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  1. Paul, if you do not ask,then you will not receive! My interpretation of the two items you mention is that neither has failed. There is evidence of wear,but not failure.
  2. Then check that boot light and ALL interior lights are switched off.
  3. No, we are not. But do not try mucking about with the Spanish Police Al, you do so at your peril !
  4. Make sure that nothing is left in the cigarette lighter socket as a previous owner may have modified it so that it remains live whilst the ignition is switched off.
  5. My pal has just imported aBMW into Spain and has had to buy new left hand drive headlamps for it to pass the ITV. Read this
  6. It is relatively easy whichever route one takes,as the roads are so good. I have often driven from Barcelona to Velez Malaga or from Velez to Villamoura in Portugal to play golf., or from Velez to San Sebastian and into France.
  7. I pass by on those occasions when I have visited the Millau Viaduct in France driving South towards Barcelona and the last leg of my journey is from Valencia to just past Granada.
  8. You will need left hand drive lamps to pass the Spanish ITV. I am driving down to Costa del Sol in April.Where are you going?
  9. royoftherovers

    European breakdown cover for older cars

    Sorry for calling you Phil, Malc. No, I am saying that the 100,000 schedule is repeated by my Indy who certifies that an appropriate service has been completed via a VAT invoice. Lexus will have a schedule for the first 100,000 I am sure. Ask Lexus, or a Member on here or via the Lexus website.
  10. royoftherovers

    European breakdown cover for older cars

    I use the services of a Merc Indy Phil, who repeats the first 100,000 mile service schedule and certifies job done by issue of his VAT invoice.
  11. royoftherovers

    European breakdown cover for older cars

    I too have the cover from my Nationwide Flex Plus Account for the EClass Estate I DRIVE TO SPAIN AND BACK TWICE EACH YEAR.. Car is 16 years old and covered 233,000 miles It must however be serviced in accordance with the Manufacturers advices.
  12. My 2003 E class Merc and my 2010 Gen3 GS 450h both lock automatically upon reaching 15 mph. I find this feature welcome and reassuring . Modern vehicles do not seem to incorporate this feature now ?
  13. ............said Methuselah !! :):):)
  14. royoftherovers

    GS 450H my first Lexus

    See my recent fuel consumption figures in Buying GS450H Gen3 Looking a bit of advice current figures are disappointing but are probably due to a combination of local driving and the colder weather.
  15. royoftherovers

    15 year hybrid warranty

    Let`s not imagine anything Dave and best we do not jump to any conclusions unless and until Lexus GB makes a formal announcement. Regards John