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  1. I don’t understand where you find evidence of that , quite the opposite I bought my LS 430 and it has been remarkably reliable , with little expenditure. However like all vehicles , including the LS 460 and LS 600 it very much depends on its servicing history and how it has been looked after. The seller of my LS430 bought a Chauffeur Driven LS 460 with 100,000 miles so you would have thought well maintained.... needed £6000’s worth of front suspension repairs. You could make the same argument for both 460 and 600 vehicles , but there are so many variables that they “could “ become money pits but equally “not”
  2. But in a free world presumably a “happy mug” who thinks it is worth it. In the grand scale of buying cars, not a lot really.
  3. I have also found that it depends where the slider, that you change which mirror moves, is positioned. Mine on occasions has not worked and I moved the slider and hey presto all working. It is working perfectly at present.
  4. 6 A good friend, now retired as a tool fitter who then went on to teach, and was involved with all sorts machines requiring drive belts and cam belts over his 40 year career. His view was he had ‘ never ‘ seen a belt fail through the belt wearing out. The belt failure was always caused by something else failing, invariably the water pump seizing, which kind of supports Malc’s experience.
  5. I think to put it in context, and I do agree it is an unreasonable quote, this is a big reason why cars depreciate so much, which enables us all to own fabulous cars. In defence of Lexus they do give excellent warranties and in comparison with the German brands, they are much fairer. I remember when Japanese cars came into this country, they have always had a brilliant reliability record and if they were properly serviced, by the agent that understood the car, they rarely needed repair. But.....if they did go wrong.... expensive. I also think that it needs to be understood that if you want an agent with premises , they have to make profit. They certainly don’t make it from selling new cars these days. I, like most of you, use a good independent , insisting on only Lexus Original Parts ( my choice) because the main agent cost would make running the car uneconomic, but I still need the main agent to remain in business.
  6. I must have missed the mileage the car has covered ? Is it low?
  7. Don’t forget your sun cream , while I walk through Caldy Country Park
  8. Well done amazing job from somebody who obviously cares🤗
  9. I think the point about invalidating the Warranty, and particularly where Lexus give extended warranty that most owners take, would reduce the demand, and therefore any manufacturer would be more likely to look at more mainstream models. From my experience with other makes, the electrical side is where it is now tricky, because if you subsequently have electrical issues the warranty is invalid.
  10. I’m with Jonathan on this. All manufacturers look for loyalty through their dealers, so they know who has been working on the vehicle. There may we’ll be better value elsewhere, but if something else goes wrong, and we are talking about a very expensive vehicle, the last thing you want is to be arguing with Lexus about a potential claim. You leave yourself wide open if you go outside, particularly as it is a complex vehicle. My wife had a Honda CRV with an 8 year full Honda Service History. It mattered and Honda were brilliant....look at the bigger picture.
  11. I think the spotlight here should clearly go to the Scottish Government who decided to create this tourist magnet with the express desire to attract tourists particularly from Europe . When it does, is very successful, and must bring in millions in valuable income, to support these rural jobs, what do they expect ? Just saying
  12. He is not the kind of person you can “advise”, not only that he has just ordered the same again, and will then sell the old one on, probably at auction .....tut tut. Is it the Rioja that is making you ‘tut’ John
  13. My friend bought cvt Nissan Quashqai for his wife ......big problems, can’t give it away