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  1. Am sure our IS will need a battery at some point, can I check, do you need to code it to the car or any is it a case of plug and play?
  2. The IS300H doesn't have a CVT!! You should check out how plantery gears work:).
  3. I recorded this a while ago, not world changing and not a great noise, but the IS300H isn't slow. Infact your find at higher speeds the chassis is very good, the damping excellent and you can carry alot of speed into corners on our poorly surface B roads. The IS300H has one of the best stock suspension setups of any car I've owned, only my old DC2 Integra Type R was a better B road traversing machine. However if you really do push the engine on the IS300H, you will see what the reviewers are talking about with lag and the gear box. The chassis may be fantastic at letting you carry speed into a corner with confidence, but the power delivery/control out of a corner just isnt there. This isn't an issue most people will care or even notice (my wife doesn't), so I wouldn't let that put you off. Especially if you are comparing it to a Priuis which will be worse.
  4. Our 2015 Premier spec has the added 'safety kit' has pretty much every toy you want, including lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, emergency braking assist, auto high beam and adaptive cruise control. Even a brand new 2020 showroom car today will not offer much more extra :). Memory seats only on Premier spec, though from memory you could add it as optional extra on F Sport back in 2014/15?? The only thing missing is a heated steering wheel, which annoying Lexus fits for 'colder' climate countries but not the UK. Our 2015 car is £20/year tax. The 450H RX 'pulls' much harder than a IS300H but you pay the price at the pumps!!
  5. Get the post face lift, I believe these came with the old 'safety kit' as standard so things like adaptive cruise control.
  6. The Toyota system essentially only cycles the battery through about 60% SOC I believe which massively helps reduce degredation. The other thing that kills batteries is rapid recharge and discharge rates. Even our base Tesla will dump over 300KW of energy on demand from a 75kWh pack, and recharge at close to 2C. The latest 300KW chargers from Porsche are doing over 3C sustained charging, that kind of energy transfer is what kills battery packs. Up until recently Tesla had a fantastic reputation for making HV that lasts, but all that has changed in the last 12 months. It's now clear abused lithium ion packs simply cannot last the test of time, Tesla are actively limiting charging speed, pack capacity via software changes to get out of mass warranty claims which would bankrupt the company over night!! Compare this to how well a Toyota Prius lasts over 200K miles, the difference is night and day. We were all set to replace our IS300H with a Model 3, we even had one on order!! But am really glad we cancelled the Tesla order and keeping the IS300H, the battery data coming out of Tesla in the last 6 month is rather worrying, and Tesla have been very aggressive in keeping that data out of mass media streams with lots of NDAs been used/legal threats to various sources. If you want guaranteed reliability (Warranty or not), the Lexus/Toyota is in a league of their own. Compared to a plugin in hybrid or full EV you really have no worries on the reliability front!! Having owned an EV now since 2015 I have a nasty feeling battery gate (for full EVs) will be main automobile industry headlines come 2025. All that money VW has spend on EV development post dieselgate may all be wasted!!
  7. Well don't ever buy a Tesla!! Tesla have now stopped doing extended warranties, just the media computer screen is replacment £2k. Tesla's battery warranty is also not worth the paper it's written on, they are actively reducing pack capacity and performance to make sure the packs fail after the 8 year warranty period is up. Absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a warranty on anything, but interms of car brands Lexus/Toyota are one of the few brands I would say you can feel fairly secure in the reliability of the product regardless of warranty status.
  8. You really don't need to worry about any kind of warranty on these cars, its the USP of Lexus/Toyota. If you want to see what kind of cars/brand you need a warranty on here is the list of things that I've had done on warranty on our Tesla. The Tesla is currently still only 2.5 years old and done just over 35K miles. Our IS300H doesn't have much competition on the need for extended warranty front :). 1: Boot not shutting without alarm. 2: Steering wheel damaged needed to be replaced. 3: Drivers seat 'rocking' needed to be replaced. 4: Very loud rattle from drivers A pillar needed A pillar rebuild. 5: Wipers not aligned. 6: Door sensors not the most uptodate, prevented software updates, needed to be replaced. 7: Both sun visors rattled and needed to be replaced. 8: Front suspension failure - both front upper control arms failed and needed to be towed for recovery/repair. 9: Front driver door lock actuator failed - couldn't close/lock main drivers door!! 10: Both main media computer and instrument display LCD panels failing, needs replacement. 11: Wipers wash hose corroded needed replacing.
