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  1. The is250 engine doesn't share any parts from a Toyota, I have replace quite a few things and with in depth search for part from Toyota that would fit as Toyota parts would have been cheaper, clutch and dualmass flywheel is250 only not the same as any Toyota.
  2. Thank you all for the welcome. and it has 0% tints
  3. No it snapped while it was in, just started knocking the other side seams to be doing it to, I really don't understand why so many people trust stealers sorry I mean dealers, there are plenty of specialists out there for Japanese car of all types most will have mechanics that will be far more knowledgeable than the trainees in the dealers that they let loose on your cars. Don't get me wrong I love my Lexus just the inferior parts I keep finding when working on it upsets me, a car if it's value with not really any better build quality of any Toyota.
  4. The design is cheap, even ford use a better design. Fronts aren't to bad, another pot would be nice front and back with proper sliders and cars pins
  5. The hidden slide pin has broken off on mine, so will need to be drilled out, what a useless design
  6. But it's the cheapest car I ever had for insurance, everything else is on par with running cost parts as the most expensive car I have had to run and repair which I would say is between the passed Chrysler 300c or the current BMW x5m
  7. It has no resonator was replaced with a exhaust: custom spoon center, small rear custom boxes all stainless 3" up to cat. Cold in take, Uprated fuel pump and injectors. Ecu is encrypted. Lowered side skirts custom. Custom grill. Factory special order black wheels, rear wing was aluminum now replace with full carbon wing with more shape, will get some more photos up soon.
  8. If you have projectors then yes if not don't put hids in and you will blind other drivers as the pattern is very different. I did it with the stock projectors on my is250 and X5 the light is pretty bad with the is250 but great with the X5 both same kits. Hid projectors and halogen projectors are very different, true hid projectors will be much brighter and show more visible light. The k rating is something you need to research as the whiter the light the less visible light you will see
  9. XeXpLoReX


    My is250 SE
  10. Just like to say hello to you all. So hi lol. List of cars before lexus current X5 chrysler 300c subaru Impreza with forged engine saab 900 2.5 v6 rover 200 audi cd90
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