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  1. This is the posting you have forgotten Herbie !!Posted September 9 Haha, what can I say John - not enough sleep and too much stuff going on 😄 2 You and Spacewagon52 reacted to this
  2. David, why don`t you revisit the question of "why do I want them in the first place ?"
  3. What did we tell you a short while ago Herbie, when you asked this question ?
  4. Try dropping the price a little Norris and tell us about your NX and send us some photos like we invited you to do on 9 August please.
  5. Something that is live all the time the car is moving. Surely, you mean "when ignition is switch on?"
  6. Thanks for the update Martin, it is much appreciated. Keep looking and let us all know how you get on.
  7. Better than we might have hoped for Barry. Congratulations both on that and your decision re the Extended Warranty.
  8. Thanks, that`s a very high profile and should give a good ride Don.
  9. Thanks Barry. It is a long way short of Classic Status--40 years old, to avoid Road Tax. Some insurance companies call cars classics from 20 years old. Mine is 18 on Jan 3 2021.Just turned over to 247,000,but not really moved it since returning from Spain in early December 2019.
  10. I know what you mean Phil. The breeze higher up turns my straight down the middle drives into a Left Handers Fade !
  11. Cast around for insurance Barry. I have just insured 4 cars (Lexus GS, Merc E Class Est, Toyota Yaris and a Mazda 2 ) for £800, on a Multi car Policy. Fully comp inc Euro cover.
  12. Hybrids are not subject to emissions testing for M.O.T. purposes. Several Members have reported replacing C.C. (which have been stolen) with straight through pipe and have passed their M.O.T. tests. So, why not do as Barry says, but instead of seeking out generic items ,use pipe ?
  13. It probably belongs to one of his many "friends" Ganesh.