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  1. P1386 fault

    Replace or dpf off.
  2. I wrote to someone on youtube about evrv valve i thought it was you.
  3. I think best way to check is live data. Inside scv you have only this piston which could work irregularly. Cheapest way for checkig fuel preasure is elm e327 and apk ELMscan toyota.
  4. But firstly read all data by commodore techstream : idling and 3000 rpm. And during accelerating.
  5. As i said, scv. Toyota/lexus diag system is like commodore, without live data reading only dtc its not a diagnose. I checked my on dyno run, but you can check your on road during driving. EDIT : I have something like that when i I was accelerating at around 3000 rpm power fall, sometimes accelerated without problmes , but the problem was more and more frequent.
  6. I tried to use millers dpf clean addtive - wihout success.
  7. If you randomly lose power in my opinion is SCV problem. In this valve the plunger is blurred , so there is a problem with fuel preasure. Just make a live data on road and watch fuel preasure if grows linearly when you accelerate scv is ok if not , scv slowly dies . SCV cannot be cleaned and fully worked. Only replacing solved problem for longer time.
  8. Daniel i wrote to you on YT. I hope you replace your valve. Shahpor PB sucks :/ All of my photos gone from this server, but i have a copy, maybe if i had i time a will replace links. It took some time from mods and my is220d driving without any problems. Fuel consumtion is less than 5 liters in motorway , in city driving short distance with my "small webasto" about 8 litres. After calculation bc showing more than in real consumtion. On Christmass i made some test , fully tank my car, drove 221 km on motorway, speed 60-70 km/h cuz of road works about 40 km, after this about 100 km/h. When i made 221 km i drove on petrol station and tank 10,11 of diesel. As i said my bc shows more Iam still modifies fuel by adding Kleen flo , or archoil. On vacation in August on 18 inch wheels i made similar test but speed was about 160 km/h fuel consumtion was about 7.25 litres.
  9. Do you have handmade immo or alarm ? Maybe speakerphone ? Try to use techstream to check if everything is ok.
  10. Tuning experience

    Yes, but too big differences in my opinion. My ex bmw had factory 170/245 when was on dyno (and measured 30 degree of C ) result was 166/240. In lower temperatures i think result will be better.
  11. Tuning experience

    Mine was remapped and everything is ok. Oil change max on 10 000 km. Cooling turbo, drive normally when engine is cold. This engines doesn't have 177/400. Medium result is about 160/370. Weakest which i saw was 120/315 no dtc error , live data seems to be ok, will be replaced scv valve and it could be little more. I decied to buy my lex cuz it have new engine from lexus dealer. Before lex i had e46 coupe R6 2,5 , great car but exploitation was very expensive. Referring to the remap in this case it should be different approach, lex its not like bmw's diesel where from 3.0d m57n you can make great results 400/788 , here you need to FIX what the factory broke or not know how to do. Serial engine program i think was made by a asian kid, enormous turbo lag , fuel consumption 12+ l/100km, egr and dpf problems. They also can't make diagnosis and you need to diag your car mostly from live data. Here you have 0-1 system - sensor not work/sensor work. When for example SCV not working 100% ok, car can drive, but you lose power - obd code readers will not tell anything. I made remap not for performance, but for pleasure with driving. Numbers are not important on dyno, important is how car drive after mods. Look at dyno and you will see factory soft and fixed soft PERFORMANCE - NO PLEASURE WITH DRIVING - YES
  12. Is220D Power Problems

    Maybe SCV , u need to make road test with all data.
  13. Lexus is250 buy and drive. Very good car, beautifull sound ! Lexus is220d buy, repair all mistakes and drive. If you want to drive factory lexus is220d its not good choice. I spent many hours durning improved my diesel, i replaced many sensors , deleted dpf , egr, made a remap. Diesel consumtion in city driving , short distance is about 7,6 litres , highway 90-130km/h about 6,2 on 18 inch wheels. BTW i think you had e46 with m57n engine, its very good engine, after some mods results are awesome 402 hp and almost 780 Nm. If you want diesel maybe 335d ;)