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  1. ganzoom

    Residual values

    The cheapest 2017 car I can see on Autotrader is £20K, so if you signed up to a 2 year PCP with a £16K GFV your almost certainly have a decent amount left at trade in to contribute to as deposit for the next car. This was how the original concept of PCP was sold to the public, but in recent years with cheap finance/need to shift cars means manufactures used stupid high GFV to bring the headline £££/month costs down - essentially this was crazy credit driven lending to make it inflate new car sales with little thought for who's actually going to pay for the credit/interest. Now that we are on the brink of another recession finance/manufactures are rightly moving back to the original concept of PCP, with realistic GFV and interest rates that reflect the true cost of borrowing money. I had a brand new Nissan Leaf (£25K list), for £200/month, zero deposit, and a crazy high GFV at 24 months in 2015. Same car now, same deal conditions, and Nissan now wants £400/month and £5K deposit. The headline price once adjusted for inflation has hardly changed, £25K versus £28K, its changes to APR% and GFV which has made monthly cost shot up. However if you buy cash with personal loan you can bypass all the finance games the manufactures like to play. If you actually look at used prices of IS300Hs your see residuals are rock solid for a 'premium' saloon, the other potential car we looked when buying the IS in 2015 was a new Jag XE, a similar age/spec diesel XF is worth about £5-7K less than our IS, despite both cars having virtually the same new cost in 2015, the XE actually been slight more if I remember correctly. A 2015 BMW 320d is also not commanding as much as a 2015 IS300H.
  2. ganzoom

    Residual values

    I've been keeping an eye on used prices last 6/12 month as at one point we were going to sell the IS this year. We paid £35K including the 'safety pack' option for our Premier in 2015. Looking at Autotrader am pretty confident I would be able to get close to £19K for our without much hassle, even WBAC is offering £17K. In terms of long term ownership prospects the IS300H really is hard to argue against. Our is £10 VED, not needed a drop of oil in between services, no need to worry about DPF/Turbos/Clutches, very little chance of been 'banned' from major city centres as clean air policies kick in. I can see used prices staying strong compared to a 4/5 year old turbo diesel from Merc/BMW/Audi. Infact the absurdly cheap running/maintenance costs of the IS is partly why we are no longer going to sell it, which I think reflects why used prices have been really firm. The reason finance companies no longer support high GFV is because they no longer want the risk at a time the global markets are bordering on a crash.
  3. On our IS the car reads out the txt message when its received. Doesn't work with WhatsApp though.
  4. ganzoom

    Automatic Full Beam

    This is camera on the front of our IS, there is also a radar in front and rear bumper. I suspect its the same Mobile Eye setup found in countless other cars, am pretty sure Lexus could have also enabled 'auto steer' as the car can 'see' road marking quite consistently when lane keep assit is on, but Lexus with their conservative approach to tech probably choose not to push the hardware too much.
  5. ganzoom

    Automatic Full Beam

    For a preface lift car only 'premiere' spec cars with optional 'safety pack' ordered at factory has auto highbeam, along with adaptive cruise control, blind spot and rear cross traffic monitoring and crash avoidance. All this is enabled from a camera installed in the mainwindscreen and I persume an ECU somewhere, I highly doubt your be able to retrofit these features. One of the reasons why we went for a fresh factory order back in 2015 was because I couldn't find any used cars that had the 'safety pack' fitted. The IS is my wifes car and she tends to keep her cars a long time - last car 8 years. So am glad we paid extra a few years ago, as even now her 2015 car has all the gadgets you need. We leave the high beam on 'auto' as it works pretty well - its not as good as the system Tesla implement but perfectly useable. The rear cross traffic warning though is fab, its something even the Tesla cannot do and works really well!!
  6. My wifes get around 40-45mpg for 10 mile work commute. On long runs she gets 50-55mpg. You can get just under 60mpg if you really try - but to get over that your need to hypermile. I've never seen ours report under 40mpg on a tank, and I do all the fuel ups- Ours is on 17inch wheels, 22k in and orignal tyres still have 4mm tread.
  7. No idea, but would you also not need to code the correct ECU? I played around with winFPK alot with my old BMW, and without paying a single £0 managed to get near dealer level software(including firmeware flashing) running on my own laptop. I briefly looked at similar options for Lexus and found not much beyond the official techprotals, which I persume you have to pay ££££ to access. Let us know how you get on. I love fiddling with cars and software.
  8. The graphics interface is rubbish and before a firmware update about 12 months ago really really laggy. Shame really because the functions are all there, just not displayed using resolutions/graphics we are now use too in 2018/19. However the actual route planning works well, and when in use its fine. Bluetooth connection is actually very good, displays Spotify album art, lets you skip/pause, and all connects very easily.
  9. Had E90 335i for 4 years before, and our IS300H is going to be 4 years old next March. The reliability and build quality of the IS300H makes my old BMW feel like a kit car. Aside from fuel and servicing the IS300H hasn't needed any attention, not even an oil top up. 22k and still have just under 5mm of tread on all tyres, will probably be 40K before they need changing!!! The BMW at similar age needed new fuel pump, water pump, leaking radiator, persistant oil leak which no one could isolate, failed GPS aerial, ignition coils, and the turbo wastegates were starting too go - all at 4 years old under 50K on the clock!! Only thing the BMW as better at was power delivery, but comparing a twinturbo 3L 6 cylinder petrol unit to a 4 cylinder unit with Prius tech is hardly fair. There is an irritating amount of throttle lag when your really pressing on, but for general pottering around its fine. Infotainment on the Lexus should be better, but we use nearly 100% Spotify and the Bluetooth in the Lexus works fine. We were planning to swap the IS300H for a full EV sometime next year, but its been so reliable with such minimal running costs, £10VED, cheapish insurance, true 45-50mpg and only doing 6k miles a year into, the maths just doesn't add up to change it. So we'll be keeping it for a while longer.
  10. The chance of the battery pack failling is pretty much 0%. The system runs a 'battery' check constantly. If the battery is not safe, the whole hybrid set up would just stop. In this case a warranty will be needed, but am not sure I've heard of any IS300H hybrid system failling?
  11. 30 seconds to plug into the OBD port and than print off a battery voltage report - Easy money. The Nissan tech I took my Leaf into for a 'service' was almost embrassed to take £90 off me for essentially the same 'battery check' on our old Leaf. Sadly he wasn't embrassed enough not too take the money and I had to 'service' it as part of the PCP agreement. Our current EV has just ticked over 15K in 12 month, warranty is fully intact regardless of when/if I choose to service it. Battery coolant will need replacing at 50K so that will be the first time I will take it back to the dealer, local independent will do brake fluid change for £60 next year. Shame our Lexus still has oilly bits to actually warrant an annual sevice, I have never liked throwing money away.
  12. Looks great, why doesn't Lexus do this in the UK? Nissan/Renault/BMW/Jaguar/Tesla all have Apps in the UK that offer these services.
  13. Not only can I pre-heat our other car using a phone app, I can even unlock it, open/close doors, 'start' the car - keyless driving, and even 'summon' - move the car with no one inside it at all..... I use the preheat feature all the time at the moment, its fab been able to step into a warm car even when its close to 0 degrees outside, not been arrested so far:).
  14. £1900 for trackpad that probably costs <£10 to produce and a part I recon will take about 30 min max to remove..... Believe what ever numbers you want, but I doubt any taxi drivers are putting extended warranties on their Prius.
  15. Warranty is a waste of money, essentially same running gear as a Prius, Lexus/Toyota isn't like BMW/Merc, the cars are actually built to last rather than breakdown. The number of people on this forum reporting any faults tell you how reliable these cars are.