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  1. I`m with you 100% on this Roger. It`s about time we heard from Linas on what is one of his pet subjects !
  2. And let the engine run for 10 minutes each week and overinflate each of the tyres to 40 psi.
  4. Take it back to the Dealer you bought it from and tell him to fix the problem at his cost.
  5. Also, would it be possible to connect the smart charger to these terminals and leave it permanently connected under the bonnet. This would make life even easier to connect the mains cable as my car is always parked nose first in front of the garage (nay workshop) door and would avoid the need to mess around in the boot area, or are these connectors equally fiddly to get at. My question is"Would the bonnet close fully or would the electricity supply cable prevent it from closing fully?"
  6. It is not EUROPEAN it is those countries which are members of the European Union.
  7. Very nice Jonathan. What sort of mileage do you expect from those tyres?
  8. Thanks Roger. I vowed never to visit Bolton again when one of their Salesman using the toilet alongside me left without washing his hands. I explained the reason for their loss of my sale and left the premises. And I dare not tell you about the Senior Captains of UK Industry whom I noticed did the same, when I attended my first C.I.P.D Annual Conference in Harrogate. Just do not touch the peanuts in the Bar !!
  9. I only visit for car washes and the Annual Service and am known by my christian name by all bar the sales staff. You know what Roger, it does not cost a single penny to be nice to people. To ignore people is to invite criticism. Ignoring people (THERE ARE MANY OF US) who are present or future customers is unlikely to generate customer loyalty or future sales. I do not suffer fools gladly, but if I could buy a new car and ensure that commission generated from the sale went solely to the team of Receptionists and one particular guy in Service, I would do so. If I want a new car, I will look towards Lexus Liverpool. These are indeed troubling times and personal relationships will prove to be something that can be valued.
  10. Surely Peter, the battery for the Yaris must be warranted for more than 2 years ?