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  1. Hi Basil, I've had my (2014 Advance) CT for nearly three years - my first hybrid. I love it, and when I come to change it, perhaps later this year, I wouldn't have anything other than another hybrid Lexus. It is FAULTLESSLY reliable - not even a light-bulb has gone. The dealership is so civilised compared with others (and I have had just about everything over the years), and customers are treated with great courtesy. It really is quite a different experience from any other make. To answer your questions: * The footbrake takes approximately one minute to get used to - perhaps two at the outside. To me, it immediately seemed logical. * Look at owner / customer satisfaction reviews, compared with motoring journalists: the people who know what they're talking about and actually own one, love it. Does it behave /look /get driven like the average BMW? No. That's certainly a plus as far as I'm concerned... * As a town car, it is SO relaxed - it's the most 'zen' car I've ever driven. It puts the driver into a world where peace, calm, civility and concern for the planet quickly matter rather more than racing an idiot with a comedy exhaust away from the lights. I think it would be impossible NOT to like this car in an urban environment. * I'm no expert on the car market, so couldn't advise you on buying new or nearly new. I would point out how durable they are, though, so I wouldn't necessarily focus getting one with 'delivery' miles. What I WOULD do next time around is focus on spec: in my opinion, the Premier is worth having if you can find one. Is it perfect? 80% of the time, yes, but of course there are negatives: the ride on rough roads can be harsh, road noise at speed on poor surfaces can intrude (tyre choices are critical - mine is now on Crossclimates, which are very good), and it took me quite a long time to learn how to use the 'Sport' setting in order to maximise overtaking power. (Until you do, it is easy to make the revs flare with little impact on progress, as the journalists do...) Talk to other owners - I've never spoken to one who didn't love it.
  2. Hello. Lovely RX! One day, when I can justify... (OK, afford...!) Do you mind me asking you what you think of your IQ? We've got a beaten-up Hyundai i10 as a runabout which we paid £5995 for new seven years ago, but is now getting towards its last legs and needs to be replaced. It's been bomb-proof, but I really like the IQ, and would be tempted by a mint, top-spec, low-mileage, one-elderly-vicar owner etc etc. Sorry - off-topic (and you're probably busy sitting in the Lexus just feeling delighted...).
  3. Advance, 2014, owned for 9 months. Overall, absolutely love the car. My six-pennyworth: Likes: 1) The sense of calm. It's the most Zen car I've ever driven, and almost insists that you just relax... 2) The economy. Since the weather warmed-up, I get a dependable 54 - 60 mpg depending on journey. Locally, if I concentrate on pulse-and-glide, it will hit an indicated 90mpg+ over 5 miles. 3) The steering wheel and seats. (I'm cheating). Very, very nice. Dislikes: 1) Velvet Black paint is a nightmare. EVERYTHING marks it. Heaven help us if a kitten sneezes within 50 yards... (Ditto poor interior plastics) (More cheating...) 2) Rear visibility. I really can't see well enough to reverse in the dark without relying on sensors and prayer. Thought reversing-cameras were a gimmick until I drove this - might have to cave-in and upgrade to a Premium. (In Sonic something-or-other) 3) Uncertainty over how power will be delivered when overtaking - will it provide the oomph needed?
  4. Thanks, guys - I sort-of suspected that a relatively low-powered CVT auto wouldn't be an ideal partner for cruise control. I might experiment, or I might just play the how-high-can-I-get-the-average mpg game with a feather-light right foot!
  5. Thanks, Steve - I will. Might live dangerously and try the satnav over my good old TomTom, too!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm going to do a lengthy (400 mile) South Wales to London (M4) round trip on Saturday, and I haven't yet experimented with the cruise control on the CT. Could I ask what people's opinion / experience is as far as fuel economy is concerned? I've had a number of cars with cruise in the past, and the efficiency varied dramatically, from those in which it seemed to hit economy hard, to those where it seemed to do a better job of managing the fuel than I could! I've never tried it with a CVT transmission, though. I'd be grateful for any thoughts or observations. Whether in cruise or not, I would be driving at a very steady 70 -75. Thanks, Nick
  7. Yes (although I fell for the full price!). I'm no expert, but thought it was very good. My non-metallic black CT200h came with a number of marks I would have expected a main dealer to sort out before hand-over (bird lime etching, and what I think were sunscreen-cream fingermarks), and with some effort, the four stages of the 'kit' removed them. Be warned, though - it's very messy, and the final wax is in fact a liquid, which took me by surprise. Don't try it without latex gloves! (I obviously did....)
  8. Thank you for all the technical info on this. My concern was about safe, real-world range, and the caution / conservatism of the on-board calculation. I shall try not to drop below an indicated cruising range of about 50 miles. Nick
  9. That certainly explains why it is programmed to be so cautious - thank you. I'm just not going to get anywhere near the bottom of the tank from now on!
  10. Thanks, everyone. That's what I was hoping for reassurance about, Paul - when I filled-up, it took just under 35 litres. I will try not to let it get so low, but at least I know that I'm not about to glide to a halt when the warning light comes on!
  11. Ah - ok! I shall be much more careful in future. I was expecting to be told that the computer was being massively pessimistic and that I had many miles' leeway! I've been lulled into ignoring it by my previous Mini which warned me ridiculously early.
  12. Hello. Another newbie question - apologies if this is already covered somewhere. Having had my (absolutely wonderful) CT200h for a couple of weeks, each time the fuel gets low enough to trigger the amber warning light next to the gauge, the 'cruising range' tells me I have only about 22 miles-worth of fuel left. Is this an accurate estimate of how much remains? It seems alarmingly short-notice! (My Mini Cooper Diesel would alert me with nearly 100 miles to go). Am I being neurotic? Does anyone know how much is really left in the tank? I don't want to be blasé, and then find myself calling Lexus Assistance.... Any thoughts would be gratefully received! Nick
  13. Thank you so much to everyone who responded. You've reassured me that's it's a) sensible, and b) a good deal. I now just need to get Cardiff Lexus to get it organised. The salesman's responses aren't exactly lightning reactions to my enquiries....
  14. Thank you so much, John, Bob and Steve for the advice. And with what speed!! You have confirmed what I suspected - that I was being foolish in penny-pinching 500 quid. It really wasn't pitched very convincingly by the salesman - so low-key I almost wasn't listening. I just need to confirm that it starts from the point when my standard 1yr-warranty runs out, so that I'm effectively getting 3 years. The car is simply brilliant - I read every motoring-press review which universally panned it, and all the owners' reviews and customer-satisfaction reports which unreservedly loved it, and rejected the nonsense talked by journalists. I figured I'd trust the people who actually lived with them! Thank you again. Nick
  15. Hello. I wonder if anyone out there could give me some advice/ their opinions. I've just bought a June 2014 CT200h Advance from Lexus Motorline Cardiff. I was offered an extended warranty which would add 2 further years' cover to the standard Lexus approved-used 12 month cover for a cost of £495. I declined, but am now wondering if I should take them up on it, and if so, how long the option is open for. I hadn't realised (was it explained? Not sure...) that the warranty, whether 12 month or extended, would include the equivalent of a high level of AA breakdown cover worth £120 a year. This starts to make me think that I should go for it. Also, the Lexus website suggests that the cost can be paid monthly, with no interest-penalty. (This also was not mentioned). Having approached the dealership with my revised thoughts, they tell me I will have to act quickly if the car is not to require an additional inspection prior to an extended warranty being issued. I can find no mention of this on the Lexus site. Could anyone give me their thoughts about the merits of paying the £495? I'd be very grateful! The car, by the way, is an absolute joy! Nick