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  1. Why not buy from a Lexus Dealership and have it serviced at Lexus Gatwick? I know that Autotrader cars might be cheaper, but there are many good reasons to consider buying from Lexus, Dave. Whatever you decide, good luck.
  2. This thread is getting more and more exciting. I have just remembered that I posted this upon my arrival here in Spain "FL 55 DME royoftherovers posted a topic in LS 400 / Lexus LS 430 / Lexus LS 460 / Lexus 600h / Lexus 500h Club Is a beautiful Green LS 430 and I was delighted to follow it as it crossed the Border from France into Spain on Wednesday 5 September. It took off like a rocket and left my 52 Reg Merc for dead! Belong to anyone on here ?" And since I`ve arrived I`ve seen; one UK reg GS 250 in Black one series 2 IS300 in maroon one series 2 GS300 inGreen And yes Phil I have been drinking Rioja and also Chablis I bought in France en-route, but not sufficiently to impair my memory! I will keep my eyes peeled for the next Lexus LS !!
  3. That`s what Malt Whisky does for you pal !
  4. Why complicate matters Rich? Just do what the Handbook says? Problem solved.
  5. Magnet attached to strong string ?
  6. At what height does a child cease to be eligible for the small children`s menu? :):):) Seems a very nice place to visit.
  7. royoftherovers

    Advice on fitting smaller wheels to GS450h

    Yes, those are mine Chris.
  8. royoftherovers

    Advice on fitting smaller wheels to GS450h

    Not the same as fitted to my July 2010 model. If you like them however, you know what to do !!
  9. New kitchen, new bedroom, redecorate, house extension? I think that we all married the same girl !! Regards John
  10. Thanks Anthony. If you sell a `78 Cressida, you should be able to afford two SC430`s or perhaps 5 Starlets !!
  11. royoftherovers

    Advice on fitting smaller wheels to GS450h

    Thanks Chris, you beat me to it! I would not recommend a profile of less than 50.
  12. She`s a beauty Anthony, what did you drive before you purchased her ?
  13. royoftherovers

    Panoramic roof issue

    And do it quickly too !
  14. If you meet up with Bryan, then ask him why he gave up on Audi, JP !
  15. The question was about your car Vlad !! :):):)