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  1. Have you read and understood PAGE 206 of your Owners Manual Rus ??
  2. Thanks John. That might be a nice replacement for my E C lass Estate, should I ever decide to replace it.
  3. Thanks for the update Bryan. They seem to be looking after you well,but do let us know if you have to claim on the warranty in the first six months of your ownership.. Enjoy and welcome to the wolrd of Lexus motoring.
  4. "Really beginingt o wish id gone for a saloon now though" Why ?
  5. I had my GS washed F.O.C. by Lexus Chester, arranged for my Annual Service for 5 September and the use of a loan car.Then I painted my garden shed using the contents from an old Castrol GTX can. I will use some old Duckhams 20-50 next time! Ah, Happy Days.
  6. It is not the person who came up withe idea that is culpable it is the person who approved its incorporation within the vehicle specification !!
  7. I have a dashcam in each of two cars. They are for recording incidents, not entire journeys Terry.
  8. You are not only comparing chalk with cheese Thomas, but you are also asking the wrong question on the wrong Forum !
  9. The Hybrid Warranty (assuming it passes) goes forward and has no regard to past mileages. 10,000 miles annually each forthcoming year. I would only buy from an authorised Lexus Dealer as they provide a comprehensive 12 month Lexus warranty. Have you checked the vehicle history via the DVLA website ? It provides an invaluable insight to the things that have needed attention to pass the MOT Test Timing chains can last 200,000 miles as has the one on my Merc. I do not know of Lexus` experience. Ask Lexus Chester or whichever Dealer is local to you. I have a 2010 GS 450h, which I have had for 6 years. It has covered 60,000 without a murmer.
  10. I would not buy from a non- Lexus dealer for £12,000 with that kind of mileage. It is possible to pay approx £60 at a Lexus Dealer for a Hybrid Battery Health Check and if it passes and you do less than 10,000 mile annually and you have it checked annually it will be covered for 15 years from its date of manufacture. Good luck.
  11. Thanks John, Please keep us all updated on your use of it. MPG, Maintenance, Instrument reading (if in Japanese) etc.
  12. Perhaps the best in-depth car review I have seen and the best I am ever likely to see for the Camry! I would certainly shop at Tesco rather than Waitrose as I continue to recognise value for money and I don`t mean cheaper !! The drivers` of Audi, BMW and Mercedes cars will take aeons to appreciate the qualities that Lexus has to offer. Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy what for me are the unsurpassed qualities of my GS450h.
  13. My understanding too, although in my experience the purchase of a personal plate is NOT make the vehicle appear younger than it is.
  14. Wow, thanks John. I often wondered why Lexus (Toyota) did not make a large Estate, similar to the Merc E Class and now I know that they did. Enjoy.