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  1. A joy to read Paul.Many thanks.Did you mean to omit the piccies? DHP stands for DYNAMIC HANDLING PACKAGE Richie.
  2. National Speed Limit off the Autoroute in France is currently 80kmph or 50mph. This reduction to 80kmph will inevitably lead to excellent fuel consumption. i recently achieved 65mpg in the E Class Estate. Your figures are very good EG.
  3. So, why do you call Michael, Dave ?????????????????????????
  4. * Depends on price. * Tell the Dealer to state in writing that the vehicle has a full service history and name the place which serviced the vehicle. * Check MOT History via internet and this place too
  5. Barry, Please check with your insurance company as the damage may be covered by your policy. You must emphasise that you were mindful of the situation and the flash flooding left you with no alternative as abandoning the vehicle as not an option and your life was in danger. If that fails, then contact Richard at Hybrid Battery Solutions and ask him for a quotation. Good luck.
  6. I returned home last night after the 1600 mile return trip from Andalucia in the 17 year old Merc. It didn`t miss a beat and returned 50 mpg for the entire trip, fully loaded. Was far too tired to say hello to the GS450h which had been hooked up to the Solar Charger for 12 weeks, so went out this morning to renew the relationship and she did not want to know me ! Flat as a fluke. I guess we haven`t had much daylight this past 12 weeks and the battery has run down faster than the Solar unit could feed. Lexus will come tomorrow morning and hopefully we`ll be back into our long term relationship again. I told Lexus not to treat my request for help as a priority and tomorrow morning would be fine. An update may follow.
  7. Strangely enough, I can in my 17 year old Merc, but cannot in my 9 year old Lexus GS450h !