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  1. Thanks Lee, Some bedtime reading for me, I was rather hoping someone might tell me the springs are exactly the same for both cars and I could get a set of the springs I've found which are easily sourced. I guess if it was easy that would be boring, I could go down the coilover route but it's a bit overkill for my requirements not to mention too expensive to justify.
  2. Hello all, As the title suggests I would like my Gs to sit slightly lower to take up some of the gap between the arch and tyre. I'm not talking max power style slammage just a subtle drop on standard 17 wheels, I have found some lowering springs by both H&R and vogtland, the later company says their springs will fit my car despite their website only listing them for the Gen2 GS. My question is does anybody know if gen2 and gen3 gs suspension springs are the same/interchangeable? It will save me finding out the hard way.
  3. Three letters.....G S F. Drool......
  4. Yes it's running great, as you know I've been thinking about selling it because when the other car comes back I'll be running a V8 and a V6 but everytime I drive the GS I change my mind and want to keep it :) Good luck with the project I for one am interested to see your progress with it.
  5. Congratulations Chris! I'm still pootling around in your second Lexus ;) I think pictures of your new car are in order my good man.
  6. Ceramicolive

    A sad warning too all car modifyers.

    Very sad, but as Peter has pointed out this wasn't because the car was modified, it happened because unfortunately it wasn't correctly put back together after being modified, two very different things.
  7. Thanks for posting this, great information.
  8. Found it although it is an RA25? not sure of the differences but it is a lovely looking car. http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/192881/1975-toyota-celica-gt2000-ferocious
  9. I'm not sure about the coupe it may have been an private import only, I'm far too young to remember these cars from the period I was born in 79, I just have a love for cool old cars mainly Japanese stuff but anything that is interesting or beautiful to my eye. That's an interesting story about your dad delivering a carina to Mr Hopkirk I wonder how it compared to his mini!? much more advanced vehicle in period I should imagine? The celica's are great cars and you're right they're are only going up in value, there a lovely example on the other forum I am often found on, I'll try and find a picture of it, it's perfection.
  10. Yes similar to the Carina but I think they had hubcaps? I bet you wish you still had it now, great little cars. The coupe was a lovely looking machine.
  11. Yes, Very close call but I was having second thoughts even when the ad was listed and nearly pulled it a couple of times. Thanks for the absolution. The saloon is a rare car these days, at least in the uk. The estate eclipes the saloon in the rarity stakes Toyota having only ever seemingly sold 7 estate versions. Although this cannot be officially verified, a reliable source who owns the only other known survivor says he's only ever known of six estates in existence including our two and the other four are long gone apparently. So that would suggest the original figure of 7 is probably correct. Only two left now, mine is running a Lexus 1UZ FE and his awaiting some attention. here's a picture of the other known survivor. Thanks for the interest.
  12. I nearly sold my GS300 recently due to a mixture of reasons, none of them car related and even listed it on an well known auction site. It didn't sell in the end and I was glad really because I love the car it is a brilliant machine. I was just walking back from posting a birthday card at the end of the street and spied my beauty on the drive from a distance. I love it.
  13. Ceramicolive

    Lexus Gs300 2005

    PM Sent 28/02/17
  14. Ceramicolive

    Lexus IS F Driven

    You'll love him driving this Dodge Viper then, it gives him a real workout he's breathing hard by the time he gets to the bottom of the hill! I think he drives it faster on the way back up.