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  1. I'll pop up and park out of sight.🙂 John
  2. Does this mean the end of End of The GS in the UK?
  3. On the contrary the CVT is superior on the track. In the mid 1990 a CVT Williams Fi car driven by David Coulthard lapped the GP circuit at Silverstone 2 seconds faster that the same car with the standard box. Huge improvement so banned. John
  4. Nah. That's an wanabe unicorn. It doesn't have HUD or LED headlamps.
  5. Shahpor, Will Sidcup Lexus not be paying this bill? John
  6. OldTrout

    No Alternator or Starter Motor

    See http://eahart.com/prius/psd/ for a simulation and explanation. There is no clutch either. John
  7. Thanks Herbs. I researched dash cams a while back and thought this one was promising. It is good to read that you are finding it very good. John
  8. Any one tried the VIOFO A119? John
  9. Something like https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Motamec-CS-M5-Heavy-Duty-Ball-Joint-M5-x-0-8-Thread-Swivel-Rod-End/232530903648?epid=3007618495&hash=item3623ec0260:g:viAAAOSwCMFZ6kkD:rk:13:pf:0 perhaps? John
  10. Found the thread. Is this your problem too?
  11. Shahpor, You have one of theses fancy Mk 4s so it may not be the same but there was a thread about a startup noise on Mk 3s. From memory it was thought to be due to no oil somewhere high up on the engine where pressure holds a mechanism in position. Lack of pressure and it isn't held tightly and rattles a bit. VVT perhaps? As soon as the oil pressure builds up the rattles stop. You say doesn't happen very time the engine is started but only when it has stood overnight. If it is the same Britprus has a cunning fix but it's not one Lexus would do for you. He will advise. John
  12. I know the Gen 3 is mouse-free but you might have had a curtesy car🙂 Ah ha. As I suspected. Hercule
  13. John, Keep most of the worms in the bag and tell us how you find the Lexus mouse. John