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  1. 102C Map Update

    It will be interesting to see if all the speed cameras that you are used to being picked up still are. I have one locally which my IS300h, running older software picked up. My new NX, running the current software, doesn't give the tell tale 'beep beep' although the camera is still there. I'm not inclined to test whether it's still active though As I understand it, it only improves two things: "Route Guidance and Traffic Information Optimisations", although of course, it's possible they've fixed other things along the way. As far as I can see, it's not a Map Update, and doesn't change the map or the speed camera database. I've found if you have the SatNav Voice set to Mute / Volume 0, you no longer get the "beep beep" warning of speed cameras, so that might explain your lack of beeps even though visible on the screen.
  2. Don't know that model, but I think the UK model (ie by a UK company, not an imported unit) had issues only when used in dual camera mode as the cable wasn't sufficiently shielded.
  3. Which dashcam have you got? One or two UK models have a quite well known issue with DAB reception, which can be resolved with a new power cable.
  4. Htc One M8 Bluetooth Issues

    Try turning off message sync; I found that caused me the most problems (often causing more frequent memory leaks forcing a reboot).
  5. Premium Navigation Connected Services

    I don't remember setting up which network, but that may have been due to using WiFi first. I find that I get an error about not being able to automatically download points on every startup when on Bluetooth, but then traffic and parking work fine a minute or so later. Are you getting working traffic, or is it giving a different error possibly related to an issue with the username / password?
  6. Htc One M8 Bluetooth Issues

    What version of Android due you have on your phone? I test drove when my phone was on 4.4 & everything seemed fine, but having moved to 5.0.2 I suffered a few issues (different phone model to you). Having now changed phones again, finding the new phone with 5.0.2 seems quite stable (though rarely make or receive calls whilst driving to know for sure).
  7. Premium Navigation Connected Services

    What phone, and what exact error are you getting? I originally setup the system via WiFi, but as far as I can see, at least one option only works over WiFi and not via Bluetooth.
  8. Indicators & Pics

    Having looked at the online manual, you are right. My 64-reg loaner was registered on 1st September and had the previous manual supplied, so it does look like it is a very recent change. Although it is dated May, it states that it is 'valid from 08/14' so I guess my loaner was old stock (it should have supported changing the value within the personalisation section, but that option was not there). Any luck with the dealer getting it enabled?
  9. Indicators & Pics

    However, reading around the web on the CT, I found that back in July this year, Lexus US announced the 2015 model changes coming to the CT, and one of the changes was: Turn signals adopt three-flash systemNow, this doesn't necessarily mean anything, as they could be fitting a different hardware module to the car in the States, but it might well be worth checking with the dealer just in case this option is available on new UK models as a customisation option.
  10. Certainly my info around the 'Auto' button comes from my loaner Premier, however the Lexus website only mentions the dimming function as a difference between it and the other models, hence why I mentioned it.
  11. Check the switch just to the left of the mirror position adjuster; if it's a three way switch with 'Auto' written between pictorials of the mirrors folded in (at bottom) and the mirrors folding out (at top), then make sure it's in that middle 'Auto' position. As already mentioned, that Max clicked position for the dash dimmer holds the Nav in day mode; bring it down just past the click, and you'll still get max brightness but also a night mode on the nav screen.
  12. Indicators & Pics

    Checked my current vehicle (loaner from Lexus) with Carista (Android diagnostics & settings app via Bluetooth OBD) and no lane change flash options appeared, which would seem to indicate it's not available (very small chance Carista simply doesn't know about it, but unlikely as they support it on other models).
  13. Indicators & Pics

    Nothing giving that impression jumping out at me in the manual (after only a cursory glance); whereabouts did you spot that? (would love it to be available)
  14. New Member

    Hi, I recently joined the forum to read up on my next possible car, and right now have a CT200h Premier on an extended test drive. First impressions are looking good, and this may well be my next car. Thanks, Stephen
  15. Obd Ii Port

    Valid points. My concern came from not knowing how good these devices were in limiting battery drain & from hearing issues with (more advanced) obd-powered units being capable of causing battery issues. Also, it cost the same price as one that didn't have the control!