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  1. I’ve tried it in park, in drive, seat belt on, seat belt off, ignition at accessory and ignition on - none worked, so gave up and spent the next half hour playing with Tidal, Master Tracks and the ML sounds
  2. I cancelled all entries as the manual says if more than 1 key is present, it won’t store into memory correctly. I have entered the car with just the card key and set position 1 and position 2 however the seat does not move in any memory position but the steering wheel does move. May have to take it back to Lexus as I am not sure if it’s something they change a setting on.
  3. So, very impressed with the ES300h, I’ve had mine since mid September, however on the memory seat function, the tilt and slide steering wheel positions are held in memory, but the seat itself is not retained in the memory. The smart entry and exit works fine, but when setting seat positions and pressing set and 1, 2 or 3 the seat isn’t held in memory. Has anyone else had this issue? I hadn’t read the book until today and thought it was something to do with having both a card key and car key on me at the same time, having left one of the keys indoors, this hadn’t resolved the issue either. A minor niggle so far, but something I’d rather have a bash at sorting before going back to Lexus as I don’t know if I am missing something obvious.
  4. So, 800 miles in, 3 tanks of fuel at less than £50 each (first tank free as the car came with a full tank) 45.6 mpg mixed motorway and A Road driving, without a reset between tanks. Can’t complain. I have a few long distance trips throughout October, so will try out Eco mode and AGC and see if that makes any difference. Longest trip in one hit with no stops 204 miles. Seats are awesome.
  5. Hi, I am still playing at the moment, I have a couple of long distance trips in October and November, I may try it out on a run down to Plymouth. I did notice today coming back from Leeds that in ECO Mode, EV Mode kicks in when coasting at 60mph.
  6. Week 1 - Fuel Performance. 50 miles - 32.6 mpg mixed driving in all modes. 1st Tanks of Fuel 142 miles - 40.7 mpg A roads and Motorways - Normal Mode. 1st Tank of Fuel. 202 miles - 37.5 mpg A roads and Motorway - Sport + Mode. 1st Tank of Fuel. 412 miles - 43.3 mpg Motorways - Adaptive Cruise - 60 - 70 mph - Normal Mode. 1st Tank of Fuel. 624 miles - 45.9 mpg Motorways - Adaptive Cruise - 60 - 70 mph - Normal Mode. 2nd Tank of Fuel - filled up at quarter of a tank. Cannot complain at the moment.
  7. I had the same issue, to get to the WiFi and online settings needs a longer swipe down on the trackpad
  8. If you have the ML System, Bluetooth doesn’t let you play Hi Fi or Master quality tracks if using Tidal
  9. STE041

    New review

    Re the comment on the ML System, it’s a blinding system if you play master files via Tidal, and even if streaming Hifi or lesser files, live music plays exceptionally well provided you play with the settings. The track pad is a **** to use on first use, but if you’re getting into one of these cars the track pad is relatively easy to use after a couple of days with the left hand on the move, and I am only 200 miles in, having come from an IS300h Advance with stock system and rotary dial. The fisheye camera - I agree, on my reversing camera on the fisheye setting, it’s pants. I wouldn’t rate the ES as a lesser to the IS in terms of premiumness, it’s quite a leap upwards from the IS provided you go for the F Sport with Takumi pack or the Takumi, otherwise you get stuck with the stock sound system and stock lights both of which belong on something other than a Lexus. I couldn’t comment on the newer GS as a comparison as I have never really liked the recent GS Models. I don’t agree at all that the ES is comparable to Skoda Superb, VW Passat or Insignia - all of these are way off the mark from the ES, that said, in terms of overall pitch, it’s not quite on par with a 5 Series, A6 or E Class, and nor should it be when considering the cost for cost comparison against specs - it’s a nice in between normal cars and MB/BMW without breaking the bank. This last point especially on UK Reviews is something that is lost by most reviewers as a comparable BM/Merc/Audi in the same spec can be £10k plus on the list price.