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  1. Well if you want to bet against EVs Tesla stock is the most shorted US stoc, so plenty of people are willing Tesla to fail. Time will tell how things go, but early impressions of the Y from a Model 3 owner is they cannot wait to swap their Model 3 for a Model Y. The price point and market position of the Y is right on target for the likes of the X3/X5, Q3/Q5, and NX/RX. BMW, Audi, Lexus can make excuse about no one wanting a saloon for dismal 3 series/IS sales.......If I was to bet come next year this time I think they will all be scrabbling around like headless chickens trying to get a product to compete with the Model Y, and not all of these household names are going to survive the up and coming bum fight when the music finally stops on quantitative easing.
  2. That figure alone is astounding, a car company that didn't make a single car till 2008, and currently only has 3 models in their lineup two of which starts at $100k is achieving 2/3 the volume of alternative fuel cars sales of Toyota, one of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet.......So who is the bigger threat to who?? As for fuel cost, our Tesla still costs me £0 to refuel at a Tesla Supercharger and about £6 to refuel at home. Ionity increasing their prices just demonstrates how far ahead Tesla are of the competition. Incidentally there are currently less than half a dozen Ionity charging sites in the UK, versus so many Tesla Supercharger sites I've lost count. There are challenges to Tesla, Toyota/Lexus are not it. And the more Toyota wastes their time with the Mirai the more danger they will face in the future. Nokia phone sales actually peaked in 2007, hitting 50% market share in Q4, the same time when Apple first launched their iPhone. No big tech analyst at the time would have predicted what happened next......At the rate Tesla is catching up to Toyota in the US, Toyota executives need to be worried, but like Nokia I suspect the realization they haven't adapted in time may come too late!
  3. And the Y is nearly here...You have to hope Lexus has a plan to counter it in the US this year!
  4. Lexus needs to get a move on with what ever they ate planning.....Time is ticking, the Model 3 has destroyed US saloon sales for everyone else (BMW shifted only 66k 3/4 series less than last year, despite it been a brand new model). Lexus may not care about the IS, but the NX/RX makes up most of Lexus sales. At around £45k starting price the Y is pitched directly at the NX/RX. Add in 7 seater despite been smaller than a RX, bigger boot than a RX, 0-60 times NX/RXs can only dream off, 3p per mile fuel costs, the Y is likely to do the same in the SUV sector as the 3 to the saloon sector........ And its nearly here!!! The Y has already got California certification for sales to start, so I expect first US delivers are only weeks away. RHD deliveries will be 12-18 months behind, but I expect by Easter 2021 we'll be seeing the Y on UK roads, our IS would be 6 years by than, but compared to a Y its going to fell like its 60 years old!!
  5. Quite shocking to see Lexus IS sales US is now sub 15K for the whole year, Tesla sold 158K Model 3s in the US this year following on from 139K year before. Given Lexus/Toyota's conservative approach to tech there is zero chance the IS can catch Model 3 sales in the US any time soon - if ever. Electrifying the next NX to compete with the Model Y is the best thing Lexus can do right now, but they better get a move on because all the signs are Tesla is on the verge of laughing the Y in the US for mass production before summer of this year. The NX/RX is what's keeping Lexus going at the moment, the Model Y will be a direct competitor in that market for both price, utility, and target consumers. Infact if Tesla call really pull of 7 seats in the Y and keep the price under control (ie not $100K+ like for the X) its going to cause carnage in the US premium SUV segment!
  6. The 340i is actually putting out far more than 375bhp at the crank, they are almost certainly 375whp given how easily they can out run every other car in the small saloon class. Where as the IS300H will be barely 200whp. The OP is considering both, for similar money you are getting close to double the power, that before the poor driverbility of a Toyota Prius drivetrain versus one that's good enough for a M3. On a twisty B road the 340i will be out of sight within a few corners, BMW knows how to make small fast saloons better than anyone else, its their bread and butter. OP asked about performance saloons/hot hatches, on that front the 340i is a better car than the IS300H by a country mile in every department expect for reliability and fuel consumption.
  7. @B80 If you haven't driven a 340i don't write it off until you have. In terms of performance it really does make the IS300H look like a 1.0 Fiesta, and that's without even taking into account the awful power delivery of the IS300H in comparison. Yes the IS300H is like a mountain when it compares to reliability but sometimes in life you just need to take a bit of risk!! The 340i isn't just fast, its properly quick.
  8. Infiniti are pulling out of Europe though, so soon these cars will have no official manufacture support. Though most Nissan garages should still be able to work on them.
  9. The BMW blown straight 6 really is one of the best combustion power plant ever made. I've seen them been dyno to 600whp with upgraded internals. Its the pinnacle of the combustion engine without going into Supercar territory, which partly why I moved over to EVs. Once you have seen/owned the best there is its time to move on and try something different.
