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  1. I would make enquiries first about cost at an independent. I did this for my daughter, with a 2012 RX at a very good indie that I know. They were using non Lexus consumables, and the cost difference against Lexus Chester was not worth it, when you take into account the free battery health check and warranty. Lexus offer a discounted service cost for older vehicles, which I would think you qualify for.
  2. Unless they develop a decent public transport system and/or workable Park and Ride as air quality is now a very serious issue. Traffic congestion is no longer fun, which will eventually affect out of town retail parks. Try going to Cheshire Oaks, or more importantly try leaving Cheshire Oaks.
  3. Interesting, I think Toyota in the Uk is already 5 years, but very welcome I’m sure if Lexus copy
  4. My daughter has just bought an E Golf and you are correct in what you say. However whilst it has its limitations, it suits their lifestyle and was particularly good value on a lease basis. They are very pleased so far, and with the right electricity supplier at certain times they will actually pay you to charge in the night time.
  5. I paid around £240 for a genuine Lexus radiator that fitted perfectly about 2 years ago, from a main Lexus dealer.
  6. Hi Phil, mine got picked up on my last mot. They were not a failure, or even an advisory, but the tester commented to me that in the future they will require replacing. The car was also being serviced at Paul Frost’s and he supplies refurbed bushes so I had the done straight away. I had not even noticed any problem, but afterwards it did make a noticeable difference and I was pleased I had changed them. Can’t remember how much I paid because I had other work done but they were reasonable , Paul buys them in bulk. cheers, Roger
  7. I think you have to be realistic , it is a moment in time, and as with all new technology change will come . I would also say that maybe not us , but certainly the next generation won’t have any choice , irrespective of whether they want an alternative.
  8. There was also a road test in the US on the Tesla Model 3 over 25k miles and not one single fault was registered, so not bad quality.
  9. Wow well done finding that, really interesting, and I guess you can understand why it costs so much. Perfection !!
  10. I think you will find EV will take off in about 3 years time, as more and more Cities ban Diesel and then Petrol cars. The price of EV will start to reduce with VW already announcing they can produce them at a cheaper price than current standard vehicles. When more charging points are added, range is increased and availability better it will all change. Toyota and Honda and others are, I doubt bothered about being late to the party, but there is also Hydrogen being developed. I’m glad not to own a big expensive diesel, which will probably be unsaleable. I do not think travelling by car any distance in the UK is enjoyable anymore, because of congestion, so I travel by train now. I agree with all the comments made about battery production and producing electricity, but I believe there is now an inevitability about EV’s, which clearly won’t happen overnight, but is on a trajectory.
  11. I’m with you on that. I thought about all season tyres, when I need to change, but then thought when it gets that bad I stay home.
  12. Air bags do not need refilling. All the horrors you mention, in my opinion are exaggerated and I certainly do enjoy the quality of the ride, and if you have to pay to replace, so be it, you still have real quality motoring for a very cheap price. How long they last is probably unknown, but I do know there are many around running without problem, and I do not think they are a major issue on the USA site, although, I believe they also have normal suspension over there. There is too much demonising of the LS430, all LS’s are brilliant vehicles.