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  1. Well, one lives and learns ! Many thanks for the technological update Connor. We`ll see if anything develops!
  2. I would imagine that the overwhelming majority of Lexus owners use the lighter socket as an electrical power source rather than as a source of ignition. Or have I missed the point completely Samuel ?
  3. Was it a private purchase or did you buy it from a Dealer Malc?
  4. royoftherovers

    GS450h Codes and Mechanics

    Yes Phil and David, it is the dealers responsibility to fix at his own cost any significant repair which is required within 6 months of purchase. Back to the Dealer David and demand that he abides by his responsibilities, or else demand your money back and return the car. Name the Dealer and his location if you feel able to.
  5. Well, if that is the height of Lexus Road Rage, I am much comforted.:):):)
  6. royoftherovers

    GS450h Codes and Mechanics

    David, who was the guy who warranted................. We have a member , Richard of Hybrid Battery Solutions who has a good reputation.
  7. royoftherovers

    Effects of New Data Protection Legislation

    Linked via a Registration Number yes , but more importantly the VIN Number. A contract is still a contract and the onus must be on the Seller to retain such information which enables him to discharge his responsibilities to the purchaser , whilst retaining the confidentiality of the purchaser`s information. The purpose of the new legislation cannot be to enable the seller to escape his responsibilities.
  8. royoftherovers

    Effects of New Data Protection Legislation

    So, on the basis that the consumer is king and taking market forces to its logical conclusion, if all prospective purchasers were to demand sight of the vehicle`s previous history and all Dealers stated that they had destroyed them, then there would be no purchase and no sale! This only needs to happen once on one single day in co-ordinated action and boy would circumstances change! Sadly consumers of all products fail to recognise latent and co-ordinated power. I have no left winged or socialist learnings but I do recognise the potential of consumer demand, or rather, the lack of it. Social media is however leaning towards motivating the consumer:):):)
  9. royoftherovers

    Effects of New Data Protection Legislation

    The fact that the previous owner`s details are not on the V5 surely emphasises the need to ensure, so far as one reasonably can, that a vehicle has a full documented service history and is bought from a reputable Dealer?
  10. royoftherovers

    430 or 460?

    The LS 460 did not have a CVT box. I believe it had an 8 speed Torque Converter box.
  11. royoftherovers

    LS 430

    I do so enjoy reading contributions like this.A satisfied owner, driver and mind.
  12. Nissen radiators were used by some Merc Indys to replace W211 radiators which had given up.
  13. Nice post. Mirrors my own thoughts in the main. Mercedes,Audi, BMW,are not as reliable as they used to be perceived. Not as rare as they used to be and certainly not driven as respectfully as they used to be. I`ve had 4 Mercs and one Audi. Never again. I`ve had my GS450h for 5 years now and nothing, repea, nothin,g has gone wrong. Lexus is the "numero uno" for reliability on the Planet. By being reliable it is also by definition economical as costs for repairs are excluded from the calculation. No doubt young Executive twirps will acquire F Sport models whilst the B.I.K. remains favourable and respectful Lexus driving will go out of the window, but that is for the future and we who are really in the minority will continue to enjoy what still remains a closed secret.
  14. royoftherovers

    SC430 project

    Physics is so strange. In the vacuum of space, there is no noise and in the vastness of the interior of the LS400, there is no noise either!!