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  1. Not fixing it Barry, might lead to an MOT failure ? I do sympathise with your problem however.
  2. The Water Pump was presumably replaced under Warranty at no cost to you Les ?
  3. Thanks Colin, you may be correct,but it would not stop me from asking.
  4. It was the first thing that crossed my mind too. It is not something that one would expect from a Lexus GS. Try to speak to the previous owner as Lexus Chester probably/ possibly// gave you an undertaking in writing that the vehicle had not been involved in any kind of accident? Look at your paperwork relating to the purchase.
  5. "I now visit the petrol station about the same number of times a year I visited the LR dealer and apart from annual service never see the Mitsubishi dealer" I find this line to be the most succinct adverse comment I have ever read about any vehicle. Many thanks Muddy.
  6. My thoughts exactly. I cannot think of two good reasons why he should sell.
  7. It seems to me that at the revs you suggest, one would be breaking certain UK speed limits AND driving without due care and attention regardless of ANY UK speed limit.
  8. What sort of speed would one be doing on a trip when "red lining" it ?
  9. And a completely free punctuation zone too !
  10. Congratulations Kai on the acquisition.The GS is a most underrated car, The creaks can be hidden very successfully by playing appropriate music. The 1812 Overture is, not surprisingly, very successful and Chopin works too. Enjoy the privilege which is not available to the many.
  11. Congratulations Denis.A fine car and a seemingly good spot. If you travelled 1st class North, did you travel Premier class South ?
  12. A letter signed by the " seller" authorising the "buyer" to collect/ remove it would presumably be sufficient after the seller agreeing to sell it for £750 ??
  13. Be very careful with what you say in writing Malc !! :):):) 2028 is almost half past eight this evening (lol)
  14. Many thanks Duncan. From what I can glean from the information you have provided, you and your car fulfill all of the necessary conditions ( as I see them ) for the Warranty to pay out. No wriggle room for the Warranty Administrator or Lexus to occupy. Not many, (if any ) warranties will pay out for an 11 year old car !! Been a particularly good investment in your case. Regards John
  15. Shahpor, What is really needed in addition to your suggestions are, I suggest; 1. Did vehicle have a FLSH from new prior to its purchase by the current owner ? 2. Has vehicle continued to have FLSH since purchase ? 3. What has been the nature of the relationship with the LEXUS DEALER since purchase ?