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  1. Just sending mine back as it does not provide enough current to maintain the battery. At least in the ad above it says 2.4W which the ad I bought from did not. Go for at least 10W but the ads for these things are a minefield of misleading information. e.g. I found oner ad with 25W on the photo, 20W in the title, and depending how you interpreted the data in the description perhaps 15W there. I asked for clarification. Nothing yet. John
  2. Texas could be right. This stuff has got to be worth a £10 punt to save an otherwise serviceable system. I don't know where it would be best to apply it but as Nemesis says adding weight will alter the resonant frequency and this stuff might add damping as well. John
  3. John, Wonderful! I'm not on 150k yet but can I book mine in please? John
  4. Nish, I have one headlamp with low-cost bulb and one with high-cost bulb. I cannot tell which is which. John
  5. Dave Can you set the camera/phone display to act like a mirror i.e. swap right to left? John
  6. https://www.amazon.co.uk/ProSlip-Caliper-Lubricant-Toyota-Mercedes/dp/B07886FP12/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Proslip&qid=1583774632&sr=8-1 is the stuff approved by Lexus and you get the pad and clip lubricant as well. This is what I use. My only connection with the company is as a satisfied customer.
  7. Sean, Greasing the caliper pins is not part of a Lexus service and they routinely give trouble. (They do on other makes too.) Once they seize Lexus will replace the whole unit. Removing the caliper and regreasing the pin using the proper caliper pin grease annually will ensure they do not seize. It's straightforward job if you want to do it yourself and the satisfaction of keeping brakes working properly and avoiding a large replacement bill is good. John
  8. Sean, Are the rear calipers OK? John
  9. I have 3As on the rear which have done about 17k, Landsail 558s on front only about 13k. All inflated to 35psi. Perhaps I should go up to 40psi? I would guess they will all make 30k miles even on the rubbish roads round here. Quiet, grippy, economical and gentle on the wallet. John
  10. My cousin's husband had an interesting experience when he took his 58 reg 65k miles IS250 for a service with Lexus dealer. They said their courtesy car insurance would not cover him as he is 90. The manager solved the problem by driving them to where they were going to go shopping. When they were finished shopping, they rang him and he came and picked them up. He was not too old for them to suggest he might like to trade in the 250 for a new model. John
  11. John, Wonderful news at last but with the floods will they be able to get to you? John
  12. Andrew, What was wrong with the TPMS sensors. I'm guessing flat batteries for a 2008 car but if dos how come on warranty? You were very lucky to get the shock absorber replaced. John
  13. Nigel, Is the tyre losing pressure because the bead is sitting on some corrosion on the rim? A good tyre place should thoroughly clean the rim before putting on a tyre. With only 13k miles is this the problem here? One of my tyres had this problem and cleaning the rim cured it. John
  14. You can add Aston Martin Valkyrie to the list of cars. J
  15. Susan, Is Kidlington just north of Oxford too far? Good garage and recently they were trained up on hybrids so they now look after my hybrid. But I have been with them over 50 years. See https://www.summertowngarage.co.uk. Send them a message about what you want? John