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  1. Welcome Andy. A good write up and an enjoyable read. Car looks great.
  2. Hi Jim, What is the max size of your budget and what do you mean as "good?" What are your red lines-flsh? If one came along with say 90,000 miles, in black with red wood interior and not an L? You are looking in all of the right places,but go to your local Lexus Dealer and ask who he sells the Lexus cars to, that he does not wish to sell himself for reason of age,or mileage,or condition. Good luck.
  3. Nowt to worry about, except the next volcanic eruption against which all man-made pollutants pale into insignificance!
  4. As Phil. Fill tank with Shell V pOWER/Optima or similar,then give it an Italian Tune Up before arriving at MOT station.
  5. Welcome Dan.A nice looking car you have there, but remember that it is a wolf in sheep`s clothing and you will be hitting 90 before you know it. I have not got ML but do have an aux in lying in the box between the two front seats. Enjoy and do have it serviced annually by Lexus as the Hybrid Battery is now covered for 15 years from new.
  6. Beauty still lies in the eye of the beholder Glyn. One man`s meat is another man`s poison/ Don`t believe what`s in the Press. There is no major motor manufacturer now in Australia, so I would expect the S.E.Asian manufacturers to be rated highly. What do you think of the Ceed ?
  7. My wife fits both categories Dan and I`ll wager that I am not alone !
  8. A Seat having done 100,000 miles with no rattles or squeaks, have you been drinking Alex or perhaps you have memory loss? (LOL)
  9. Try driving whilst using the phone Malcolm, then tell us whether the matter has been overblown!!
  10. I think that your suggestion Geoff is a step in the right direction, but still way too soft. I`d suggest; 1ST OFFENCE-DRINK DRIVING ONLY-----12 MONTH BAN 2ND OFFENCE/ (OR FIRST OFFENCE)-DRINK DRIVING AND ANY KIND OF INJURY TO PERSON OR PROPERTY--------60 MONTH BAN 3RD OFFENCE (OR SECOND OR FIRST OFFENCE) DRINK DRIVING AND DEATH OF PASSENGER OR 3RD PARTY-------BAN FOR LIFE AND PRISON FOR 10 YEARS (NOT REDUCEABLE. Driver not permitted to argue Human Rights Act either. In China they would be shot and family charged for the cost of the bullet. UK Society has become too soft and few are willing to take personal responsibility for their actions. Just my view, so rant over.
  11. Then take it back asap as Lexus will be pleased to make you happy! Do let us all know how you get on.
  12. Welcome Reg. Where have you been for the last 5 years then? Let`s have some pictures please.
  13. Chris,does"new" mean new to you or brand new from Lexus? Have you got recirculating air switch on or are you drawing air from outside of the car?