  10. Well if you think a 530d is a benchmark for a 'quick' car that says it all :). My wife loves our IS, but she barely knows its RWD. The IS handles fine but the powertrain is utter rubbish if you're really pressing on. To really drive quickly on a B road you need confidence in knowing how much push the engine will give when your existing a corner, add in wet roads, adverse camber, RWD, without trust in the power delivery of the drive train you simply cannot enjoy the car. I could make 'steering' adjustments in my old 335i, 350Z, DC2 Teg mid corner using my right foot, try that in a IS300H and all you get is lag and unpredictability. If you think a IS300H pulls well than I don't know what you will make of the pull in a Golf R or similar, and the R isn't even quick anymore by modern standards. Try a full fat P Tesla and than go back go the IS, shopping trolley is not bad description once you have actually driven a car with a powertrain designed for performance. For anyone who really wants performance on the cheap If you ever get on to the Autobahn the 'pull' of the BMW blown straight 6 at 100mph+ is phenomenal, even matching Supercars with a few mods. A used N54 335i with mods is one of the performance bargains of the past decade, it woudlnt be reliable but it'll make Lambos look mundane, and for alot less cash. For sub £20k nothing else comes close. The IS300H is a fine car, but to pretend its a performance car you are just lying to yourself.
  11. Am sorry some of you guys clearly haven't driven something like a 340i at anything close to full throttle if you think a IS300H offers any where near the performance of a modern high powered saloon/hatchback. My last car was a 335i which was modded to 380whp (over 400bhp at the crank). Though the IS300H isn't slow, but the difference in performance between a Golf R, S3/S4, 340i and the IS is night and day. The IS is super reliable, and extremely smooth when used for commuting/pottering around, but push the drivetrain to over 7/10 and its awful. The throttle lag is horrible, the power delivery inconsistent, and when the small battery runs out there is a noticable drop in acceleration. If you want fun to drive the German cars are in a different league, but if you want reliability than the IS is way ahead. I wouldn't cross shop between a 340i/Golf R and the IS300H, two completely different breed of cars aimed at different target audience. My old 335i was the 2nd most unreliable car I have ever owned, and even though it nearly left us stranded in the middle of an Alpine pass when it developed an oil leak on a 2000 mile European road trip I loved that car, quite simply the best combustion car I had the pleasure of owning. Our IS300H is used by my wife to commute to work, nothing has broken in 5 years and its still even on original factory tyres. Though in that time its barely done 28k miles, that fact alone should tell you how much we like driving in it. Both are great in their own right, if I was make a comparison to my Uni days, one is like the mate who is sensible on a night out, will make sure you get home not too late and call a taxi. The other is the one who pulls a bottle of Vodka out of their pocket even before you get to town, and you wake up the next wondering why there is a ladder next your window and a pot plant on the roof......Chalk and cheese. As others have already suggested forget the IS300H, look for a ISF, or even the GSF.
  12. Because the IS300H has a rubbish drive train and power delivery to really take advantage of a mechanical LSD. The torque curve is so unpredictable and throttle lags varies from a little to 2-3 seconds I doubt Lewis Hamilton could control one in a drift even if you could 100% disable the TC - which you cannot. Remeber when F1 cars first had hybrid engines and all the F1 drivers were moaning about 'driverbility', thats the IS300H. If you want a drift car and slide around corners (why else do you want a LSD) there are plenty of other cars to choose, a IS300H isn't designed for that purpose.
  13. Trust me I've tried to get it do donuts........180 was as far as I could get it to do without cutting the power. An LSD may have helped, the nanny TC system was impossible to fully turn off :(.
  14. How are you managing any kind of wheel spin? On ice/snow with the TC off I still couldn't get our IS300H to do a 360 spin, the TC is never really off an cuts in as soon as you get any where near a 180 spin. Am also not sure why you want a LSD on a 300H. The power delivery is totally unpredictable, even after nearly 5 years of ownership I have no idea when peak power will arrive when I go WOT. Adding a LSD + disabling the TC with the level of unpredictable power delivery means you will be facing the traffic in wrong lane very quickly! If you really want a LSD though, am sure Quaife can help, but you really have to ask why?
  15. And that's why Tesla is far ahead on web/true internet connectivity. Elon Musk made his first million selling his start up web news bot, and his second million with PayPal. That was back in the age of Netscape etc. Tesla is a technology company that is learning very quickly how to build cars. Where as Lexus is the otherway round. The whole company cultral approach to technology integration between Tesla and Lexus couldn't be more different - For good and bad. Our Tesla without internet connection almost feels as useful as a smart phone with no data connection, it really is more like a giant computer on wheels rather than a car that happens to have a few ECUs. Lexus couldn't implement the level of internet integration Tesla does ever, its simply not in how the company thinks/works.