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  1. Ian, I would change that Falken pretty swiftly as you may well invalidate your insurance, which stipulates to be as manufacturer specification. Love the car by the way ..... years of enjoyment there
  2. I vaguely remember paying £230 for one new Lexus front hub and wheel bearing about 4 years ago
  3. i don’t think that there is anything specifically wrong with ‘Made in China’, iPhones are made there as I think are Honda Jazz, but I am wary if I don’t know the history, and from personal experience of what others told me. My friend fitted some said wheel bearings to his beloved Rover 75, did not even last 5000 miles. As I said ‘ you pays your money and takes your chance’, go for it and if it suits you great.
  4. That is cheap, I guess made in China. Really ‘you pays your money and take your chance’ I think if I needed to replace in future I would obtain one from Paul Frost .
  5. I had the same problem 4 years ago, diagnosed as a front wheel bearing. I used a very experienced mechanic, I thought it was left side, he thought opposite, but on information I gave him he agreed probably left. I only use original Lexus parts and had to purchase the hub, at great expense. Fitted left and guess what ..... it was the right. Fortunately the hubs are interchangeable , so change over and all good, that was 30,000 miles ago.
  6. It really does not matter who the supplier is, all fuel comes from the nearest or most convenient refinery. The difference is the specification and/or the additives, for each brand. This is effected at the refinery, whether that be Esso Fawley, Shell Stanlow, BP Grangemouth or wherever.
  7. Just a point but the BP article is dated 2010, and relates to Australia, so things might have changed.
  8. It is also worth remembering that higher concentrations of Ethanol have been used in petrol in Europe, certainly Spain, for a number of years. Not aware of any issues, and whilst I would prefer that not to be the case, I extensively used the petrol without any noticeable difference, or up to now any problems.
  9. Don’t forget that much of this development is driven by emissions requirements and has a detrimental effect on the way newer engines operate. I say engines not cars because the same type of problems occur in new marine outboard engines, where the old technology was supremely reliable, as Malc indicates with older Lexus’s, but now new ones have real issues, I am told caused by the requirement to meet emissions legislation. Whilst I am happy to trundle along in my 4.3 V8, a time will come to change, but I suppose it will then be electric.
  10. Hi Graham was done over 2 years ago now and I am very satisfied. I guess you need to factor in that as it wasn’t working when I purchased the car, I have nothing to compare against , but it suits me, Rgds, Roger
  11. Agree it is a very interesting post . However Paul Frost does supply and /or fit a replacement for sensible money... he did one for me but I can’t remember how much 😂.... it was a while ago, and they are new ones not second hand , Rgds, Roger
  12. Hi George it is vital that you fit what is specified by the manufacturer , irrespective of whether you will reach the speed rating. It is also a big no no to fit different rated tyres on the same axel, and is not only and mot failure ( if they notice) but also will invalidate the insurance. In the final analysis , I do not consider it worth taking the risk, Rgds, Roger
  13. I think the salesman is right, and as you have the car, just enjoy. You are in a minority, and that costs, there is nothing you can change, and the envy of us all 😜. Happy motoring, Roger