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  1. Don't underestimate the human ability to make totally wrong assumptions and decisions based on 'personal experience'. How similar is your truck to a Toyota hybrid drivetrain? In your 1.5 million miles of driving how did you come to your conclusions? Were you blinded to the type of fuel you used? How did you control your variables and account for bias?
  2. If your happy with the performance of the 320D your find the IS300H is very similar in performance with better 50-70mph performance, I did a video of our IS300H when it was new. Just don't expect it perform like a 335i or similar, the drivetrain 100% has lag, and lots of it, ruins the car for me interms of dynamic response/fun. The chassis and suspension damping is fab, but the delay in throttle response makes it almost impossible to have any real fun out of corners as you simply cannot predict when/how much power is going to be delivered. But most of the time it's not an issue, in traffic/normal driving the drive train is fine, if your just looking for acceleration performance on M-ways etc than a bit of lag isn't an issue.
  3. But you can say the same about a TV remote control, automatic doors in shops, people who use a lift to go up 1-3 floors. Having now had somekind of 'smart entry' system for our last 3 cars I woudlnt buy one without it. Infact my current car has powered front/back doors which can be opened from the key, every time I get in the Lexus I get confused why the doors don't just open/close automatically and I have to actually have to touch door handles, so much hassel!!! Don't undetestimate human laziness :).
  4. Keyless entry isn't dangerous or useless, I wouldn't buy a car without it these days, having to press a button to open the car is just too much effort . But the potential for relay attacks has been know since at least 2010, infact a group in Swizz publish pretty good write up on how to carry out the attacks in a scientific paper!! Virtually every single passive keyless entry system is prone to this attack, it doesn't matter what RF tech you use its vulnerable. The only way to stop this attack is to build in some kind of timing switch that can detect changes in time frame down to the millisecond, but as far as I know no car on the market today has a keyless entry system that uses a timer code as part of the verification process.
  5. Awful news, thanks for the update. Been keeping our keys in a metal box a few rooms away from the front door for a while now. Shame people rather resort to stealing things they like than actually work :(.
  6. 70,000 miles

    Tesla 'servicing' is nothing more than a visual inspection, my final sales invoice also states the 4 year 50K bumper to bumper warranty as well as the 8 year unlimited miles warranty on the battery/motor IS NOT affected if you NEVER 'service' the car!! How many combustion car manufactures are brave enough to say that in their warranties. I have no intention of sending our to Tesla for anything other than warranty work :) EVs are also not just about Tesla, in a few months people will have aplenty of choice which will help to really increase EV adoption. I look forwards to seeing the first Lexus EV, as far as am concerned it cannot happen quickly enough.
  7. 70,000 miles

    What does a drop in battery pack price have any relevance to Tesla? The reason I quote Tesla is because to date they are still the only manufacture production large battery packs with any kind of public degradation data. As I've already mentioned Jag is about to launch the iPace (March I believe), Audi has the eTron coming in Q3 2018. Both will likely be priced in RX bracket. It will cost £5-10 to 'fill up' an iPace/eTron compared to £70-80 for the RX. Add in almost guaranteed better driving performance, no engine noise, and less servicing costs you are going to have to really really want a petrol car to spend the same money on a RX. I have no idea what Lexus/Toyota plans are for life after the combustion engine, I really hope it's still not fuel cells.....I didnt realise hydrogen fuel cell cars take 30 seconds to 'start' in cold weather. Most people barely have enough patience to turn the ignition key, imagine getting in the car pressing the on switch and waiting half a minute before you can move!! And that's for the 'newest' hydrogen fuel cell car to market, the old ones took 1 minutes, no wonder Toyota has taken 3 years to shift just 3000 in California - But apparently Toyota sees that as some kind of achievement, oh well.
  8. 70,000 miles

