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  1. Thanks everyone. I'll get the ECU out and have that done first
  2. Hi everyone. A few days ago my 1998 LS400 started having an erratic idle. It bounces from a virtual stall back up to 1200 or so then repeats. This happens in gear and in park. It's also got a noticeable misfire. I've been meaning to get my ECU done for a while, is this likely to be the cause? I have no lights on the dash. No EML. I've had a few other symptoms that seem to relate to ECU also previously. Bad shifts, random limp mode and vac light on once. Poor low end power and no communication from ECU on obd port. All advice is appreciated. Feels like every time I fix one thing another pops up at the moment.
  3. The vibration I think is from the center or rear of the car. It's not violent but its noticeable. I had all the rear bushes replaced with genuine lexus parts plus the hub bushes replaced recently. New tyres and wheel balance. It's had a new trans mount as well in the last 6 months. I did all this due to worn bushes and in the hope it would remove this vibration. It's possible it's the handbrake I hope so! We couldn't see any obvious wobble in the driveshaft or diff when on the ramp though. As far as I'm aware the shocks are all original with 149k miles on them
  4. Hi all. I'm experiencing an irritating driveline vibration at around 50mph which I quite noticeable when driving and also I feel the same vibration when I take my foot off the accelerator and coast when I'm doing over 50mph. I've had the car up to speed on a ramp and can't see anything obvious however the mechanic did note that my diff was slightly noisy and that the left rear wheel wouldn't turn when on the ramp (non LSD?) but there was a slight movement of the driveshaft on that side. Could the vibrations be the diff? Feels like something out of balance in the rear. I have had full rear suspension arms replaced with genuine parts and wheel balance on new tyres and still it persists Thanks in advance.
  5. I tried to fit one of these eBay ones but I couldn't figure out how to change the collar over to the new mast! Probably just being a bit thick so any help is appreciated! Also the actual toothed strip was much shorter on the replacement than my original one.
  6. I have recently replaced all my rear suspension arms with genuine parts and my rear hub bushes, ARB bushes, steering rack bushes and changed the diff oil on my 1998 ls400. Also did the strut rods and new tyres and a full alignment. It's transformed the handling. Much more stable and corners better with less roll. Still stock but refreshed. The rear end was pretty shot. It's my daily so needs to be safe and ride well.
  7. Perfectly sums up what a fantastic machine the ls400 is. I've just ordered a complete set of genuine rear suspension arms for my MK4 as well as new hub bushes and strut rods for the front. I'm hoping it will help give the car a ride closer to feeling new. No other car would get me buying genuine parts at this age of car but the ls400 deserves it. I work in car sales and drive pretty new cars all day and nothing comes close to getting back into my 20yr old ls at the end of the day.
  8. Replacing the mount definitely improved driveline vibration. Most of my vibration issues stem from worn suspension components unfortunately. At this point I'm unlikely to spend anymore on it as I think it's probably needing to much work regarding suspension and bodywork.
  9. Thanks! I would definitely be interested in doing that at some point. Especially if I look at a 430. Never even sat in one. Thanks skyway.
  10. That's very clean underneath! Mines not often that clean on the side you see haha! I imagine there's a saving on doing it all yourself but I also would think that there are lots of additional costs that I may be unaware of. At least if I get a UK one that's already here I know what I'm paying to start with. I saw the dark blue 430 that the seller skyway got his from is selling. Very nice and seems a good price. Do you have to convert the Speedo to mph?
  11. Mine has definitely got more than a couple of rusty nuts! I think I'll just run mine until it fails it's MOT and scrap it for parts at that point. Might have to wait a bit to save for another good import. Would be nice to have one that's worth keeping nice rather than save another basket case from the crusher
  12. I have to say I do like the idea of an import. I love the wool seats you get in some. They seem to wear much better than the leather and better for our climate really. The imported ls400 I test drove once had them and they were so comfy!
  13. Happy new year! Thank you all for your sage advice everyone. I feel you have generally confirmed my own thoughts that it's foolish to try and "save" one of these cars. I do have history with this attitude towards cars, trying to restore them to some degree. I do think an import is probably the most sensible idea if I want a very good condition example of either a 400 or 430 and I have seen some amazing examples online in the past. With the imports can the sat Nav unit be swapped out for a UK spec one so the buttons on it are in English? The first ls400s I test drove was a celcior and it was beautiful. So I'll try and get mine through its not and sell it on I think. Frustrating as I've spent a lot on it over the last couple of years. How much should I expect to pay for a low mileage import buy the time I've dealt with shipping etc?