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  1. Not an expert you understand at all, but is not the benefit of the health check to flag up things that could cause failure in the future. I am thinking things like temperature controls and any cooling fluids etc. I doubt there would be warranty repairs required, but gives peace of mind up to 15 years I guess.
  2. My friend has always had an SL500, usually every 2 years and lives in Wimbledon, so better climate than the rest of us. He has just changed to a Porsche Macan because of the limited time he has the top down, and when he does the sun is so strong he has no protection, so totally agree.
  3. Hi Malc not yet decided , still up for discussion , cheers, Roger
  4. Hi John, thanks for your interest. I sadly did not sell to a forum member, in fact had no interest at all through this site, except from an owner who does visit but saw it on autotrader, and ironically knew the car and was going to buy? it 6 years ago. In the end many enquiries, but a sale only happens when funds change hands. I know there are few disappointed people but the buyer, a very nice Asian gentleman from Luton was prepared to visit, offer and buy. He has an mot garage, but indicated it was for personal use and registered in own name. He came with his sons, who went all over the car like knats, and I can only say left a very happy man. From my perspective, whilst I am pleased to have sold, I would have liked it to have gone to an enthusiast, particularly as I had future proofed the car as best I could and had complete confidence in it for a good many more miles. End of an era for me and best car I have ever owned, and enjoyed driving it immensely. In future I am sure I will return to Lexus , really liked the UX Takumi, but probably not big enough for my needs at the moment, but a thought for the future. Will make contact to meet up for a coffee in the near future and of course I will always follow the forum, I think Lexus IS in my DNA, Cheers, Roger
  5. Hi Ken, all the car manufacturers have franchise agreements with their dealers, which spells out their franchise terms. You will find the manufacturers’ by law have very little control, unless the dealer is breaching his terms of trade. Of course you expect common sense and decency to prevail, and mostly it does, but as you sometimes read on here about expecting Lexus to intervene or somehow overrule , when it is ultimately the Dealer who is legally responsible. I think John at royoftherovers gives good practical advice to sort it yourself , without threats , but in a firm and reasonable way, and in writing and keep copies !!
  6. Hi John, no I didn’t, will update you later, Rgds, Roger
  7. Whilst obviously it is a pain to have to spend money, there is not a car on this earth, that does not require spending money on at some point. Therefore it should follow you have a rewarding time in future, which I trust you do , cheers, Roger was
  8. Reluctant sale of my excellent 2002 LS430. 105k miles. Pearlescent White, Beige Interior. Has exec upgrade so massage and reclining rear seats. Has been extremely well cared for with future problem areas sorted, e.g new OEM Radiator, rear air con pipes replaced, new rear sub woofer. Good tyres, Michelin Primacy all round. Recently fully serviced, always used OEM parts. Body work immaculate with no dings. Cambelt, water pump and tensioners done at 60k, along with transmission fluid and long life spark plugs. I have owned the car for 6 years and really only done long journeys. Price £2900, viewing available in Chester, tel. 07771 511044 Mot history not showing because taken off a private plate, no advisories.
  9. I agree with you personally , but realistically not my decision, plus whether on not you or I agree the company is seen as green. I have no parking space , so can’t store , Cheers , Roger
  10. I agree with you personally , but realistically not my decision, plus whether on not you or I agree the company is seen as green. I have no parking space , so can’t store , Cheers , Roger
  11. Hi David, the answer is I don’t know yet. At the age of nearly 70, I am a Director of one expanding Company, and just been appointed UK Director of a busy Aussie owned businesses. It is by choice as I love it, but means more activity and there are big Company Tax advantages with electric vehicles, Tesla and Polestar. A gas guzzling V8 for business use isn’t really the way forward, plus whilst the Lexus would hack it easily, it is 18 years old and deserves a more sedate future in my opinion. It still needs to be used, but I think not commercially hammered. I am biting the bullet early as I have limited car parking, plus have use of another car, so it is a choice I will make later on. Thanks for your interest , Cheers, Roger
  12. Thanks John, yes aware, just hope somebody cares as much as me. Are you back home now ? , did you have a good trip, cheers, Roger