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  1. The one in hedge end sold before I could see it this weekend. Was thinking of taking a large case with me when viewing but is it possible to fit two of the large cases (dimensions below) in boot and have space for carry on?
  2. Will only slight nagging doubt stopping me from a GS this will be the only car for both me and wife
  3. I know it's not this forum but what do you think of the RAV4 hybrid. It has a lot of bad journalist reviews but the user reviews not so bad.
  4. How do you guys cope with the the seats not being foldable for trips to IKEA and such?
  5. Has anyone used the "Negotiate on this car" option on Lexus website?
  6. What do you make of the boot? Is it a struggle to get two large cases i.e. 23kg luggages?
  7. It was a long shot my budget is around 18k
  8. What do you guys think of this one. its local to me: Preface lift version but its Premier spec.
  9. Is there any concerns with battery issues at that mileage? I hoping to keep it 5 years at least. I have seen many high mileage prius' so maybe not a big issues at all
  10. Slightly complicated I have a Mazda 3 to p/X or sell privately.
  11. Is this a good buy:
  12. Thanks for the the info. Yes I believe the cross detection system was lost on the facelift version. Would love a premier version but big jump in price compared to the executive. It does have a lot of nice to have things though.
  13. Looking to buy a GS300h. Done some research and set on buying one with 2016 facelift. Does anyone know the difference between the trim levels, there are many Executive versions compared to Luxury and Premier. Also is there any potential problems such as parts etc for the future with this model being replaced by ES? Thanks