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  1. HelloSmuk and welcome. Have no doubt that you will enjoy the car.Very few,if any, marques can equal Lexus.You have made an excellent decision. My view is that none of the extras being pushed by the Salesman can be considered to be worthwhile investments, but I would recommend that you purchase and have Lexus install the dashcam for you.A dashcam is increasingly important given the poor behaviour displayed on the roads today. Let`s have some piccies and a review when you are ready.
  2. Welcome Mo. Pictures first, then questions second ! Enjoy what most won`t or can`t.
  3. Does the man in the street have the competence of the professional Mark?
  4. Sound advice indeed. It is not for the man on the Clapham Omnibus to tell the Driver what to do !
  5. Agree about the wind deflectors, ugly on any car! Ugly, perhaps, but do they work by deflecting wind and rain ?
  6. Exactly the same on mine Roger. Lexus Chester told me about it in March this year.
  7. Lucky boy. Enjoy the car and................. read the fhb !!
  8. I had a pal who received a phone call from Land Rover inviting him to a LR experience. They collected him at 7.30 sharp the next morning, dropped him in the nearest lay-by and collected him 8 hours later!!
  9. What is your current lease car which is both awesome and full of grief?
  10. Make sure that such Statements are obtained immediately and prior to discussion with the offender. The Statements must be written/typed, signed and dated with the author signing in signature and capital letter form. Good luck Vlad.