    Wireless charging is slow and inefficient - there is no need for it. Current EV battery packs are suffering little from multiple/repeated rapid charging. Tesla packs are showing less than 10% degradation at 150K+ miles!!! - Note this is for the original 85kWh packs. However the chemistry in the cells is vital, for a period of 12 months or so in 2016 Tesla introduced a more aggressive chemistry to create the 90kWh packs. There is now clear evidence these packs degrade at nearly double the rate of the original 85, and Tesla have limited how quickly they can be supercharged. Tesla has since gone back to the same chemistry as in the original 85kWh packs. As for pack replacement costs, it is something no one has to worry about for long while yet. Most EV are still too new and packs under warranty. Cost of lithium ion packs have been falling consistently and latest estimate say it will half in cost again by 2025.
  9. 70,000 miles

    If any of you guys still aren't convinced EVs are the future why not have a look at what Porsche has just put up on their website. The fact the CEO of Porsche chooses to mark the 70th year of Porsche been in existence by lining up the first car Porsche produced next to their up and coming Mission E tells you all you need to know about which direction Porsche see the future of cars going.......There is loads of stuff I do like about our IS300H but Lexus please please start taking EV seriously, the future is around the corner and coming fast!!!
  10. 70,000 miles

    You right about replacement for lithium ion batteries been a long way off, probably a decade before the next generation solid state battery actually comes to market. But the logic of having a bigger battery than can charge up without requiring energy from the grid doesn't make any sense. Tesla have just opened their second 50 station supercharger - When fully occupied that site will need 3.8 MW of electricity. Tesla use battery storage to keep demand/power draw under control. Bare-in mind Tesla superchargers 'only' run at 120KW, if that was a station of 50 350KW chargers the electrical drain would be huge, your looking at a whole new substation. Realistically the only way this kind of peak demand can be meet is with additional battery storage, so have a bank of batteries next to the chargers which charge up during off peak times, and than release the electricity into cars when demand is high, but not draw any additional energy from the local grid.
  11. 70,000 miles

    350KW rapid chargers are already been deployed, in theory theses charges will add 250 miles of range in around 10 minutes, not quite petrol pump speeds but not far off. The battery tech that can handle that kind of energy transfer isn't here yet, Teslas are still the only cars that have a battery can which can accept 120KW sustained. As for domestic car charging, certainly around where I live every new build (event flats) seem to have allocated off road parking, I suspect having the ability to charge the car will become like having a flushing loo or central heating. The actual 'work' needed to add an external 32amp supply to an existing house electric circuit in most case is minimal. I've just had a second EV charging socket installed at the house in preparation of replacing our IS300H with an EV in 12-18 months time. I've now covered 27K miles in various EVs, I've done a 670 mile road trip from the Midland to Scotland with our 18 months old daughter, a 320 miles work trip with 6 adults in the car and the most ext ordinary thing about those trips were the lack of drama, infact they were so unexciting we are now planning an European road trip this summer to really push the range limits. The battery tech is already good enough. Jaguar are about to launch the iPace, Mercedes/Audi both have similar EVS ready for market in the next 12 months, VW has slated 2019 for the launch of their 'affordable'. The world is moving on quite quickly, the longer Lexus waits to get in on the EV bandwagon the more they will struggle to catch up. If Lexus offer an EV version of the IS I would buy it without a second thought, but they don't so our money will be going to either Tesla or Jaguar, in 18 months time I hope we as a house hold will never ever have to visit a petrol station again :).
  12. More IS 300h on the road

    US sales figures are here. RX is whats keeping figures reasonable, accounts for 1/3 of all cars Lexus sold.
  13. More IS 300h on the road

    Are you lookin at the samr figures as me? 2014, 3800 IS sold, 8 RC. 2017, 1800 IS sold, 470 RC. No idea what your on about the numbers speak for them selves - They are awful/tiny number of sales for a car that is suppose to be competing with the 3 series/C class/A4. It doesn't matter what the % split is RC/IS they are awful sales figures.
  14. More IS 300h on the road

    Lexus publish all their sales figures, IS sales have fallen pretty much year on year since launch. Last year (2017) figures were half that of 2014. The RC though has been a total flop, just 428 sold in 2017!!! I think BMW probably shift that many 4 series coupes in a few weeks.
  15. IS winter wheels

    ^+1 Wife's IS sat idle for the very brief period of snow we had, the 4WD make surprising easy progress on the white stuff even with 265 sectioned summer tyres....stopping the 2.5ton+ beast was another matter though