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  1. Have you read this Malc ?
  2. Seems that one can spot a crook at 5000 paces with a telescopic sight and Clark Kent hearing ?
  3. Car was not serviced in 2015 Seller makes no claim that everything works Car was probably not sourced from a Main Dealer (as he claims that his Lexus are) He gives no undertaking re warranty Buyer Beware.
  4. Spot on Steve and I would inform HJ so that he can include it in his database of problems experienced by owners.
  5. "The seller has a good reputation for selling good quality/condition vehicles" Where is the evidence for this, other than on the Seller`s own website?"
  6. LC500 Roger? Won`t you need new hips and knees first? I have a pal who had to sell his Mazda 6 and buy a CX5 as the low 6 was difficult to get in and out of. You might have to limbo in and out of the LC !
  7. Lexus Chester have not let me down yet and I see that the top man Mark Mitchell has just won the award of Cheshire Business Person of 2019. Well earned too.
  8. Welcome Ralphy. You have a wonderful looking car.
  9. You are not displaying a gut instinct Phil, you are displaying common sense. Walk away and find the car you are looking for.