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  1. The yanks have had the advantage of cheap fuel over the years as do The Gulf States, so big market for gaz guzzlers, but sadly not here. All these large engines will ultimately become a thing of the past.
  2. They are extensively available in Middle East, particularly Qatar.....two a penny !!
  3. No temp tourists aren’t , only if you need Spanish plates and an ITV ( mot). Agree with John, don’t mess with Guarda Civil
  4. RgrWynne

    MAF Cleaning.

    Hi Bob that is really interesting. Will have a look at mine thanks, here’s, Roger
  5. I would just echo what John has said. The Spanish ITV is very thorough on headlights and if it is that you need left hand drive lamps , that is what you will need. There are companies on the web who supply, but they are expensive. Maybe Spanish breakers could have them ?
  6. RgrWynne

    Has anyone used Rain-X?

    I use rain x, find it excellent, don’t need to use wipers at high speed , but as stated not a glass cleaner. Cheers, Roger
  7. Do those items first, which in any event will give peace of mind. Don’t worry about the air suspension, most do not fail and just enjoy !!!!!!!!
  8. I remember reading that the nature of driving in USA is longer distances, therefore less stop/start. This was given as the reason the service intervals etc. are, different. Not my opinion , just something I read. Roger
  9. I do think that any issue connected to LS430’s and LS460’s has to been viewed in context. If you compare these cars to any other luxury car of the same vintage and cost to purchase, Merc’s, BMW, VW, JAG the actual maintenance cost of the Lexus is minor in comparison. If it means changing the radiator, after a considerable number of years, which I have done, is probably the only major outlay to give peace of mind, then I think that this is ‘ fantastic’. The major outlay is only low hundreds at most, and not thousands, as on the other brands. Continued Happy Motoring , Roger
  10. It might be worth giving Paul Frost a call. I am not in any way expert , but I do know that he refurbs the various control arms, using proper original parts. I think he does it on an exchange basis. He trades on eBay as Lexussparesdirect, I have no connection with him other than myself and others use him and find him totally fair and with integrity. He tends to specialise in LS 430’s
  11. You seem to be an expert on what Paul Frost does. Why did you not mention that most of his stock goes to the US, which is where the LS was developed for, and where there are considerably more LS’s still on the road. I do get a little tired of reading reviews on their forum about the incredible mileages LS430’s do without fault. A little intelligent thought might conclude that with many more on the road covering very high mileages, parts just might fail, so hello Mr Frost. Maybe it was just a fluke that Lexus dominated the JD Power survey for years, and if good cars are properly cared for, don’t usually become bad cars.......but things can and occasionally do, go wrong.
  12. I do think there is something quite perverse, when you wish to laugh at somebody else’s misfortune. You know nothing about me, my car or my reasons for enjoying this great brand. Failures can and do happen with every vehicle at some time, for all sorts of reasons, but what I can tell you is “ that the world is not about to end” 🤗. Try and get some pleasure out of this forum and make it a happy place.
  13. Please do not get aggressive with me, just because I do not accept your view.