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  1. Tried a quote on this car out of interest this morning as i used to have a hawkeye JDM impreza and always found that fine to insure. Admiral came up cheapest £496 for a year and swapping between the car being UK and Jap import had no effect on the price it remained the same which i found odd. The cheaper tax is a major bonus and the car certainly looks clean on the underside which is a big bonus but the price of the speed limit remover is simply scary! Its only around 20 miles from me, i have thought about going and checking it out but with my wedding 30 days away it may cause a devorce before the ink is dry!
  2. Hello all, I'm Alex, 28 from Darlington. Just sold my JDM hawkeye impreza and its time for a new project. I found the forum whilst researching a supercharged Lexus IS200. Looks like i'll be going the custom route as the chances of finding a TTE kit for decent money is looking unlikely. Anyways thought i'd post a few photos of my cars past and present below including my IS200 sport which I've had since Saturday must say I'm loving the car so far so nice to drive. My dad bought a new IS200 SE in 1999 and a Sport a few years after and always wanted one since then so great to finally see why he liked them so much. My first car - Yaris SR MR2 Rev 3 Turbo Yaris T Sport Civic Type R Bugeye Impreza WRX JDM Hawkeye Impreza Mazda Euno JDM J Limited As for the IS200 here it is below sorry there not the best photos only have the pictures from the advert as i haven't had time to get some good snaps! Anyways looking forward to meeting you all and getting some posts going on the forum when i start tinkering with the car!