  9. We've have owned our IS300H since 2015 and it's done 27k in that time. The only thing we have replaced in that time is one set of tyres, and the key fob battery. The car is serviced every year, originally on a service pack with main dealer now at the local independent. The IS300H is the most reliable car we have ever owned, it's never even needed any oil between services. Personally I wouldn't bother with any warranty, that's why you are buying a Lexus, if you want to see unreliable go and buy a BMW or a Tesla! We were thinking of replacing it, but £10/year VED, a true 45-50mpg all year round, and barely £200/year for service+MOT makes for very good longterm ownership, now planning to keep it pretty much forever. Someone mentioned snow, we seem to be warming up in the UK, what snow our IS has seen it had dealt with fine. The IS300H has the most aggressive TC system Ive driven in any car, despite been RWD the chances of you spinning out due to over steer in any condition is exactly 0. You can literally mash the throttle mid turn on fresh snow and the you will still not loss control. It drives more like a FWD car in snow than RWD. Plug in hybrids actually make little sense in any situation. If you are doing small miles your fuel bill will be tiny, and the reliability of the Lexus drivetrain will save you so much more stress/money compared to any plugin hybrid from BMW/Audi etc. From the hassle free ownership experience point of view the IS300H really has been top of the class for us, and we owned plenty of Honda/Nissan's, you cannot really go wrong with these cars.
  10. Insurance companies have no issues with remote start via Apps. I can unlock, start our Tesla using my phone App, once unlocked/started you can drive without the key.
  11. Just picked up a 2017 CT200H with my sister in law, same colour as our IS300H. The brief was a reliable, efficient car, with a max budget of £16k to manage a 50 mile daily commute. Initially the usual suspects of A class, 1 series were been looked at but after I explained how reliable, and efficient our IS300H was the decision to go with a CT200H was made. Am not sure of CT specs but the car has most of the stuff our IS300H premier has, the infotainment system is weak and the scroll wheel makes the system even harder to use than with the mouse thing. But actually once you get use to it, its fine. Sister in law is very happy, and its a nice little car for the job. Am sure she will get many happy trouble free miles ahead!!...... .......I did try to persuade her to try an full out EV, but I think a Tesla + Leaf on the driveway put her off the idea of having another plug in car :).
  12. The Mark Levinson system on our 2015 is OK, nothing to get mega excited over. Part of the problem I think is more the lack of physical space in the IS so the sound staging never sounds right. The Mark Levinson system on a RX loaner was much better, and again in our SUV the sound staging is just better as there is more space. I get the feeling the Mark Levinson system in the IS is like a home HiFi system setup in a box room, it doesn't matter how good the speakers are if you haven't got the physical space to work with it never sounds quite right.
  13. From what I understand the Prius is an easy target because the cat is located at the back end of the exhaust. On the IS the cat is just behind engine, a much harder place to access. Am also pretty sure you need a low profile (bigger) jack to get under the IS, where a Prius is easier to lift. Finally for every IS300H a potential thief sees they will have seen half a dozen Prius as well, so why would they go for a harder to steal target when lots of easier targets available.
  14. Well if you want to bet against EVs Tesla stock is the most shorted US stoc, so plenty of people are willing Tesla to fail. Time will tell how things go, but early impressions of the Y from a Model 3 owner is they cannot wait to swap their Model 3 for a Model Y. The price point and market position of the Y is right on target for the likes of the X3/X5, Q3/Q5, and NX/RX. BMW, Audi, Lexus can make excuse about no one wanting a saloon for dismal 3 series/IS sales.......If I was to bet come next year this time I think they will all be scrabbling around like headless chickens trying to get a product to compete with the Model Y, and not all of these household names are going to survive the up and coming bum fight when the music finally stops on quantitative easing.
  15. That figure alone is astounding, a car company that didn't make a single car till 2008, and currently only has 3 models in their lineup two of which starts at $100k is achieving 2/3 the volume of alternative fuel cars sales of Toyota, one of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet.......So who is the bigger threat to who?? As for fuel cost, our Tesla still costs me £0 to refuel at a Tesla Supercharger and about £6 to refuel at home. Ionity increasing their prices just demonstrates how far ahead Tesla are of the competition. Incidentally there are currently less than half a dozen Ionity charging sites in the UK, versus so many Tesla Supercharger sites I've lost count. There are challenges to Tesla, Toyota/Lexus are not it. And the more Toyota wastes their time with the Mirai the more danger they will face in the future. Nokia phone sales actually peaked in 2007, hitting 50% market share in Q4, the same time when Apple first launched their iPhone. No big tech analyst at the time would have predicted what happened next......At the rate Tesla is catching up to Toyota in the US, Toyota executives need to be worried, but like Nokia I suspect the realization they haven't adapted in time may come too late!