard stuff like bigger screen nav, decent speaker setup. I would say you want a car with the bigger screen nav as a minimum, used the price difference will not be massive between a well specced versus base spec car, but the extra gadgets do make a difference to the ownership experience. Depsite the relative rapid advances in car safety tech recently (mainly crash avoidance systems), our 2015 car still feels relatively well kitted out even compared to the just relased facelfited cars, only real incentive for us to sell is lack of full EV drivetrain otherwise very happy with the IS. Summer mpg is 50-55mpg, winter 40-45mpg, our IS mainly only does short urban commutes. On a long run in summer I see 60mpg.
  5. ganzoom

    Car Magazine - July 2018

    Autocar has article on hydrogen fuel cell cars. What they dont mention the hydrogen has to be conpressed to about 10,000 PSI for it to be usable as a fule - thats not a typo 10,000 PSI of pressure versus 30-50 your put into a car tyre. That pressure alone to blow a nice sized hole in your house if not contained properly, without the combustion protential of pure hydrogen to worry about. I cannot even begin to imagine the complex safety/tools needed to manage a fuel under such pressure, let alone the costs and energy wasted associated. Add in the fact hydrogen fuel stacks still have to be hand assembled- partly when the Mirai is so expensive.’groats-land’s-end-hydrogen-fuel-cell-car Mean while I've been driving EVs for the last 3.5 years, just this week I've done Leicester to Leeds round trip twice, and the only place I 'refulled' my car was at night charging up whilst I slept - using essentially the same electrical wiring that is needed for a power shower. Total cost of 550 miles for fuel = £15, and that's with rounding up/assuming 10% charging lossess. Didnt need to stop to refuel midway, didnt need to drive at 50mph. The only barrier holding back EVs is price, our 200+ mile range EV is the same cost as brand new top spec RX so unaffordable for many (though the Miria is similiar). But cheaper 200 mile range EV are nearly here, Tesla Model 3 been the most anticipated, same price as a 3 series, 200 miles+ range, decent passenger/luggage space. Hydrogen cars are already dead end tech, why Toyota is still wasting time/money on them is beyond me.
  6. ganzoom

    Car Magazine - July 2018

    It really doesnt matter what people think, its sales that count. Every single EV on sale today is production constrained. Apparrently Jaguar has a 2 year waiting list for the iPace, Zoe/Ionqi/Leaf all have long waiting times. Than there is the Model 3, even with Tesla still barely scratching the surface of their preorder waiting list the Model 3 is now the best selling 4 door saloon in the US. The Lexus marketing department car bury their heads in the sand for as long as they like, but by the end of this year Lexus will be the only major 'premium' brand with no EV to sell or even plugin hybrid. The way diesel sales have plummet shows how qucikly the market can/will shift, Lexus needs an EV, and soon or they are going to become increasingly irrelevant in the premium market.
  7. ganzoom

    The future of motoring

    EVs are already here its simply a matter of time, the self driving stuff is the real unknown and exciting bit.... It appeaes neural net development has taken a massive jump last 12 months with the realisation these networks develop best WITHOUT human input. The coding/problem solving ability of neural nets is already super man in specific cases, and there are real life applications coming. For those of you who arent into academic literature, Nature is the most prestigious scientific journal on the planet, if you can get a single paper into Nature thats a professorship in the bag. In the last 6-12 months AI neural networks have dominated the journal. The link below takes you to some really good vidoes of how cutting edge AI neural network development is. I would say unless you plan on retirement soon AI will be affecting how your job will look in the future. Forget self driving cars this tech is going to change how we do everything. Train AI TRAIN AI 2018 Presentations | Figure Eight Watch the first video with Garry Kasparov, at around 18 minute mark.....Essentially computers can now code themsleves better/quicker and the less human interfrance in that process the better. The result is coding us humanbeings dont understand/didnt anticipate. The creation of an intelligence that we don't understand/cannot anticipate has been the basis of many SciFi films, but now its reality.
  8. ganzoom

    IS got side swiped!

    You can but your own insurance company will push you towards their 'preferred' incident management firm. For third path non-fault claims insurances all want to get as much costs from the claim recovered as possible with least effort, therefore they all rather 'sell' the work onto someone else. Auxillis is probably the biggest incident management firm around, as a result their service can be described as 'impersonal'. I've used them before in a different claim third party non-fault claim and through out the whole thing you feel like nothing more than a number been pushed around. Personally if other choices are available I would look else where.
  9. ganzoom

    IS got side swiped!

    Don't get involved with Auxillis, they have an awful reputation. They sent me a diesel Seat Leon as a replacemnt car when our Tesla got written off in a third party non fault claim. I was advised to try a company called Novo. Called them up 3pm and next day I had an equivalent Tesla delivered to work. They also than arranged my car to be delivered to Tesla direct, where as my own insurance company(DirectLine) send it to a local garage who called me up as they couldnt even work out how to open the doors!!! I didn't pay a single penny of my excess, got refunded extra compensation for changes in spec/VED rates, and they were 100% professional through out the process. They did all the leg work between chasing the third party insurance company and mine. I've only seen good feedback from them on the Tesla FaceBook forum, I woudlnt hesitate to use them again, only thing am not sure about is if they would take on a IS300H claim. But there is no harm in giving them a call.
  10. ganzoom

    Is Future uncertain

    Here is actual figures of whats been 'debated' about, the IS is averaging about 500 sales per month for the WHOLE of western Europe. BMW would probably not even notice 500 3 series been misplaced for a month.
  11. ganzoom

    Is Future uncertain

    Yes the massive sales success of those two car, RCF and LC500, Lexus is fighting away the punters 😉
  12. ganzoom

    Is Future uncertain

    Have I got this right, you guys are having a serious 'debate' about RWD versus FWD given Lexus is really now only pushing hybrid units tuned for mpg?? The IS300H is probably the most beign car I've ever driven, you cannot even get it to do one complete donut in snow with the TC turned off!!
  13. Save your money, there probably more chance of having an accident than the IS300H developing any issues.
  14. ganzoom

    High speed cornering

    So your front tyres have little grip due to been used and rear tyres lots? - That may be a reason for the odd handling.
  15. ganzoom

    High speed cornering

    Our 2015 IS300H handles much better than my old BMW 335i with stock M sport suspension and nearly as good as the 335i on bespoke Bird B3 suspension kit. Push the car hard and the inheret behaviour is understeer not oversteer which your describing. Infact I've hard ever experienced anything remotely close to oversteer our IS.