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  1. Don’t understand that Malc, mine was due July 17th and extended until January 17th by the DVLC
  2. It looks like it sold at that price, but like with all theses things “who really knows”
  3. This car has been for sale on Autotrader for a long time as far as I can remember. I know it was on sale at a high price but don’t know if near what it obtained on eBay. I think the words ‘ good luck’ come to mind and was meticulously maintained, so could give somebody many hours of enjoyment for Ford Focus prices, and like Phil, would like it to have been me......although I was not a bidder.
  4. Hi Steve a bit similar in that I sold one of my businesses and bought a boat in Spain , so travelled the Med and the Balearics . Actually you don’t really need good language cos most marinas etc speak English and although we had a place in Spain since 2002, my Spanish is not good but surprising how you get by. I would definitely do it while youngish and fit, but I also got fed up eventually of drinking in the sun and sold up. Now looking what to do next but I expect I will always work cos I just get bored , but some people get enormous pleasure out of the freedom , diy, gardening or whatever but not me. However it is lovely to spoil the grandchildren ....now that does give us enormous pleasure 🤗 Cheers , Roger
  5. Hi Piers, you already have plenty of advice. I think all of it good. My advice is to initially take time out, minimum of 6 months in order to clear your mind. Don’t burn your bridges on what you do now, but leave all options open. After you have experienced whatever you want to do , then make some plans. I am not sold on this ‘retirement ‘ thing, I am 70 this year, but it is each to his own. Having run my own Companies, of different types since 1993, and still having business interests I have found that to be my passion. I am now busy , in a good way, and on my terms, as I ever was , and have been offered Directorships, with contacts made over the years which I have accepted. It is very important to keep your brain active, keep physically active, and enjoy life. There are so many opportunities out there.....grab em and good luck, Cheers, Roger
  6. Hi Peter, I don’t have an RX, but an LS 430. No problems for 6 years then I noticed what you have described. The solution in my case was low on gas. I had it topped up and now my air con works perfectly as before. Maybe worth having it checked, and welcome to the club, cheers, Roger
  7. I think the situation you have described must be a characteristic of the system, because I first noticed a difference in temperature on each side of the middle vent, which alerted me to problems. The actual problem was low gas, in fact there was only 20% of required amount in the system. Now it is fully charged the air con works perfectly with no temperature variation.
  8. Hi Phil, glad your car passed the mot ( unsurprisingly) I bought a set of 2 rear arb bushes last year from Lexus Birmingham at a cost of £40. When you see them nothing to them, Cheers, Roger
  9. Hi Colin, not sure I understand that. I recently had mine checked after 6 years without problem, because as Herbie says it was not performing as previously. Colin , who works for Paul Frost confirmed low on gas. The machine automatically goes through a process to top it back to the required amount. It does remove old gas and filters it, but if it put back in the same amount it would still not perform. Pleased to say now working brilliantly again. Cheers, Roger
  10. To all of the LPG fans out there, Dacia have just announced a new car already converted to run on Petrol and LPG. However I cant think of a vehicle more opposite to a Lexus , Cheers, Roger
  11. I bought a new Tanya battery 2 years ago for my LS430. I think sometimes the specs they have against the Lexus range are not always accurate, but they are most helpful, just ring them, preferably with your battery dimensions, I got the battery model I needed but you can specify which way round the terminals are. Lexus as we all know tend to drain battery’s and even though Tanya give a 4 year warranty, it does exclude, like I guess others, failure through sulphate on the plates, which is a consequence of letting the battery go flat. I now use a CTek charger and connect and leave it when the car is idle, so no further problems.
  12. I would not be happy with 3mm tyre tread on a vehicle purchased from a dealer, it might be legal , just , but right on the limit and I would never run my own vehicle below that. The cracking , as already said does not look safe to me, good luck, Roger
  13. Hi Richard,I understand your sentiment, but I think, you are not sending anybody his way, all you are doing is giving a recommendation ....period. Clearly you are in no way responsible, but I would imagine whoever you have found to be good would be delighted if you told others. Cheers, Roger
  14. Fantastic result, really pleased for you, enjoy !! Cheers, Roger