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  1. I second the angle grinder suggestion. I did mine a few months ago and getting them off without an angle grinder would've been a nightmare.
  2. Hi Steve, what's the verdict? if you don't have a full set, do you remember where you got them from? thanks
  3. I haven't experienced any issues but it's more about precautionary measures. I'm going to take some pictures of my ECU opened up and post here so we can all see what it looks like after 21 years.
  4. This is great information. Do you remember how long they took to complete the task?
  5. I've been reading some of the old posts both on this site and the US site about ECU capacitor replacement. My LS is a 1998 and probably as preventive measures I should get the capacitors replaced. My 2 questions are: 1. Where can I source the 11 capacitors that are required for a mark 4 - of good quality. 2. Who is the 'go-to' person in the UK for removing the old capacitors and replacing with new ones? Any assistance would be much appreciated. thanks
  6. JUst hold out for a better one. You are probably too far away from me but I'm looking to sell mine. 120k miles but zero advisories.
  7. I think that's a good call. 3k isn't that much really so I can just leave it parked up and covered. If I sold it for 3k I pretty much know I wouldnt be able to buy one back in that condition at that price!
  8. Thanks all for the feedback. I don't think I've convinced myself I want to sell it yet! Recently mot'd and not even an advisory which is incredibly for a car this age. I may just keep it as a second car. Use it for long journeys.
  9. If you can can do the work yourself then buying from Toyota means you can have the best parts with zero labour costs. similarly, if you do the work yourself you can buy cheaper parts and see how you get on. If they fail you can try an alternatives since the labour is 'free' and you'll still be well below Toyota prices. If within the warranty period you can get a free replacement and put that on. Well worth doing the work yourself or having a mate who would do it for you.
  10. I think £3k is reasonable but still a bargain compared to some of the cars I've seen out there for the same price.
  11. Yeah I watch that programme. I never considered an auction, might look into it. Its so well maintained that I'd rather it goes to someone who will continue to look after it and not use as a run around.
  12. The time has come to let 'Larry' go...and im wondering how much he's worth/I should advertise him for. For those who don't know Larry, he's an LS400 1998 S reg with 122k miles. Full service history and the cambelt has been changed. The car is immaculate and drives superb. See pics. why am I selling? Now I'm travelling into central London I need something cheap and ulez compliant. I'm trying to find a cheap lock up to store it in but no luck so far. Any price indicator wouldn't help, thanks
  13. My LS400 will be up for sale at the end of the month or early next month if anyone's interested.