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  1. Wow, I've had my CT now for 4 years, but I've now learned something about how it runs that I never knew about. Never knew about the MG1 and MG2. Thanks for the info. Found this quite informative... http://prius.wikia.com/wiki/Hybrid_Synergy_Drive_(HSD)
  2. Sorry not sure what you mean? "I always use the foot brake on my RC300h, doesn't use the discs and pads"
  3. I'm considering looking at the IS for my next car. I currently drive a CT which has a "B" on the gear slots for regenerative braking. Ideal when rolling down slopes. Is there anything similar on the IS?
  4. Lexus CT voted as the most reliable car in the Autoexpress 2017 Driver Survey... http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/best-cars/driver-power/64280/most-reliable-cars-to-buy-in-2017
  5. Also it won't read files within subfolders. You can only have a single folder level
  6. I last used the Carista app when I purchased my CT back in 2013. I thought I'd have another look at the app today for any new options and was surprised to see that my Nav screen popped open with these System options that I've never seen before. Has anyone else come across this and any ideas on what the items in orange with CHEK refer to?
  7. Lol, I just received a personal video report on the this car from jct600. Can I ask what decision swayed you to go for a diesel over hybrid? And BMW?
  8. Can anyone tell me if there has been any changes with the F-Sport model between MY14 and MY15 ? e.g ride handling, cosmetic, electronics, performance and efficiency?
  9. I believe they do need to take the back seat out to get to the tank. Mine had another recall done at the same time. This for a weakness in the side airbags mounting. This required taking out the roof lining.
  10. Just had mine done a week ago. The smell did linger for about 3 days, but seems ok now. Also had half a tank of fuel. Lexus Bradford topped it up to a full tank.
  11. Hi Just interested to found out from experienced hybrid IS owners if you have thought about what you plan to replace your Lexus with? Would you stay with Lexus? , Or go with another manufacturer for a plugin, full electric?, Or go back to a non electric vehicle,. etc...
  12. Not much snow this winter, but has any one experienced trouble with the rear wheel drive in the snow? I live at the bottom of a slight gradient Street and have been stuck many times in my previous FWD honda accord. CT handles this quite well.
  13. Luxury, Premier both look great, but it is the looks of the F Sport that wins it over for me. Also keen on the Dark Rose Leather seats which only come with F Sports. My CT (2011) does have a firm ride on the 17" wheels, but kind of use it after 3 years. Not sure if the ride on the F Sport would be any different?
  14. Thanks guys. At the moment I'm getting an average of 55mpg from my CT (not car reading) based on records taken over 12 months. Anyone got annual avg for an IS300h? Being a heavier car i expect it to be less.
  15. Hi all Current owner of a ct200h SEL, and looking at upgrading to an IS300h F Sport. Just after owners opinions after upgrading from a CT to an IS and if they have found any features that were better in their CT? Thanks Kal