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  1. Maybe that tells you something ...or...... maybe there aren’t many around.
  2. We all hear these so called experts, talking about their experience with one particular model, or a Lexus branch saying one model is rubbish but another Lexus branch says exactly the opposite. There is more than enough info on here to decide, but at the end of the day mostly with older cars, no matter what make, it will come down to how well the car has been treated in its life. All Lexus models are generally exceptional for reliability and longevity , and if you want to de risk your purchase I guess it best to buy a bike. Any model in any brand at some stage inexplicably will have some sort of major failure, that is life, but this thread is going round and round, to what purpose when all the info anybody would need is already here 🤗
  3. I know that is something to consider, hips and knees ok at the moment. The LC does look quite accessible but have not actually tried it, I guess I just like the fact that it will be the last naturally aspirated 5.0 V8 ever produced. If that is a no goer then I guess RX450H is next on the list. I agree there is no fun limboing in and out 😂😂
  4. Whilst I intend to keep mine for at least another 3 years, with no doubt a little help from Paul Frost, I think my considerations will be, in rank order, an LC500 ( prices should have fallen by then) an RX 450 ( for practicality) or LS 600h. All very different I know, and I would change now , but my LS 430 is such a wonderful car, which really pleases me when I drive it, that I know I can’t better the ride, whatever I buy.....so I will just continue to be smug 😜
  5. Phil, just when you don’t think you will find what you want, one will pop up. My attitude is, if necessary, pay a little bit more for a really good one, but don’t compromise and buy a something that needs big bucks, to bring up to scratch. Good luck, Roger
  6. This is the mot emission readout for my 2002 LS430 with 100k
  7. Just like mine in White, same year etc. but mine is a Uk Lexus LS 430, and I am told a rare colour, but of course ‘a wedding car’.I think at that price it is an excellent purchase and will give many trouble free years. Whilst white is sometimes difficult to keep clean, the upside is when it is clay barred and polished it does look stunning. No doubt some lucky person will buy, cheers, Roger
  8. It does say in the advert that the no. plate has been transferred off the LS
  9. Agree that price does look a bit steep, but if I was the seller.....well good luck and remember there are plenty of enthusiasts out there and whilst we compare against what we think, £15k is not a lot to some people who may well wish to keep it dry and heated. That then becomes a very different market.
  10. Thanks for sharing your experience, with an honest conclusion with which I concur. I hope you continue for many more miles to enjoy your LS, as I do with mine, cheers, Roger
  11. If you read most of the reports, whilst oil development has come a long way as you say, these engines were designed to run on a more basic product without problems, and I have read you could actually not be doing your engine any favours by using the latest specs. I would stick with what is in the handbook, I use semi synthetic in mine, but the key point is, to change it regularly .