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  1. You must have had some long nights now. How are headlights? John
  2. I'd certainly swap those for the potholes round here. One village planted their potholes up with flowers. John
  3. Mike, Do you push the filler nozzle in up to its hilt? If so try pulling it back a little. John
  4. Chris, welcome to LOC. You will get informative answers/suggestions on here but I suspect one will be to take it back to the dealer as it sounds faulty! John
  5. Or Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybrid_Synergy_Drive John
  6. Or just buy this one? Lovely car with known owners, etc.
  7. Dylan, For experience of the previous generation 450h I will try and answer you questions. What I can't other's will😊 1 Apart from fact that I don't touch it once moving I would say vibration on the gear select lever is very strange. I suspect that for hybrid the lever is an electrical switch not a mechanical link to the gearbox. Something wrong here. 2 Amazingly stupid omission by Lexus. It is a very expensive option for 450h but fitted as standard to lesser models. Go figure. 3 Don't know about Sport and Sport+ as Mk 3 does not have this. As for performance it may not "feel overly quick" but it has a lot more go than the IS250. 60 in 6s, 100 in 12s and 155 in about 24s if YouTube is to be believed. 4 Others to answer this. 5 I guess the Mk 4 GS450h will equal or better your 250 since I can probably math your figures with my Mk 3. The VED is much less on the 450h and the insurance about the same. 6 Don't worry about it. There are a lot of variables which the computer takes into account. The original 450h was built for performance not economy. I understand the Atkinson engine in the Mk4 improves on economy without impacting performance. When you say the engine "kicked in" it should be hardly noticeable 7 Others to answer. Hope this helps. John
  8. Bother. Not open until 11am. It more a restaurant than a cafe by the look of the website. Let's stick with Touchdown cafe. John
  9. Or a bit further away just to north of Warwick https://hattonarms.com/ Lots of parking, popular with bikers. Don't know if they do breakfast as haven't looked at website yet. John
  10. The Touchdown Cafe by side of Wellesbourne Airfield CV35 9EU about 4 miles away. Smaller version of AV8? John
  11. I did this very occasionally with my 2nd. gen GS but it was some while ago. With both wheels removed it was possible though it could be messy with an oily chain. I'm not sure if I could do it with just the front wheel removed. With handle bars slackened so they they can turn to be parallel with the wheels made it possible I think. I also did it with bike across the back with a blanket. Again being able to turn the bars or better remove them made it easier. This was with a heavy grotty-looking bike (the only sort to have in Oxford if you don't want it nicked). It would be much easier with a lighter machine with QD wheels and saddle. My neighbour passed me one evening in his Prius taxi as I was labouring up a hill in the rain. He stopped to give me a lift and with back seats down we had no problems loading a bike with panniers and a front basket. John
  12. I'll pop up and park out of sight.🙂 John
  13. On the contrary the CVT is superior on the track. In the mid 1990 a CVT Williams Fi car driven by David Coulthard lapped the GP circuit at Silverstone 2 seconds faster that the same car with the standard box. Huge improvement so banned. John
  14. Nah. That's an wanabe unicorn. It doesn't have HUD or LED headlamps.