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  1. Nice video, both look as capable as each other. https://youtu.be/uGz7witB2e8
  2. Nice video, both look as capable as each other. https://youtu.be/uGz7witB2e8
  3. Marginally better with alignment, but suggest possible caster brackets to fully fix, it’s not that bad for me to do the repair yet! Or I’m just used to it? Hmmm
  4. Do you have some more info on what you got done, a video would be great. I'm worried about drone at 2k revs and below! Thanks
  5. @Big Rat thanks for the links! Like the idea of a valved one... quiet when I want and Loud when on it. We shall see!
  6. Been thinking a while for a custom... any good recommendations?
  7. Hmm Iooking at my exhausts the prongs have rusted off the back box too, so nothing to hook onto even if I got new brackets. Time for a custom ? 😁 maybe!
  8. Hi All, Looks like my back boxes are drooping, without looking (its pouring rain) does anyone hav an ideas if its just the rubber hangers that might be the culprit? Both sides are dooping. Thanks, John
  9. Lots of driving lots! Dirty winter days yuck... and white really shows it 😞
  10. The Dark Rose looks good, how deep a colour is it in real life? Would it go with Infrared (sonic red)? Looks great with white!
  11. G10RRE

    Isf vs LC500

    Thanks for the reviews guys, I've been reading more online and it's sounding like a good car indeed! As mentioned it is priced well, not sure what finance deals there are at UK dealerships. I read online that the new 10 speed is smoother and faster than the current 8 speed in the RCF GSF which is promising! I feel the 8 speed in my ISF is a bit sluggish from say 6th - 2nd on kick down, seems to stumble it's way down. From 7th to 2nd is pretty fast so hope the new 10 speed is better all round. The ISF Manual mode is super fast in any instance, is the new 10 speed the same with 100ms upshifs at WOT? I think have to bite the bullet and get a test drive if possible for the future potential purchase. Still hoping one day for that LF A V10 to filter down to an affordable car... LC F perhaps ... I Wish 😁
  12. G10RRE

    Isf vs LC500

    Wow! What was was the performance and handling like compared to the ISF I am contemplating an LC500 one day. Were you impressed I left wanting more ?