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  1. Greetings, does anyone know of a garage that replaces exhaust for hybrid cars in the East Midlands area, or specifically in Leicestershire for a reasonable price? Thanks.
  2. The extended warranty covers up to 140,000mls. It is certainly worth it. I have just had my car in for some repairs and I am very glad I had it. I have also taken out the three year service plan
  3. Dab Radio In Gs450h 2006 Model

    Thanks Michael. Much appreciated
  4. Dab Radio In Gs450h 2006 Model

    Hi, has anyone upgraded or installed a DAB radio in a GS450H 2006 model that you are happy to recommend? I am currently looking at the DABmotion Rola, which I have been quoted £210 fitted. I would love to hear from you before taking the plunge. Cheers.
  5. Any Meets In East Middlands

    I am up for it. Is there any national meet for the Lexus enthusiast?
  6. Hello All, I am new member so please forgive me for any etiquette issues. I've just bought my first 450h, so far so good, except when I filled the tank, the mileage show 413 miles, but noticed it only did about 310 miles despite my very careful driving around town? Any thoughts on this?
  7. I just saw your discussion. I am trying to get some leaflets or brochures for my 450h 2006. Any ideas? I've tried Ebay and Amazon, but are very limited.
  8. Welcome to the Lexus forums Davebmcfarlane :)

    If you need help posting a question on the forum then please check out our guide videos: http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/forum-124/announcement-27-how-to-use-our-forums-video-guide/