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  1. Out of no where my wife asked me what I thought about replacing her IS300H last night!! It may have something to do with the fact our 3 year old Tesla Model X just had a new AP computer, and media control unit fitted middle of the week by Tesla. Whilst not life changing been able to do things like watch Netflix without faffing with the phone was helpful when waiting for my daughters Saturday AM activities to finish on a cold/wet day. The build in dash cam function is useful, and seem to work well. You can view all the video direct in the car, just plug in a USB memory stick. Watching the videos gives me a headache tough, I don’t think our brains are programmed to try and look at the road from 4 different views at the same point. Much more interesting though is the up and coming v11 software, which apparently will allow the FSD visualisation to take over the entire drivers console, in additional to what the car can already ‘see’ I know my wife loves her IS, its reliable, dependable, efficient, cheap to run, safe (honest have no idea why people think there is a problem with traction), but when you from our Tesla back into the Lexus it really is like going back in time about 20 years…..There is about 1% chance my wife will go for another Lexus to replace the IS, that's despite her knowing how unreliable our Tesla has been, and as I've mentioned the IS has been faultless in every regard. Lexus needs to really up their game if they want to have any hope of attracting new customers in this new world of EV and tech driven industry. The new bar for in-car teach set by Tesla is current so high I don't think the Lexus/Toyota executives can even see it because they just cannot bring themselves to look that far ahead.
  2. Very interesting discussions, but I have to confess what I've seen in the last 48hrs has 100% changed my view on car ownership and whats coming very soon. I remember the watching Steve Jobs slide to unlock the iPhone back in 2007 and than looking at my Palm Treo realising that it was nothing more than a paper weight, I now see this for every single car onsale today. Robotaxis aren't just coming, for American cities with Waymo they are already here. Tesla aren't far behind either. I just cannot get my head around the idea of buying a brand new car that cannot offer near full autonomous driving now. Why would you spend so much ££££ on technology thats already been superceded?? The legislation will take a few years to catch up, the tech still needs to mature, but the future of personal transportation is already here, and Tesla aside I cannot see how any of the current car manufactures will remain relevant. Waymo (Google) is well on their way of becoming the mega cooperation running our lives......for better or worse :).
  3. It'll certainly be an interesting test which am sure some one will do soon. I've just gone out to take the trash, the IS300H parked next up to our Tesla is looking more pointless by the day.....Seriously how can two cars produced within 12 months of each other be so different.
  4. This is nuts, utterly nuts......and to have this level of tech pushed out to a car manufacturer in over 3 years ago, WTF, who does stuff like this. Cannot wait, this may be the nail in the coffin for our IS, what use is a car if it cannot drive it self :).
  5. Forget the mould, Tesla may have shattered the work shop!! Waymo is now running a llimited driverless Taxi service in Atlanta I think. But the test cars look like tanks on wheels with Lidar and extra CPUs. Take a look at the Tesla version, running off no additional hardware. What's more amazing our 2017 Model X will be able to do the same, just as soon as we get EU authorisation for the software!!! So whilst our Lexus IS still cannot even connect to Google Maps for traffic updates, our Tesla looks like it might actually be able to drive it self!!! As I've said before, Tesla is so far ahead of the tech curve its not funny anymore. If Tesla really have nailed Full Self Driving without needing Lidar and using a CPU barely bigger than a in dash radio, they have just changed the game.....
  6. Very interesting..... This is the Model S prototype and this is what we got. This is what the Model X Prototype looked like 5 years before production..... ...and this is what our X looks like in real life. People doubt Tesla will put the Cybertruck in production form as it currently appears, I have no doubts, it'll look just like this. I understand the conservative approach, but fortune favours the brave and Tesla have introduced whole new approach to car development....
  7. The IS is my wife's car, and its actually the other way round interms of trading in cars :). We actually did order a Model 3 to replace the Lexus- yes we ordered another Tesla to replace the Lexus dispite reliability issues. But overall cost of change was too high to justify given the Lexus has done barely 2k miles since March this year so we cancelled the Model 3 order. Reliability of our X had been awful but reliability isn't the only metric to car ownership for me. Far more important for me is the smile factor and the looking back when you walk away test. Our X is the best car I have ever owned on those two points, yes if it was more reliable that would be better, but nothing in life is perfect! As a reminder of just how different our IS and Tesla is I had to drive the Lexus yesterday, its still hard for me to belive these two interiors are from two cars made within 12 months of each other...Honestly if you haven't experienced/used the tech a Tesla offers you wouldn't know any better, but once you have its amazing how far behind Lexus have fallen. So your right, one of our car is destined to be replaced before the other, but its not the one you think :).
