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  1. Hi John very interesting and mirrors my feelings about Lexus Chester also. I do think we are in for a world of change and one thing that stood out from our Australian holiday was just how friendly everybody was and went out of the way to help you ... and that was generally everywhere we went. Although like you I am friendly , it definitely rubs off and with this current crisis I have noticed out walking suddenly people are more friendly and I really hope it remains so. I do think you are right that those businesses who stand out in their approach will prosper and I would look at Lexus Stockport, Liverpool and also Bolton before I would visit Lexus Chester. Cheers, Roger
  2. Might be telling you something John.......what some people will do for a free coffee 😜 although presumably you have been visiting to have your car washed 🤗 Cheers, Roger
  3. I leave mine on all the time when not using the car, and I believe it is supposed to trickle charge and keep the battery in top rate condition. I have no reason to doubt this, and from my experience so far so good
  4. The whole issue of electric cars is not confined to Toyota/Lexus, it is an industry wide problem, which will need sorting if EV’s are to be taken seriously. The reality is that Tesla are way ahead of the game in all areas, but predominantly the software, so all the others are playing catch up.
  5. Actually John , not necessarily applying to this Yaris, but in the small print on battery guarantees is they are only covered for faulty manufacture. Allowing them to run down and therefore the plates sulphating, is not faulty manufacture, and led me to buy a CTek charger and use it all the time. Having said that, I did get 3 years out of last battery, which I thought poor until I realised it was constantly running down and therefore shortening its life. Still 2 years is not great, Cheers, Roger
  6. Simon try running through a couple of tank fulls of BP Ultimate, or Shell V Power before your MOT, my friend had same problem as you 3 years ago and did the above and it has passed 3 times since no problem.
  7. I know there is a reconditioning mode on the CTek, but I have always been very suspicious of how effective this process is. As I really rely on my battery, and on other engine driven products I have owned, to be completely reliable, I kinda think that once a battery is finished it can’t really be brought back to being totally reliable. I stand to be corrected and hope yours is ok and will watch with interest the result, cheers, Roger
  8. Perfect for summer motoring........if we are allowed out 😂😂
  9. And that is the only time you know how good your insurance is, no matter how cheap at the time.
  10. Hi John, I feel for you with a record like that, and the way the Police have behaved to catch you. I have had 3 speeding convictions over the years , all clear now, but one was in Scotland on the A74 and two in North Wales. Both these Forces are known to target motorists, I believe as more of a money grab, than anything else. I am these days happy to wallow about in my LS430 at the speed limit and let the world go by🤓. Interestingly, during our recent holiday in Australia, during which I drove about 2000 miles, over an 8 week period, everybody drives at the speed limit. I knew from a previous visit in 1997 just how unforgiving the Police are, but I’m afraid to admit it has affected the way people behave, with no high powered idiots thinking they own the road. However the thought of being caught is at the forefront of your mind when driving, and when approaching roadworks or safety imposed restrictions everybody behaves, which is good. I do remember my first conviction which really p***ed me off for ages afterwards, but “don’t let the bu**ers get you down” and enjoy your enforced stay in the motherland, keep well, Roger
  11. Oh dear John, naughty 🤓 The speeding conviction probably will have a disproportionate financial effect.....could you not go on a speed awareness course or does that not change things ? Roger
  12. I must say Andy you are a revelation, willing to get stuck in to anything, with brilliant reports, which are both entertaining and informative, well done, Rgds, Roger
  13. However I do think it is a competitive market place, so shop around. I noticed a step change with LV at my renewal, who I have been with for 18 years, with a great quote and no bartering...which had become a ritual. On the other hand if you are not loyal to them, what would you do, so a double edged sword. I work on the principle that you can always buy cheaper , but not necessarily better, and I am always extremely careful with these comparison sites to ensure you are comparing like for like. I prefer the peace of mind of knowing I am covered, which you will only know about when you claim, even if it means paying a bit more. The last thing I would want to see is regulation, as from my experience the market works extremely well. There are exceptions as in any walk of life, but I would not vilify all.
  14. Welcome on board Stuart. I am jealous, great car, and I will look out for you when we are allowed, out as I drive through North Wales. Enjoy and I look forward to the piccies, Roger