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  1. Given the number of Tesla + Lexus owners on here may be we need seperate sub section 😉 There are much worse cars to have on the driveway!!
  2. Whoozheer!! The hatred for diesels have really helped IS300H residuals!! To think we very nearly went for a diesel XF/XE instead of the Lexus in 2015 :). The Model 3 is awesome, but we have just got the first invoice and bill through from the architect for our house extension........Don't think we be splashing out on new cars for a long while yet 😞
  3. Or even better £4k depreciation for doing 60k is only 7p per mile depreciation!! That's unbelievable strong residuals value, and shows just how useless the GFV number is for current new car PCP offers.
  4. According to WBAC our 2015 IS premiere is now worth £18.7k, thats more than what they quoted a few months ago!! Works out as £280/month even by lowly WBAC offers. Quite astonishing residuals for a small saloon, which for all intent and purposes are not fashionable at the moment compared to SUVs.
  5. 100% agree. I get frustrated every time I 'floor' the right pedal on our IS, however drive it like its designed to do its a fantastic way to get you from A to B in comfort. We just happened to have done Leicester to Gatwick this morning in the IS, apart from missing steer assist the car was faultless. 50mpg overall despite lots of rain, and pretty much lane 3 pace all the way. Ours is primarily used for long trips beyond the range of our EV these days, and for long distance M-way driving the IS really is hard to beat. 27k in and still on original factory tyres, I recon they wouldn't need changing for another 10k. At one point this year the IS nearly made way for another car, but £10/year VED, no faults in nearly 5 years of ownership, no DPF worries, and all the gadgets apart from steering assistance which my wife wouldn't use anyways means its a keeper.
  6. The 3 really is one of those cars that look better in real life than in photos. We our frist one on holiday in Portugal and it did stand out much more than I thought. The main 'problem' of the 3 is pricing, in particular the 'P' cars, at under £50k with all options you want/need its only £7k more than the list price of our current IS300H, but your getting so much more speed and tech. We did order a SR £37k 3 but than cancelled it, I think I rather wait till we saved up for the £50k 'P' variant. It really is great leveller, performance that only those who could afford and run supercars is now here for everyone to enjoy. The fact once you bought one a 3 second 0-60 Model 3 will actually cost less to run than a BMW 320D is just a donus :).
  7. If your looking at the 3 series surely you have to look at the Model 3? £30K doesn't quite get you into a Model 3, but its not far off. Tesla have also reduced the price of the 'P' version - so for just under £50K your have something that is just about the quickest thing with 4 wheels you can buy for use on public roads!! It's a jump in the budget but near 3 second 0-60 time is something you have to experience to really understand, that's McLaren F1 quick!1
  8. The heated cooled seats on our IS has been rubbish from day one, with possibly 40degrees tomorrow, all I can say is am glad my wife is in driving the IS even though my car doesn't have cooled seats 🙂
  9. Really?? Lexus charged me £90 for the small reflective panel on the rear bumper, and didn't they quote some one £3k for the stero unit?? £300 for a bumper seems very unlike Lexus.
  10. Quite a few of us on here have had the same mispleasure of BMW reliability, mine was a E90 335i, to this day still the only car that has broken down and left me stranded by the side of the road. Amazing driving machines, but fragile is a kind word to use to describe awful build quality and inherent design flaws, which BMW never than take responsibility for. We've had our IS300H 4.5 years now, we haven't done many miles, sub 26k, but its simply the most reliable, cheap to own car we've had. You wouldn't find the IS300H lacking in actual speed, or handling. Its surprisingly quick especially when moving and had top class body control on a B road. None of this 'skipping' across the road when the road surface is bad your find with any 'M sport' badged BMW. As a daily commuter car/Mway machine its really hard to fault the IS300H, ours returns 45mpg all weather, I did 300 miles non stop in it once in awful weather and the car behaved perfectly. HOWEVER the power delivery is awful, if that aspect of the car is important to you. As you have experienced the ZF auto boxes are amazing, the IS300H is nothing close, add in about 0.5-1 second delay between going full throttle and the engine responding and your getting close to how the IS300H feels when 'pressing on'. Its not as bad as the autobox in a CX60/90 but nothing close to the old 6 speed ZF autobox let alone the current 8 speed box. The noise actually is fine, as most of the time the car is very quiet, and in day to day driving the drive train is fine, its only when you going full throttle the powertrain delays are noticable. My wife loves our IS, she has no idea why I find driving it so frustrating, its like having a Michelin star level plate of food put on your table with how good the overall car is, but than asked to eat it with plastic knife and fork...... The IS is a really good car, and we'll be keeling ours for a good while yet, overall all its an fantastic car, but the power train has flaws if that kind of thing is important to you.
  11. Our 15 plate has cream leather (no ripped seats either), premier spec with the very rare 'safety pack' so you also get radar cruise control/blind spot monitor, and just 26k on the clock, also in £10/year VED bracket and unlikely to be banned/fined in future ULEZs. But we are not selling, the thing is so cheap to run and maintain cannot get the man maths to work swapping it for anything else. Any new car will cost ££££ in deprecation and virtually the same maintenance costs. Good luck with your search!! Get one in decent spec though, it does make a differences to your ownership experience.
  12. Premier DOES have parking sensors AND camera!! Find a rare one with the 'safety kit' you also get rear blind spot monitoring, cross traffic alert - which is really useful, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, high beam assist and emergency autonomous braking. But hardly any pre 2017 cars had this option box ticked, post 2017 it came as standard spec. Post 2017 cars also had LED headlights added and a larger media screen, so if you can up your budget these are the ones to get. Otherwise 2013-2016 cars are basically the same.
  13. Why would that bother you? Our IS is a 15 plate, bought new, its by far the most reliable car we have owned, and we've had 7 Nissans and 2 Hondas between us in the past!!! The hybrid drivetrain is essentially the same as the Prius, and there is a good reasons why Taxi drivers love the Prius. In over 4 years of ownership I've never had to add a single drop of oil, coolant, and its still on original factory tyres!!! The Premier has all the toys you could want, even compared to a brand new 2019 car from other brands. I've tired very hard to find a reason to sell the IS for another car, but ever time when I do the numbers the IS just comes out leagues ahead of any other car. £10/VED, a true 45mpg all year round, £200/year service at independent garage, rock solid reliability, no risk of been banned/fined even if ULEZ becomes national, very slow depreciation for a £40k+ list price car. Our IS300H is in no way the most 'loved' car we have owned, and I'm not going to miss it when it goes - even our old diesel Civic beats the IS for 'character' with its turbo lag/wine and good old torque steer, but as a tool to get you from A to B in comfort (main job of any car) it's one of the best cars we've owned!! And honestly I think it'll end up been in the family till it dies, which is going to be a long long long time into the future.
  14. Just check the spec of the cars, its can vary alot. If you want all the toys go for 'Premier' spec, ours has literally all the gadgets you would want, if you find a rare one with the added 'safety pack' your also get adaptive cruise control, emergency crash avoidance etc, which is now pretty much standard equipment on all 2019 cars but wasn't so in 2016. On the other hand I didn't even realize some IS300H spec didn't even come with a reversing camera!!
  15. You can choose to wast £900 every 2 years on servicing, or take it to any good independent and pay less than half the cost for the same job :). Road tax on 16 plate car will be £20 a year, and woudlnt change apart from inflation linked rises. You really don't need a warranty, if the IS300H was made by BMW/Mercedes/Audi that would be a different story :).