  8. I suspect you don't need to wait three years, it wouldn't surprise me if Tesla out sells Lexus in Europe for 2020. COVID will be the excuse given, but Tesla owners aren't immune to COVID. The Y will enter European production come 2021 at the Berlin factory. So a small SUV, built with German QC methodology in Germany, backed by government incentives, all bets are off at that point whos going to be losing sales to Tesla in Europe. Lexus/BMW/Audi/Merc are all in same competing sector.
  9. Interesting, Tesla has no future in Europe, yet every country (UK included) was falling over themselves to be picked for the next Tesla factory. You might have also missed the memo on VAG going full in for EVs, Porsche VAG halo brand sees their future as an EV brand. Why else would they choose to display the Taycan as their current flagship instead of the new 911 for all the 70th anniversary marketing materials?? As for all other EVs making more sense than a Tesla for some reason, you might want to check sales figures.
  10. Ours was £71k after options, within £5k of an equivalent spec Q7. The £100k version is the one that does 0-60 in sub 3 seconds, and 1/4 mile quicker than a Ferrari F40 or most Lambos. In that regard given most Ferraris/Lambos can only seat 2, and cost more than £100k the top spec Teslas are "cheap'. Both the Model 3 and Y are much cheaper than the S/X. Though ideally Tesla needs the prices to be about another 10%. Tesla is just about the only car manufacturer whos busy building new factories at the moment rather than shutting in them down. The NX/RX is whats keeps Lexus afloat right now, Q4 sales of both in the US will show just how much Lexus has to worry about the Model Y eating into sales.
  11. It depends on what youre priorities are in a car. If its reliability than don't go near Tesla, if you want the best tech Tesla is so far ahead its not even funny anymore. Lexus will soon be a niche brand if they don't get competitive EVs to market.
  12. Tesla is going to easily out sell Lexus in Europe, and currently on track for 500K sales end of 2020. Am not sure how the COVID has effected Lexus sales but they aren't going to be much more. Come 2021 Tesla will outsell Lexus quite comfortably as Y production ramps up globally. Its quite amazing to think less than 10 years ago the company only made one car, and that was essentially a hand build converted Lotus Elise. Tesla do need to improve their initial factory quality, but the German factory that's been built should help introduce better quality control. However overall their long term reliability appears better than what poor QC at the factory suggest. Ours is now over 3 years old and 37K covered, the interior literally looks 'as new' despite daily usage, and no real attempt from me to look after it. Perhaps what's more extraordinary is that our IS is feeling more out dated day by day interms of infotainment, our Tesla still looks/feels as 'fresh' as any of the new cars coming to market. Tesla is also going to retrofit the latest infotainment computer into our X and upgrade the Autopilot computer to the latest version in the next few weeks. This means our 2017 car will soon get access to all the latest software changes - like having Netflix/YouTube streaming, side camera views on screen, traffic light recognition etc. Can you ever imagine Lexus updating a 3 year old IS to the latest infotainment hardware?? Elon Musk is nuts, and Tesla operate some very 'odd' practices, but their cars really are fantastic and have driven everyone else to improve their own products interms of tech and innovation. Our IS300H isn't going any where soon, but the latest Model 3 now starts at £40K, our IS300H had a list price of £45K, so interms of cost - which is a far bigger issue than build quality, Tesla is getting there. Personally my next car is likely to be Porsche Taycan, and that's where I would put Tesla interms of comparison of how good their cars are, as good as Porsche. Compared to our Lexus, our Tesla is better car in every single way apart from reliability, there is nothing Lexus sells that comes close to even tempting me away from our X.
  13. Thats a shame but as a current owner its probably a good thing for residuals given the reliability of these cars and on going sales drop in diesels.
  14. Am sorry that just sounds ridiculous, and probably utterly useless to determine the SOC or battery health on a traction battery. Even on my Tesla the battery computer can only 'guesstimate' the health of the battery with an error margin of up to 5%. That's an EV with one of the most advanced battery management computers, ths method you have stated to guesstimate battery health is essential useless.
  15. Have you looked at Bulb? They apparently have 'one rate' across the UK.