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  1. As per title I'm thinking of buying an RCF, It's a 2015 model, blue with light interior, it's done around 65,000 miles and is priced at around £28,000 at a Lexus dealer. My questions are, Is that a good price for the year and mileage adjusting for the fact it is for sale at a main dealer? Is now the right time to buy with the market being as it is, I suppose that ties into the first question but would it be wise to wait and see if the market adjusts in my favour? I'm trying to be objective but obviously it's an amazing car and one I have always wanted.
  2. Just a follow up on this, I didn't go to see it as when I rang the dealer he said they didn't know anything about it's history they had just bought it from an auction, I know it is cheap but I'd rather spend a bit more and avoid a pup. So I'm still looking for a nice example, the only colour I wouldn't want is black or white. If anyone is thinking of selling let me know.
  3. I had thought of that too but was unsure. it is a possibility I suppose.
  4. Thanks for the detailed pointers, very much appreciated
  5. I'm going to have a look around it tomorrow. Is there anything special I should be looking out for aside from normal car stuff?
  6. Does anybody know anything about this car? Seems cheap and the mot history is not amazing but I am seriously tempted at that price......
  7. Close. New Garden. She deserves it though putting up with my car obsession.
  8. Thanks for the welcome, I have been here for a while just not a prolific poster. I've always had a thing for toyota's and used to own a GS300 which I loved so this was a natural progression.
  9. Very true but alas my wife insists that we do something sensible with the rest. 🙄
  10. The red is really nice when the sun hits it, lovely metallic fleck in it. I got it for £16000 with my Abarth taken in PX it was listed at £16750. Full Lexus history, one owner from new he bought the car from Lexus Manchester and had it serviced there every year it was obviously cherished. He traded it in for a new GS450h. MPG wise it's not bad for a big luxury saloon I get about 38 max but I dont really go on many long runs I work 4 miles from my house! It's certainly better than my V8 Jaguar XF used to be. 14mpg was about average.
  11. Thank you, I had an Abarth 595, Completely different animal! I did however have a GS300 before the Abarth and loved it (Messi's old car from on this very forum) And I am currently in the process of selling my 78 Toyota Cressida, when that goes I'm looking to add an SC430 to the fleet.
  12. I've had this for around 4 months now and love it! I'll get some proper pictures of it soon but here are some from the Lexus ad.
  13. Thanks Lee, Some bedtime reading for me, I was rather hoping someone might tell me the springs are exactly the same for both cars and I could get a set of the springs I've found which are easily sourced. I guess if it was easy that would be boring, I could go down the coilover route but it's a bit overkill for my requirements not to mention too expensive to justify.
  14. Hello all, As the title suggests I would like my Gs to sit slightly lower to take up some of the gap between the arch and tyre. I'm not talking max power style slammage just a subtle drop on standard 17 wheels, I have found some lowering springs by both H&R and vogtland, the later company says their springs will fit my car despite their website only listing them for the Gen2 GS. My question is does anybody know if gen2 and gen3 gs suspension springs are the same/interchangeable? It will save me finding out the hard way.
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