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  1. My Dad had a garage than did not have much clearance each side. He build a sliding door on the side so he could get out of the car when he had squeezed it in. It was timber though not brick. John
  2. @GolfMk1Vr6 Thank you for the explanation. I don't think I'm missing out not having it and I did not know it came at the expense of the spare wheel although that does keep boot space. Have Toyopta/Lexus stopped using this technique to reduce body roll? Was it ever fitted to the F cars or the LC? John
  3. @GolfMk1Vr6 Just looked for APSSS in my Owners Manual. It is not mentioned but what is mentioned is Active stabiliser suspension system which according to Wikipedia is the same thing. I don't have it and I understand that if you do, you get another 12V battery in your already small boot. Whoever wrote "The combination of the 450h's quick throttle response and the ability of the APSSS to reduce body roll makes it a blast to drive through these curves.” obviously had much more supportive seats than mine. Reducing body roll does not reduce the forces on the driver to slide sideways out of the seat. Do any Mk3 450h owners have this option fitted? Is it worth it? Whatever, if the 450hs are as rare as you say in Europe you may not get the choice. John
  4. Welcome. This is a great place to come with questions. I can help with two and someone else can perhaps answer the others. Shock absorbers. Yes they fail (quicker than they should), the only replacements are from Lexus and they are expensive. However I believe it is possible to refurbish them and the improved seals may well last longer. Hybrid battery. The hybrid battery health check not covers you up to 15 years. The fact that Lexus extended to 15 from 10 does suggest that the battery is very reliable. John
  5. Ishaq, If you changed the battery only three or four years ago, is it not still under warranty? John
  6. Saw a mustard LC500 heading south on A44 just north of Woodstock about 0830hrs today. First one I have seen on the road. Is the owner a member? John
  7. Robert, I have not tried the Mk4 450h but I found the Mk4 GS300h headrest so uncomfortable forcing my head forward that I had to remove it to drive the car. I tried an number of other models in the show room and experience the same problem. The salesperson seemed unable to understand this was a problem as it wasn't for him. He was however about 10" shorter which may explain it. I may be over average UK height but he was well under average. Does the 450h headrest move automatically with seat height as it does in my 2007 model? John
  8. You must have had some long nights now. How are headlights? John
  9. I'd certainly swap those for the potholes round here. One village planted their potholes up with flowers. John
  10. Mike, Do you push the filler nozzle in up to its hilt? If so try pulling it back a little. John
  11. Chris, welcome to LOC. You will get informative answers/suggestions on here but I suspect one will be to take it back to the dealer as it sounds faulty! John
  12. Or Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybrid_Synergy_Drive John
  13. Or just buy this one? Lovely car with known owners, etc.
  14. Dylan, For experience of the previous generation 450h I will try and answer you questions. What I can't other's will😊 1 Apart from fact that I don't touch it once moving I would say vibration on the gear select lever is very strange. I suspect that for hybrid the lever is an electrical switch not a mechanical link to the gearbox. Something wrong here. 2 Amazingly stupid omission by Lexus. It is a very expensive option for 450h but fitted as standard to lesser models. Go figure. 3 Don't know about Sport and Sport+ as Mk 3 does not have this. As for performance it may not "feel overly quick" but it has a lot more go than the IS250. 60 in 6s, 100 in 12s and 155 in about 24s if YouTube is to be believed. 4 Others to answer this. 5 I guess the Mk 4 GS450h will equal or better your 250 since I can probably math your figures with my Mk 3. The VED is much less on the 450h and the insurance about the same. 6 Don't worry about it. There are a lot of variables which the computer takes into account. The original 450h was built for performance not economy. I understand the Atkinson engine in the Mk4 improves on economy without impacting performance. When you say the engine "kicked in" it should be hardly noticeable 7 Others to answer. Hope this helps. John