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  1. Hello, I've just finished my first ever "detailing" of the car. So: 1. Washed - used Autglym Shampoo Conditioner. This felt almost like water because it's not very concentrated after mixing in accordance with instructions, however it does remove all the dirt and the water that comes back is pretty much black... 2. Polished - used Autoglym Super Resin Polish. I was so wary of using this after reading the comments about how it's removing a layer of paint, so I was pretty gentle and initially I was quite dubious as to whether it was doing anything at all. But after buffing it off, I could see that there were no swirls anymore which really made quite a massive difference to how the car looked. 3. Glazed - used Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection. This was wonderful - it was a liquid so had to be pretty careful not to get it everywhere, took 30 minutes to dry before buffing off but then the car just felt so much more protected, very reflective and clean. The proof will be in the pudding however so will see how it feels like to wash with shampoo next week and how long the protective gloss protection actually lasts!
  2. I don't know how I missed this before but just opened up your PDF guide on how to detail the lexus. So far I've washed the car using a mild soapy solution and will check out your guide on how to wax etc this weekend... will let you know how it goes.
  3. Average Lexus owners age

    I am in my 30s and have a IS300h white f-sport. Given it's undeniably good sporty looks, I naively hadn't realised the average age is more like 40s and 50s. it doesn't change how much I absolutely love my car but would you say people would see the car as more suitable for someone in their 40s and 50s...? just curious that's all - I bought it for its looks, reliability and the fact it's a hyrbrid
  4. Advice on a buy of IS 300h

    Interestingly I haven't found the F sport to be firm, but then ive only had it a week and new to lexus. How can you tell if a car has AVS?
  5. Deciphering Model Version

    This is a complete guess but maybe "computer"? I.e. It has sat nav? Hopefully someone else here can confirm what it actually is...
  6. Hello, I'm new to Lexus - IS300h F Sport

    Finally picked it up today! I was never even that into cars but now I am see that changing... have already set memory seats and taken it for a few drives. The little things like auto dimming rear mirror, f sport frontage and auto folding mirrors... I can see why you guys love it. Photos...
  7. IS Recall - rear wheel arches

    I checked the 14 plate IS300h F Sport before I test drove, and it said subject to voluntary recall. Asked the dealer, they said of course any problems would be fixed before handing it over to us. Hoping this means there shouldn't be any problems... Do recalls happen alot?
  8. Thanks very much! But after using this Asda product (thanks for this as I live just 15 mins drive to a massive one), and then using a pressure washer, is there any need to use a bucket / wool mitts at all...?
  9. Hello, I'm new to Lexus - IS300h F Sport

    you're right, absolutely cannot wait - I'm such a geek though, already starting thinking of what to buy re cleaning products etc!
  10. Hi everyone, after looking around for a long time and taking advice over the past few weeks here, I'm excited to say that I'm collecting our first Lexus this weekend! It's an IS300h F Sport in F Sport white. I'm completely new to Lexus but also have no experience at all around taking care of the car, maintaining it or knowing much more than knowing how to drive it. So over the coming months I'll definitely be looking for tips and learning more about the car and how to look after it. This forum is amazing so far and very glad to be part of it.
  11. Thanks! It sounds like all I will need is to check out some lambs wool mitt, collinite 915 wax, some wheel woollies and glass cleaner.
  12. Hello everyone, This forum has been an absolute god-send so far so thanks for all the advice everyone's been putting in. I'm picking up my IS300h F-sport in F-sport white this weekend and want to start thinking about all the kit I will need to care for it properly. I've read around a bit but I'm really a complete novice when it comes to maintaining a car, so want to get your thoughts around my "master plan" for trying to keep the car in mint condition... Exterior : 1. Body: Get 2 buckets and wash with soapy water using a sponge, then wipe clean with micro-fibre cloth. Every 6 months, apply generic car wax (ebay/amazon?) and buff off using micro fibre cloth. Do I even need things like Meguiar (never used anything like that before). 2. Wheels: Again, use bucket/soapy water/sponge to clean the break dust / other dirt off the rims. Is that sufficient? 3. Windows: We live in a car water area so it's a bit annoying but I'm assuming nothing more than soapy water and sponge. Interior: 1. F-sport seats: hoover and micro fibre 2. Carpets: hoover 3. Plastics/leather: micro fibre, and leather wipes? Please now rip it apart...
  13. Thanks for all your helpful tips. Test drove an F sport today and all my concerns were gone: - ride was very smooth even over bumps - ECVT was completely fine even with hard acceleration and higher speed - low seating position completely fine - remote dial is not as bad as people say - the rear wheels do stick out a bit but you get used to it very quickly There were some fixes needed but the team at Edgware Road are so professional - couldn't praise them enough. Looking forward to working with them for many years to come. Ended up buying it and will be picking up next weekend! Absolutely cannot wait to drive it home...
  14. Good point - I hadn't even thought about things like this or what to ask from the dealer. Congratulations! Sounds like it will be a similar model to what I'll be going for - must be very exciting. Just out of curiosity, were you not tempted to go for a 2015/2016 model that is still under warranty and have better conditions inside/ less used?
  15. Yeah, the F-sport model does seem to have a hell of a lot going for it and is a clear winner really. The only concern I had was more around the fact that it's 2 years older than the sport version, much higher mileage (so driven a lot more), older engines etc, and out of warranty... future value I imagine would probably be much less as well. Thanks for all the comments to date - so helpful and glad to have found this pool of knowledge and experience!