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  1. royoftherovers

    2001 GS300

    Check the cabin air filter see below and clear any blocked drain holes either side of the A pillars.
  2. royoftherovers

    New RCF owner

    Very nice indeed. Enjoy.
  3. royoftherovers

    New RCF owner

    Nice car.Has the bonnet been repainted or was it that colour from the factory?
  4. royoftherovers

    Incoming newbies

    Pray tell, Phil. Have I been Trumped ?
  5. royoftherovers

    Incoming newbies

    A wonderful contribution by an informed lady. It made an extremely interesting read for me. Let`s hope that there will be more of the same!
  6. royoftherovers

    Incoming newbies

    Welcome 1.(juan?) We await your contributions and piccies.
  7. Take it to someone local but ask the supplying Dealer if they will reimburse you for the local fix ?
  8. Welcome to Heaven on Earth, Simon.
  9. Do you really need/use a sat nav as many of us have them, and do not use them for 95% of the time we are in the car.
  10. Now there is a photo op for the Forum, if ever there was one !!
  11. Nice one Stu! She was still in bed while I drove to discover that my long standing appointment had been cancelled and no one had informed me. Could have been worse I suppose, I could have been in England !!
  12. If they have never performed with Dolly, then I do not rate them. :):):)
  13. American Pie" is a song by American singer and songwriter Don McLean. ... McLean's combined version is the fourth longest song to enter the Billboard Hot 100, at the time of release it was the longest, in addition to being the longest songto reach #1.
  14. I too have been impressed by the Golfs refinement and confess to being surprised by ST4 `s comments. Anyway, noise lies in the ears/head of the driver/passenger !