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  1. Is200 Boot Hinge Broken

    This has just happened to me in exactly the same way, drivers side broke off and passenger side not looking too healthy now. This has got to be a manufacturing issue as the piece that fell off has the integrity of plastic!!! Thanks for the thread and answer on how to sort it. Nick
  2. Fitting Tow bar to IS200

    Have been thinking of adding a tow bar. Will definitely be refering to this guide. Very easy to follow.
  3. As a new owner with the alarm having gone off once during the day this is a great guide on how to get to the sensor in the dome light. If it happens again I will be getting my credit card out and disconnecting the motion sensor. Thanks for the photos this is a great help N.
  4. Alarm Keeps Sounding When Locked

    Same thing has happened to me. 05 model and after an hour long drive the alarm went off after being parked and locked for 10 minutes. Fob battery OK, car battery charge OK, so I'm going to have a look at the sensor in the light for corrosion. I presume disconnecting it is relatively straight forward? As a new owner and member of the club these feeds have been very useful. Thanks N