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  1. Good shout, mine is a none X pipe catback (retains center cats) and its great, the hooligan in me wants it louder sometimes though!
  2. They really are a surprising car, the handling surprised me too when i first had a proper play on mainly dry roads, was sticking with a friends modified M2 quite easily. It seems to hide its weight quite well too, i was surprised how nimble it felt for a big old thing! Glad it lived up to expectations, enjoy!
  3. You've still got a great deal so i wouldnt feel put out anyway. Hope you enjoyed collection and driving the car over the weekend 😁
  4. Thanks for the reply, i used them about 11 years ago and were fine for me. I notice EBC seem to get a bad rep online now but no one seems to know why 😂
  5. Thanks for the heads up, i may still end up ordering from the US. Im tempted to get some from RR Racing and perhaps get the fancy lower control arm bushings too. I just tell myself whatever it is in dollars it will be in £ and usually avoids any disappointment!
  6. Hi All, I'll be due new disks and pads on the front soon (already sorted Brembo discs) and i'm looking into pad options at the moment. I have no problem with the stopping power but the dust on the front brakes is getting on my nerves! Where have people bought upgraded pads for their ISF's in the UK? Most search brings up a lot of options in the USA but not over here (Stoptech, Project MU, Hawk etc. etc.) Any help appreciated. Scott
  7. Had mine a few months so far (ISF) it's my daily car although now working from home due to covid daily doesn't mean daily any more. I usually want to change within the year of getting a daily and always tend to have something a little out of the ordinary and it usually starts with a 'would you considering selling...' then before I know it I'm in need of a car! No idea what I'd replace the ISF with though, I've hankered after one for years and a really good one popped up local. I really like it so far! Ive got my old modified 1973 BMW 2002tii to use during the summer when it takes my
  8. Sounds good, I always end up on drives over that way from mine (Hartside Pass is a personal favourite!)
  9. That's a good price and you've got some peace of mind now too! Happy days! Hope yours turns up soon Barry!
  10. Thanks and yes cold starts are rather loud as it is with the secondary cats in place 😂 many have commented now and i've apologised, luckily they've quickly said they dont mind as it sounds so good!
  11. Mines got the standard secondary cat mid section on and none x-pipe rear section. Absolutely love the noise! I think i'd like it a smidge louder in all honesty, removing the secondary cats completely seems like it may be too loud and i note the H&S middle section that removes them has small silencers in place instead. I do intend on getting in touch with H&S to see if i can retro-fit the middle section but only if the small silencers in place of the secondary cats increase the volume a tad!
  12. Excuse the air freshener 😂 IMG_20201201_112742 by Scott Osborne, on Flickr IMG_20201201_112720 by Scott Osborne, on Flickr IMG_20201201_112725 by Scott Osborne, on Flickr As others have said, you cant see it at all from the drivers seat. I didnt know i had one for a good few days after buying the car, thought the chime on start-up was something to do with it being a Japanese car haha
  13. Only on the front in mine, ill get you some pics tomorrow when its light and you can see it better.
  14. I've checked it a few times now, just a simple app on your phone which you connect to and then can view the videos. It seems to save them in 60 second videos. First time i checked it was after i had a run down a dual carriageway against my mate in his Modified bmw M2, i then looked for the settings straight away in the hope you can take the speed off the video, i was glad to see you can 😂
  15. Ive never been a fan of dashcams but when i bought my ISF i realised afterwards that it had a Lexus fit one installed, it really is discrete! Lexus seem to use the Nextbase range of dashcams, i think looking through invoices mine was supplied and installed for around £300 at Lexus.
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