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  1. They came off a 2011 ultra blue CT. Would you be able to provide a postcode see I can get an accurate cost?
  2. Yes still available, just had another member ask me today.
  3. Looks like a faulty sensor. Used Carista with an obd2 tool...
  4. Flashing amber, then it's a still amber light
  5. June 2017 F Sport model
  6. Hi All I've recently purchased an Nx300h. Within around 20 minutes of driving away from the garage the TPMS light lit up and is now on all the time. I've checked all tyres and all seem to have the correct pressure. This is my first car with TPMS and I'm not so familiar with how this works. I've read up that there are specific valves installed on the wheels for this to work. The garage (non Lexus) did replace all 4 tyres as part of their service. I've tried resetting the TPMS via the dash menu, but when attempting to reset via the hold button nothing happens. No prompts on the screen. The light remains on. I've read that for TPMS to work it needs specific tyres installing. Is this true? Thanks Kal
  7. It's on the Ad. £50 ono for local collection (Bradford) Will need figure out postal charges for delivery.
  8. Hi Guys Hope you are all well and staying safe. I've recently sold my CT200h. If anyone is interested I'm selling the illuminated door sills that I had on it. These are genuine Lexus door sills. The front pair illuminate blue. They are quite easy to install for most DIY'ers. Instructions are included. Can provide more pics if required ..... https://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/lexus-ct200h-illuminated-door-sills/1370054537?utm_source=com.android.email&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android Cheers Kal
  9. Hi all Looking at purchasing a 2016 NX FSport. Just a few queries... What should I expect to see under the boot tray? I can't see a spare wheel or tools. Is this normal? Is Sport+ standard on all FSport or is this only available as an optional pack? Being over 3 years old the warranty would have expired. Any ideas on how much a lexus extended warranty would cost? Any problems with red leather interiors? Any other tips worth checking before purchasing an NX? Thanks and merry Xmas.
  10. Wow, I've had my CT now for 4 years, but I've now learned something about how it runs that I never knew about. Never knew about the MG1 and MG2. Thanks for the info. Found this quite informative... http://prius.wikia.com/wiki/Hybrid_Synergy_Drive_(HSD)
  11. Sorry not sure what you mean? "I always use the foot brake on my RC300h, doesn't use the discs and pads"
  12. I'm considering looking at the IS for my next car. I currently drive a CT which has a "B" on the gear slots for regenerative braking. Ideal when rolling down slopes. Is there anything similar on the IS?
  13. Lexus CT voted as the most reliable car in the Autoexpress 2017 Driver Survey... http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/best-cars/driver-power/64280/most-reliable-cars-to-buy-in-2017
  14. Also it won't read files within subfolders. You can only have a single folder level
  15. I last used the Carista app when I purchased my CT back in 2013. I thought I'd have another look at the app today for any new options and was surprised to see that my Nav screen popped open with these System options that I've never seen before. Has anyone else come across this and any ideas on what the items in orange with CHEK refer to?