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  1. Thanks guys. That is most instructive. I was confused by the alternative floating rotor term. I assume that term is American and like shock absorbers is just plain wrong. John
  2. Michael, My garage thinks it was ACTronics Ltd, Unit 3, Brunel Court, Brunel Way, Colchester C04 9PX, 01206 849920, info@actronics.co.uk. I looked at https://www.actronics.co.uk/products and did a search for Lexus GS but the Mk 2 seems to be missing. Best to ring them? John
  3. Michael, I had a weep on the ABS pump of my 98 GS. I think this was a known weakness. My garage sent it off to a specialist for repair as a new Lexus part was very expensive. Once repaired I never has any more trouble. John
  4. My Sat Nav lady pronounces Chepstow in Monmouth as "Cheepstow". I haven't noticed any other mispronunciations. Have others? John
  5. Dan, My experience with button cells is that they are sometimes exhausted when you get them. They do have a limited shelf life and you may get old stock. However, 6 months is not good enough and a decent dealer should replace for nothing if the dealer is conveniently near. Good PR costs a lot more than a button cell. If not, they can be bought on-line or elsewhere for about a £1 and then DIY. It is a very simple task although you will need a tiny screw driver. John
  6. Philip, Thanks. I don't have ASSS and consequently don't have an ACT light either. If I understand the ASSS system correctly it works on the roll bars not the suspension springs so replacing the springs and dampers would not fix the problem. Does the car drive OK or does it wallow in corners? If it drives OK perhaps live with warning light? Somebody else could perhaps advise if the ASSS could be removed completely. On the other hand the seller might want to fix it. John
  7. Philip, Does it really have ASSS? I thought this was a rare option in UK. It occupies the spare wheel well so if you have spare wheel you don't has ASSS. It's been a long w/e and I may be dumber than usual but what is ACT suspension light? John
  8. The later set number of flashes operation would be good if possible. I think that is what the Mk2 had but the Mk3 didn't by default. The occasions when the several flashes would be used e.g. changing lanes on motorway, are exactly those where the wheel does not turn enough to cancel and so those who can't hear the ticks leave them indicating. My assistant can them flick them off😊 John
  9. Jeff, I agree now. However when I looked before the Mk 3 GS had a picture of a 450h. Annoyingly I can't now find how I got that. There is an in-app purchase for the Carista which will turn on customisation. If the Mk3 is not supported its not worth it. BritPrius: can this customisation be done on the Mk 3?
  10. This is my problem too. My parking beepers are audible but my turn indicators are not. I was excited to see I could customise the volume with the Carista app and an OBD plug both of which I have. My excitement was short lived. Although the Carista site says 2007 Gen 3 GS 450h is supported, when I select Customise/Lexus it tells me the car is not supported or the ignition is not on. Perhaps this functionality is an in-app purchase? John
  11. My Dad had a garage than did not have much clearance each side. He build a sliding door on the side so he could get out of the car when he had squeezed it in. It was timber though not brick. John
  12. @GolfMk1Vr6 Thank you for the explanation. I don't think I'm missing out not having it and I did not know it came at the expense of the spare wheel although that does keep boot space. Have Toyopta/Lexus stopped using this technique to reduce body roll? Was it ever fitted to the F cars or the LC? John