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  1. Didn't some American cars have these sweeping rear turn indicators many many years ago?
  2. They are 100 miles (each way) nearer than Tony Banks so very attractive for me too. Their prices were good but it would seems overall service left much to be desired. Such a pity. Are there any outfits like Tony Banks down here in the south? John
  3. John, Not only did you do it cheaper but you were probably saved a lot of grief if my searches are to be believed. My browser warns that MIL's website is faulty and I go there it my peril. I looked for other things about MIJ and could find nothing good about them at all! Appalling customer reviews. John
  4. OldTrout

    Engine failure

    Syed, Glad to hear you were able to pull over safely. It must have been very scary. How fast were you going? Could you explain what you meant by "engine collapsed" please? There are a lot of us on this forum with GS450hs both older and more miles so this is more than idle curiosity. John
  5. You can get the same functionality as this £370 Lexus accessory by using a TP-LINK M7350 V4 4G LTE MiF currently £60 on Amazon and this is a 4G device. Mine works a treat and isn't fixed to car so can come with me. John
  6. There was something about silver I remember. Only proper colour and all that.
  7. So blue is the new silver?
  8. Great gathering. As non-F owner I was allowed to take pictures. Sadly as non-F owner not many paid attention when I said cheese 🙁 J J
  9. Who could resist? John
  10. Whilst still on the airfield? Anyway I'm sure none of you F owners 😇 ever do anything which might result in a fine. John
  11. Do I get a ride in a GSF and an RCF if I come? John
  12. Brian, In sport mode the dampers are stiffened up. Thanks to Britprius I know this one and I played with my old dampers.😊 There is a rod which goes down the inside of the main damper piston shaft. This is rotated to change the damper characteristics. I assume a little motor on the top of the mounting does the rotating. You were fortunate getting your fronts changed under warranty. John
  13. OldTrout

    Just saying Hi

    Vlad, The Xenons on the Mk3 are not great. I hope yours are much better for your long winter nights. Do tell us when you have used them. John
  14. Wonderful story from Britprius about engine not connected to wheels. I think that one will take some beating. John
  15. Worst equal was a Peugeot 305 estate which was great for carry-cots but when the cam followers failed - poor hardening - the repair was half the vehicle's worth. Ford and Vauxhall had similar troubles: one repaired for nothing the other had a £45 kit. The other was an Austin Allegro 1500 which just after an expensive service to get it past the emmisions test was nicked and torched. About 10pm I had phone call from the police. "Do you own....?" "Yes." "Where is it?" "Outside my house officer." "Would you like to go and check sir?" "Ah, it's not!" "That is because it is at the top of Cheney Lane burnt out." Probably did me a favour. Had a full tank of fuel too. Best is present Lexus. John